"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: October 2013

Thursday, 31 October 2013

When is a brick not a brick?

As I lay in bed this morning I didn't like the sound of the rain bouncing off the ground outside.  

I groaned as I really, really needed to get out for a short run - my body was feeling abused, stiff, achy, bloated and generally old!

I decided there are far too many toxins charging around my poor body causing havoc with it's general maintenance!

So I formulated a plan ... Swim then run ... I'd already be wet so the rain wouldn't bother me! 

Due to my jollies in London I missed the tri club swim training session on Monday night and didn't have any motivation to go last night! So I printed off the session they did this week and went to the pool armed and ready for action! I was amazed when I first got in the pool as there was absolutely no one else in, just 3 bored looking life guards.  I almost got the urge to drown just to liven them up abit!  I was only on my lonesome for about 10 minutes and then it started to rapidly fill up - I don't know what they were doing outside to entice people in all of a sudden.

I followed my plan and was amazed to manage to swim 2400 metres or 96 lengths! This is the session as recorded on my poolmate watch!

My blood was now flowing nicely and I amazingly felt very enthusiastic about going for a run immediately after!  

Don't worry I did get dried and changed! I don't think the people of Kendal are ready for me running the streets in my costume just yet!

I headed out the leisure centre doors and was taken aback by the bright sunshine that greeted me! What had happened to the torrential rain I had left when I first entered the pool!  It was like going into a different world - but I wasn't complaining.  

I deposited my swimming gear in the car and set off on my planned 3 mile run.  I was amazed how "up for it" I felt considering I had just swam a considerable distance. I even managed one of my fastest miles since coming back from injury - a 8.33 minute mile! Maybe I need to swim before a run more often!  You can view my run here!

I thoroughly enjoyed this "back to back" session - I am now pondering over whether its a brick or not!  Is a brick the term used for a bike/run session only or is any back to back session a brick?

It's all so complicated for an uncomplicated type of girl!

So after a busy morning this evening I went to visit my sports physio.  I was silently praying he would give me the thumbs up to run in Sundays Half Marathon. I am delighted to say he said I could!  Apparantly my Achilles has mended and with continued TLC should remain that way!  

Looks like I am back ... hopefully for good!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What have I got myself into now?

Its a good job I'm supposed to be tapering as I haven't managed a run since my 10 miler on Friday - and its not due to pain or injury (for once) - just a hectic life!

I had a fantastic few days away with my husband and another couple.  We went to London to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the theatre as well as having a couple of epic eating and drinking sessions!  

Not sure its the ideal way to taper - now I need to do a rapid detox before the Lancaster Half Marathon on Sunday!

Today I was planning on a short 3 mile run just to keep the legs ticking over (and to remind them how to run!) but after a very stressful day traipsing around Manchester University and investigating student accommodation with my daughter I had lost the will to live as well as the will to run!  British Rail were to blame for the majority of my stress and trains should carry a health warning that a journey should not be attempted without a shot of alcohol to dull the pain! 

Determined to get back into some "proper" cycle training after neglecting my cycling in favour of running and swimming I decided to join #turbovembo!  I'm not sure its such a good idea but you can read more about what I am supposed to be doing here!  

It looks like tomorrow I will have to dust off my turbo trainer and wash my bike before I install it for the winter in the Conservatory! 

It all kicks off for real on Friday!  

I will somehow have to fit the additional sessions into my already busy schedule! 

So after some thought! 

Will look something like this ...

Week 1 - 90 min Turbo session + 6 days @ 30 mins.

Week 2 - 90 min Turbo session + 5 days @ 30 mins +  1 x turbo-run brick session (minimum 40 min turbo, then minimum 20 min run)

Week 390 min Turbo session + 5 days @ 30 mins +  1 x turbo-run brick session (minimum 40 min turbo, then minimum 20 min run)

Week 4 - 120 min Turbo session + 5 days @ 30 mins +  1 x turbo-run brick session (minimum 40 min turbo, then minimum 20 min run)

YIKES! Not sure I am ready for this but if I want to be a proper Triathlete instead of a wannabe I need to start being serious!

or just stupid?!!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Run and have fun ... in the rain!

