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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year! Out with the old in with the new!

I have just ran my last run of 2014. I managed 6.07 miles but I think the excesses of the last few weeks are starting to show as todays run felt hard and slow!

However, it’s that time of year to review my fitness resolutions of 2014 and set new ones for 2015. 

How did I get on?  

2014 has been a good year for me fitness wise as I have achieved most of the goals I set myself for the year!

2014 Highs:

• Conquering my fears and swimming in Open Water for the first time.
Getting a PB AND a sub 50 time at  The Windmill 10K finishing in 49:36

Getting a PB AND a sub 1:50 time at The Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon finishing in    1:48:52.
• Running in my first overseas race! Barcelona Half Marathon.

2014 Lows: 

Not getting in on the Ballot for the London Marathon 2015.
Not achieving my goal for a sub 4 marathon or getting a marathon PB.

• Suffering a "panic attack" during the swim of a sprint triathlon resulting in a slow swim time.

These were my goals for 2014, and the outcome of my efforts!

Remain injury free

My main aim was to stay injury free and I am delighted to report that after last years injuries I have managed to listen to my body and remain fit and healthy!

Do another Triathlon

I completed my first sprint triathlon and despite having a panic attack during the swim I thoroughly enjoyed the experience finishing in 1:33:59.

Do an Open Water Swim

I took part in an Introduction to Open Water Swimming Training session in Lake Windermere on 24th May then completed the 1 mile Great North Swim on 14th June finishing in 40:44. I continued to Swim in Windermere throughout the Summer and completed a total of 10 Open Water Swims swimming a total of 7.46 miles.  I have never been as terrified in my life as when OW swimming so although the mileage may seem a little on the low side I am delighted that I managed to conquer my fears and swim!

Run a PB Marathon

This year I took part in 2 Marathons. The first was in April in Manchester and I finished in 4:22:05 and the second was in October in Dublin and I finished in 4:32:41. Unfortunately I didn't get a Marathon PB this year. My Manchester time was 35 seconds slower than my Chester Marathon time.  I was very disappointed with both these races as I put in the training hours and I don't feel I got the results to justify my hard work. 

Enter Off Road Trail Races

This year I have completed 2 trail races.  One 11K and a 10K. In the process of training for these races I have fallen in love with trail running and now enjoy it much more than staying on the roads. Altogether I have run 180.35 miles off road, including several evening runs where I needed a head torch!

Run 12 Races in 12 Months.

I have run at least one race every month during 2014, and have completed 19 races in total spread over the year as follows:.

January = 1 race (Half Marathon)
February = 2 races (Half Marathon and 10K)
March = 2 races (20 miler and 6 miler)
April = 1 race (Marathon)
May = 1 race (Half Marathon)
June = 3 races (11K Trail, 10K trail and 5K)
July = 1 race (Half Marathon)
August = 1 race (Half Marathon)
September = 2 races (2 Half Marathons)
October = 2 races (Marathon and Half Marathon)
November = 2 races (10K and 10 miles)
December = 1 race (10 miles)

This excludes the parkruns I have also done!

Get PB's in all distances!

I have managed to get a PB in all distances except the marathon.  

All in all a very successful year!

5K: 26:14 @ Fell Foot Park Run- November 2014

6 Miler: 49:13 @ Lancaster Sports relief - March 2014

10K: 49:36 @ Windmill 10K Lytham - November 2014

10 Miler 1:22:25 @ Brampton - November 2014

Half Marathon: 1:48:52 @ Liverpool Rock n Roll - May 2014

20 Miler 3:04:59 @ Trimpell - March 2014

Run a total of 1057 miles 4 Haddie!

I have exceeded this total by 201.56 miles and have run a total of 1258.56 miles this year!

Accumulate in all activities a total of 2014 miles

Unfortunately I am slightly short of this goal (by 90.48 miles) but have managed a total of 1923.52 miles which is made up of the following:

Road Running:     1059.42 miles
Trail Running:       180.35 miles
Treadmill Running: 18.79 miles
Indoor Cycling:        46.52 miles
Outdoor Cycling:    121.71 miles
Pool Swimming:       55.50 miles
OW Swimming:          7.46 miles
Walking:                 309.00 miles
Hiking:                    111.11 miles
Cross trainer:              4.53 miles
Indoor Rowing:            5.39 miles
Hand Pedal:                 3.75 miles

What worked in 2014: 
Having regular sports massages and using a foam roller when necessary to avoid injuries.  Stretching after running. Listening to my body!
Going to Yoga to stretch properly.
Attending the tri club road and trail run sessions and swimming sessions.

What didn't work in 2014: 

Keep Doing
Follow training plans and set goals. 
Keep attending The Tri Club swim and run sessions. 

Stretch well after exercise and go to Yoga! 
Have a sports massage regularly.

Start Doing:
Become involved with The Tri Club Cycling group. 

Train using Heart Rate Monitor.
Brick sessions.
Gym strength work.

Stop DoingRunning junk miles with no purpose! Make the session important not the mileage.
Being negative and thinking I can't!

Goals for 2015

  • Make 2015 my Triathlon year!  Do an Open Water Triathlon and an Olympic Distance Triathlon.
  • Enter OW swimming events and swim in different lakes.
  • Do a Trail Half Marathon.
  • Enter Cycle Sportives and generally cycle more!
  • Survive Born Survivor.
  • Set up a new blog and continue blogging.

Interim Goals to help me to achieve my main goals!

  • Cycle an average speed of 15MPH.
  • Run 1 mile @ 7.04 minute mile pace!
  • Run 5K in 24.32 which is 7.54 minute mile pace!
  • Swim 100m in 2 minutes which is 30 seconds per 25m pace!
  • Swim 400m (16 lengths) in 9 minutes. which is 34.15 seconds per 25m pace! 

No Matter What I Will Succeed in 2015


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogging Failure

I've struggled to blog recently, life has just been getting in the way but here's my race report from last Sundays race at Guys 10 - eventually!

Please click here to read!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

A quick Round up!

Since the last time I blogged I have done a parkrun, ran speed intervals to determine my maximum heart rate, swam 1700 metres on my own, enjoyed a tri club running session running with EGGS and finally last night I went to the tri club swimming session.

That takes us to today - Adventure Thursday!  Tri Club Trail run in the dark!  I love these runs!

Last night I got some very exciting news!

I have been picked to be a KMF blogger to blog about my training trails and tribulations as I work towards Keswick Triathlon!  I will post the link as soon as the blog is up and running! 

Exciting and stressful all at the same time!