"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: June 2011

Monday, 27 June 2011

How do Triathletes do it?!!!

I am trying to train for 2 discipline's at the same time - running and cycling - and I am finding it difficult to share my time fairly between the two!  My first love is cycling and I find it very easy to get on my bike and put in the miles!  Running is my ultimate challenge and I have been impressed with my progress in the relatively short time I have been training, but I have to persuade myself to go for a run rather than a ride - once I'm out I'm OK and enjoy it, I'd rather be on my bike when the weather is fine, and out running when its wet!!  I'm going to have a "lazy" week this week as I have the 3 Counties cycle race on Sunday and I need my body to be in its peak condition and according to all the magazines I read fit bodies are not built in the gym but whilst resting!!!  (Good excuse eh?!!), then next week I am going to seriously get into the running training as the Great North Run seems to be rapidly approaching and I still haven't run further than 6 miles!

Several people have told me about the advantages of energy gels, drinks and cereal bars etc whilst exercising so I have relented and invested in a SIS sports fuel energy introduction pack which includes energy drink mixes, gels, cereal bars and recovery drink mixes.  However, now I have it ... I'm not sure if I can really stomach it!  What's wrong with plain old water?!!  Hey-Ho I must give it a go though and fairly soon  - I need to experiment with it before I use it in a racing event just in case my body rebels and has a strange reaction!!

I will keep you informed about my opinion ...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

GREAT NORTH RUN! I need your HELP and more!!!

OMG What have I done? I have just received notification that I have a confirmed place in the Bupa Great North Run on the 18th September 2011!!  What am I doing ...? 13.1 miles and the furthest I have managed to date is just over 4 miles!!

Please give me support and encouragement by sponsoring me!  I am raising funds for the charity Get Kids Going!  This is a  National charity which gives disabled children and young people - up to the age of 26  - the wonderful opportunity of participating in sport. http://www.getkidsgoing.com/aboutus.htm.
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Friday, 10 June 2011

Better get Cycling!

OH dear I have just realised, the 60 miles 3 Counties Challenge I signed up for enthusiastically before I got my new bike is only 3 weeks away and I'm still SCARED of my bike!  EEKKKKK!!!  Better get some serious practice in as I don't want to embarrass myself by a) Falling Off,  b) coming in last, c) doing both!!!  Seemed such a good idea at the time!


Monday, 6 June 2011

We went for a walk ... on an extinct volcano!

This weekend the weather was great, but again I couldn't go out on my bike as I was too busy jollying in Edinburgh with my husband!  However, I was surprised and delighted to be able to sneak a walk in amongst the usual tourist attractions, and was amazed to find a piece of countryside within the city limits! 

On Friday afternoon, which was a very,very hot day we walked to the top of Arthur's Seat. This wasn't a planned adventure as I had no idea such countryside existed in Edinburgh's City Centre.  We had been doing the touristy wander through the streets and shops (hence the handbag!, not my usual hiking attire!) when we spotted in the distance people on top of a hill, and set off in search of this walk. 

Arthur's Seat is an extinct volcano, which erupted around 340 million years ago. It is Edinburgh's highest hill, visible for miles around (We spotted it!!!). The rocky slopes and cliffs of Arthur's Seat rise above the city to a height of 251 m (823.5 feet), providing excellent panoramic views of the city, and is (in my opinion!) relatively easy to climb.  There appears to be many paths leading different ways up the hill, but we climbed from where a grassy slope rises from the Scottish Parliament building turning into a well walked track. We made it to the top in about 30 minutes, even allowing time for my husband to take a few deep breaths and have a rest on the way! The top section was more rocky and difficult to climb, but posed no problems to us in trainers rather than boots. The view from the top was spectacular to say the least...it was a very hot climb but the view made it worth it! :)  I was expecting it to be a place of sanctuary from the crowded city, but unfortunately on such a beautiful clear day the crowds had preceded us!

After enjoying the views and deciding we best get back to get washed and changed for dinner we set off down the hill.  Many paths greeted our descent, so we opted for a different route from the one we climbed up.  This proved to be a painful decision as the track we choose was much rougher than the original path and had lots of loose gravel and stones.  I found it difficult to remain upright and on several occasions slipped and slid around until finally ... THUD!  I slid right down on my bottom, and my left buttock is now sporting a colourful bruise as a memento! After this fall I rather nervously continued to the bottom and made it back to the hotel without any further injuries!!!  Take my advise - if you want to descent this way wear walking boots and NOT trainers!!!  To view the route we took and more photos visit -


Since returning and researching the walk I have noticed that you can actually walk much further than we did - perhaps one day I will have to visit Edinburgh again and explore further!


 Well, so much for getting back on the programme!  I have managed (only just!) to keep up with my running regime, but have severely neglected my poor new bicycle!!  Although the weather has been good AND its been half-term I seem to have been busy, busy,busy - just when do I find a few spare hours to go cycling?  That's one pro for running at the moment - the distances I can manage only take a relatively short time so it is far easier to fit into my hectic life, than cycling!

The week following the "Keswick to Barrow" walk when I was in "Rest" mode I got into the really terrible habit of driving to work - and I am still doing that some 5 weeks later so I have made a pact with myself - Starting TOMORROW I am banned from taking the car to work!!!!  I may even progress to walking there and running home, but haven't made that decision yet!!!