Today we have had torrential rain - all day!  Then at around 4 o clock the clouds cleared and a little bit of blue sky dared to show its face so I decided it was time to go out for a run.

I wanted to get a longish run in to test my ankle out before Lancaster Half Marathon next week.  

I got changed and headed out the door.  About a mile up the road the heavens decided to open and I got drenched but do you know what ... I didn't care!  I was enjoying myself too much and it suddenly dawned on me I was running along in torrential rain with a stupid smile on my face - people probably thought I was an escaped lunatic!  The only time the smile slipped was when an idiotic car driver went past me at a stupid speed straight through a huge puddle and I nearly drowned from the surge of water that hit me! 

The idiot could have easily avoided the puddle as there wasn't anything coming the other way!  I muttered a few choice words and very nearly used some well known hand gestures but controlled myself! It was just the unexpected shock of the attack that bothered me as I couldn't get any wetter than I already was!

Anyhow, my good mood soon returned and I made it home very wet but happy and with absolutely no ankle pain at all!  I had managed 10.11 miles which can be viewed here.  One very happy bunny!

It looks like Lancaster Half Marathon a week on Sunday is going to be the first race in a long time that I haven't had a DNS for!

Feeling ever so excited about running in a race! 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wanted; to buy or hire - an Ark!

The saying is it never rains but it pours ... well its certainly been pouring in The Lake District these last few days!

Luckily yesterday was my Tri Club swimming session so I didn't have to brave the weather! We were focusing on breathing techniques and I was amazed how much easier swimming becomes when I relax and breath properly! Something else to practise!

Tonight instead of braving the torrential rain I decided to wuss out and went on the treadmill instead! I did a 30 minute interval run and managed 3 miles. I'm hoping that my fitness is improving and I will find the long run this weekend much easier than last week!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

DNS ... again!

I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that I was supposed to be running The Yorkshire Marathon today but due to injury I was slobbing on the sofa instead!  I tried to console myself with the fact the weather was terrible here with torrential rain but it appears to have been OK in York! 

Anyhow onwards and upwards!  

My leg appears to have survived yesterdays longer run and I have no pain today at all.  Even successfully managed a full day's rest day!

Looks hopeful for Lancaster Half Marathon in 2 weeks time! Might not be in my best time but I am currently just looking to start and hopefully finish a race! 

Bring it on!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Where have I been?

The only problem with getting back into exercise after injury is I don't seem to have the time to blog anymore!

Whilst injured I had nothing else to do but whinge on my blog about missing exercise - now I am back exercising I'm going to whinge about missing blogging!!! 

I know, I know a typical woman never satisfied!

So what have I been doing in the past week?

On Monday night I went to the Tri Club Swimming Session where we all got our individual critical swim speed.  We did several warm-up lengths before doing a build up 400m set.  Then we started the 400m time trial, after this we did an easy 250m swim set, before the 200m time trial.  More swimming went on after this but the outcome of the test is my CSS is 2:23.  So what does this mean? Well as far as I can make out I need to train at this pace per 100m to get faster!  I'm sure it is far more technical than that but that's enough for me to start with!

On Tuesday I went for a short run and decided to incorporate a few hills in to try and push my fitness up even though I was keeping low mileage!  I felt fairly good and confident during this run and the hills didn't faze me too much! You can see the run here!

On Wednesday I went back to the pool and did some length endurance swimming. I managed 4 sets of 20 with 1 min rest in between. Which is  80 x 25m lengths totalling 2000 metres (if my maths is right!). 

Set 1 I did in 12 Min's 16 secs, set 2 in 12:46, set 3 in 12.09 and set 4 in 12.36.  I was pleased that I manged to keep a fairly consistent speed but I forgot about my CSS! These are the details downloaded from my pool mate watch!

On Thursday I went for a good stretch at Pilate's! I walked the mile there and ran the mile home! There was an awful lot of abs exercises and core strength work in the class and my muscles are still muttering about it even now some 2 days later! Hopefully I will end up with ripped abs sometime in the future!

On Friday I was so inspired by my current read about how to swim faster that I couldn't resist going to the pool to give it a whirl!

I had 2:23 penned on my hand to remind me to swim (or try to) at this speed!  After reading all about swimming faster I decided to do 20 sets of 100m totalling 2000metres.  I was resting for approx 30 seconds between each set which in hindsight I think was too long!  I didn't find it as difficult to keep to my CSS as I had anticipated but I think this is probably why!  I had made it inadvertently easier!  These are the details downloaded from my pool mate watch!

When you compare the stats you can see I had a lot more rest during the CSS session than the previous one!  Next time I will have to experiment with shorter rests!

Today, Once it had stopped raining I went for a long run!  After a heavy late night with a Chinese take away and too much alcohol I wasn't expecting to feel great during this run and guess what ... I DIDN'T!  

However, I still managed 8.44 slow but fairly hilly miles.  I had to do a lot of stern talking to myself to keep me going, and in the last mile or so my ankle started grumbling!  I decided at this point to return home and not to push my luck! You can view this run here!

Tonight I am out partying so it's a good job its rest day tomorrow!  My legs, arms, shoulders and abs are all delighted at the prospect of no further suffering tomorrow, although I dare say it might be my head's turn!

One day I might turn into a proper athlete and treat my body with the respect it deserves!  But in the meantime I'm having fun!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

WOW! What a weekend!

On Friday morning I decided I had done enough "thinking about" another Marathon and got on and booked one before I could change my mind! 

So on 6th April 2014 I am now doing The Greater Manchester Marathon (injuries willing that is!).  Join me and enter here! 

Then to add to the excitement on Friday evening I booked with 2 friends to run Barcelona Half Marathon in February Half Term AND booked the flights and hotel too! 

Too put it bluntly I'm P***ing glitter! 

On Saturday morning I decided I had best get some running practise in since I am now committed to another marathon and was delighted to manage a 7.29 mile run without any pain which is the longest run since my injury 8 weeks ago!  I am chuffed to bits with that! 

You can view this here! 

I am not sure where I went wrong during this recent bout of injury prone training but I am determined not to repeat and hopefully make it to Manchester strong and injury free!

Its that dreaded "O" word I need to avoid! 

That's "O" for overtraining not anything else may I add - unless its the night before the marathon and I'm under "parc fermé conditions"!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Losing my marbles?

After really enjoying a swimming session last night and still being on a high after finally getting faster at front crawl I have decided that in 2014 I want to attempt an open water swim!

YIKES!  Did I really just say that?


Since I first started swimming with an eye on doing a triathlon I have gone from doing 100 metres in 7 minutes 27 seconds in October 2012 to doing 100 metres in 2 minutes 40 seconds in October 2013! 

I never would have believed I could improve so substantially in just a year so give me another 6 months or so and I might just have the confidence to don a wetsuit and leave the safety of the pool!!! 

Feeling very excited at the prospect of doing something I vowed I would never do!!!

I haven't dared to admit this new longing to my nearest and dearest just yet as they might just have me committed!!!

Tonight I managed 2 miles totally pain free on the dreaded treadmill!

Life's good!!!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I'm getting there!

Tonight I was exhausted when I got in from work after a particularly bad night sleep topped off with a busy day at work.

I put off going for my run until after 6pm, when I gave myself a good talking to!  I was starting to fear that I was becoming exercise phobic! 

However, I refused to listen to that inner voice and eventually I had managed to put on my trainers and head out the door. 

I made a deal with myself.  If after the first mile I wasn't feeling it I could return home!  After the first mile I was beginning to remember why I love running and for the first run in a long time I wasn't suffering any pain!

My little gander down the street turned into a 4.8 mile run! 

I felt great and could have kept on going (just like Forest Gump!) ... but the sensible voice inside told me to take it gradually, so I reluctantly headed home!

Here's hoping that the worst is over and I am back!  YIPPEE!!!

4 weeks until my next planned race - fingers crossed I actually get to run in this one!!!

Tonight's run can be seen here!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

What a difference a year makes!

This time last year I was fit, healthy, totally injury free and I could actually run 26.2 miles. Fast forward one year and I am fat, unfit, injured and I can't even run 6.2 miles BUT one day soon I will!

Wednesday was the 2nd meeting for the after school cross country club and we had 20 enthusiastic little people turn up this week!  They were all very keen!  

Due to my ankle I opted to take the slower group and really enjoyed running with and encouraging those who desperately wanted to run but don't find it easy!  

I can truly understand how they feel and admire their "have-a-go" attitude! Hopefully my encouragement, support and sense of fun will keep them coming back each week and never giving up!

Thursday was the day I went to see my Physio and I was bracing myself for his recommendation of whether I should or shouldn't attempt to run the Great Cumbrian Run tomorrow. 

After nearly firing me through the ceiling whilst assessing where exactly the pain was, the answer was a very big and clear... NO! 

I'm sure he should have gags and straps to aid his work!  I tried to mute my cries and groans but some still escaped when I was caught unawares! 

After 45 minutes of hard massage and manipulation my foot, ankle and leg felt like it had been reborn ... taped up and ready to go again ...  I was told to rest until today and then try a short easy run!

This morning I donned my marathon 26.2 T Shirt to remind myself that once upon a time I did actually run further than a few miles and one day (maybe not soon!) I will do it again!  

It was a dull but very warm morning and I set off with the plan just to run at a slow pace and hopefully not be in to much pain.  I concentrated on my technique and thankfully managed 3 miles with only a little pain towards the end! I stretched and iced when I got home and I'm hoping the ache will soon go!!

So my place in The Great Cumbrian run (a half marathon) has been deferred until 2014, and my place in the Yorkshire marathon will go unused as they have a no change and a no deferral policy which personally I think is pants.  All this will do is encourage injured or ill runners to risk it and make themselves worse!

However, this little runner is fed up of being in pain so will not risk anything ever again!

From now on I will listen attentively to my body!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Not sure where to start. 

A week has gone by since I last blogged and I don't feel like I am getting any better injury wise! 

I have managed a 1 mile, a 4 mile and a 5 mile run in the last week. All very slow and none pain free!  Tonight's 5 mile attempt resulted in a very sore Achilles and a swollen foot! I stretched, iced and I am currently praying I won't be suffering too much in the morning! 

I have a Physio's appointment on Thursday and I will be interested to know how he feels I am healing! I just feel decrepit!

I think all my hopes and dreams of running The Great Cumbrian Run on Sunday are slowly seeping away from me.  Its a Half Marathon and I really can't see me running an additional 8 miles on top of tonight's effort! 

Sunday was a lovely sunny day, near perfect for competing in a Sprint Triathlon!  Problem was ... I wasn't!  Another race I have deferred!  2014 is becoming a very busy year!

On Monday I enjoyed a very strenuous swimming session at the Tri Club Swim Training. The emphasis was on practising open water swim techniques in the pool. I wanted to say I would sit this one out as there is no way I will be swimming in open water anytime soon! 

Anyhow, I survived (only just) and practised sighting, deep water starts and group swimming! We are usually in ability groups, and I feel quite comfortable swimming with people of similar speed. However, this week we were one big happy family and I found myself swimming with the fast boys and girls desperately trying to keep up! (That is me not them!). My main aim was not to be lapped! Once I stopped stressing about not being able to keep up I quite enjoyed the different format and definitely got a good workout! My chest and shoulders feel like they worked hard anyhow!

Tomorrow, is the kids cross country running club.  Here's hoping my ankle is OK!