"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: September 2012

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Another month done!

Yikes its getting closer!

It's the last day of the month so its that time when I give you all an update with how I'm doing with the 2012 miles in 2012 challenge!

To be on target I need to have completed 1509 miles!

This is how it looks:

Actual Mileage Achieved to date:

3 sports (Run, Walk & Cycle) = 1716.40 miles = 295.6 Miles Remaining

2 sports (Run & Walk) = 1303.60 miles = 708.40 Miles Remaining 

Just Running = 852.40 miles = 1159.60 Miles Remaining   

Well I think I will achieve 2012 miles if I take running, walking and cycling miles into consideration - but I have no hope with running only!

How about 2012 KM running?

Well this is 1250.20 miles - 852.40 = 397.70 miles remaining.

That's 133 miles a month for the remaining 3 months! Not sure I'm up for that!

Friday, 28 September 2012

One step closer ...

Look what I bought myself today!

 I decided that if I was prepared I would be more likely to do!

So after the 7th October Swimming training WILL commence and 

I WILL do a Triathlon in 2013!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


The way I am feeling about running Chester Marathon a week on Sunday all I can say is Thank F**k for that!!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

THE Marathon Looms!

Look what arrived .... Arghhhhh it's really real!! 

Today I received a note in my inbox from Chris and Andy from Chester Marathon. Reminding me (as IF I need a reminder) that the Countdown is on. Only 11 more sleeps (BUT how much sleep will I get?!)

OMG a Marathon - what was I thinking?

I keep asking myself why ... why have I set this monster goal?

Now to harness the butterflies! (That's the polite way to put it!) in other words I am ...

I must say I'm not getting an awful lot of sympathy - after all I put myself in this insane situation!  Get on with it girl!

I have tried to picture myself running the actual race. Visualizing ME at certain mile markers looking and feeling strong and even with a smile on my face and my arms in the air as I cross the finish line within my target time!

I keep telling myself how fantastic I will feel when I have accomplished something only 1% of the population ever achieve!

But those sneaky self doubts keep worming there way in! Every time they do I shout "SHUT IT" and I try telling myself the opposite! I'm hoping to divert my focus from the negative to the positive. I have even put sticky notes on my bedroom mirror to remind myself I CAN!

I AM a runner ... A Marathon Runner!

I have followed my training plan and have trained as hard as my body would allow ... so its time to relax and taper! What will be will be!

"It's not 26.2 miles...it's 9 water stops."

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The new man in my life ...

I would like to introduce the new man in my life, ROD - I'm hoping he is going to keep me warm on the forthcoming long winter nights! 

Can't wait to give him a good work-out!

My husbands way of keeping me off the streets!!


I can do that!

This morning I went for a slow easy 4 mile run with my friend Vicky - after yesterdays bout of sickness I wasn't up for anything too energetic and then we finished off in Costa - my sort of run!  

There was a triathlon going on at the Leisure Centre where I met Vicky to start our run so I was able to watch this for a little while before our run and then I went back afterwards to watch a bit more!  I was pleasantly surprised at how varied the ability of the competitors were. I think I have been watching too much of the Olympics and had images of everyone being up to the Brownlee brothers standard! I did feel cold on their behalf when I saw them running out of the pool dripping wet, straight out into the chilly morning air - bbbrrrrrr!  The one thing that had put me off a duathlon was the transitions but watching  "real" people doing it it looked much less scary! Some of them didn't even look like they were in a hurry! I can do that! 

Does  my run ...coffee ... walk count as a tri?
I am going to put it in writing right here for the world to see on my blog!  

2013 is going to be the year of the Duathlon for me!

There I've said it! I will train during the winter (as long as Santa brings me a trainer!) and then do a Spring event!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Poorly poorly me!

Last night I mentioned how I bought beetroot juice but forgot to drink it - I'm so glad I did!

I woke up this morning feeling ever so unwell.  I was hot and sweaty and felt like I was going to pass out before eventually being violently sick!  I have since been wrapped up on the couch feeling pathetic and ever so slightly sorry for myself.

IF I had drunk the beetroot juice last night IT would have got the blame for my sickness!  Beetroot juice you made a close escape!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to run today so I am behind with my plan.  Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow BUT I won't be risking the juice until I feel 100%.

Friday, 21 September 2012

I haven't been lazy - honest!

You might think I have been resting since the GNR on Sunday but I haven't I just haven't had time to blog!

I allowed myself a rest day on Monday but since then I've been back on the programme training hard! With only 15 days to go until Chester Marathon I can't afford to relax!

On Tuesday I did a 5.62 mile slow recovery run which can be viewed here!

On Wednesday the programme said Hill Training so you've guessed it - I ran up and down the same hill like a maniac!  There was an elderly gentleman walking up this hill at a very slow pace and when I had run past him for the third time he said "There's a lot of women in a hurry tonight!" - he obviously didn't realise it was the same idiotic woman! This run can be viewed here. - just look at those hills!

On Thursday I went to Pilates for a jolly good stretch and tonight did another run!  The programme said 10 miles for tonight's distance so I did something I haven't done before! I ran for just over 5 miles and then turned round and came back exactly the same way!  I felt quite good but got a blister on my arch of my foot - how is that possible after running many many miles in the same trainers and socks with no problems!  Tonights run can be viewed here!

The other night I was watching a TV programme that said drinking Beetroot juice increased speed and endurance when exercising!  So guess what I bought with my weekly shop?!! YUP I'm a sucker for a bit of marketing! I got a carton of Beet it Beetroot juice and then forgot to drink it before my run tonight! Typical!  Oh well I will try to have a glass before my run tomorrow - if I remember! 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


On Sunday I ran in the Great North run for the second time.  I realised that as this is such a big and busy event it didn't really have PB potential so I was settling to beat my GNR time from last year rather than my PB half marathon time. However I got a faster time than expected so dead chuffed!  Click here to read about it!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bloody Typical...

The marathon training plan I have been following is broken down into 5 smaller goals and objectives. As I moved into the last part of  the marathon training plan the main objective is to "Taper off " with the goal as "Maintain fitness and avoid injury". 

On Sunday - day one of this part of the plan I took the dog for a short walk and ended up slipping coming down a muddy and wet hill and landed rather heavily on my ar**!!  I now ache all over and have a bad back too!

Looks like I have failed this final goal and with only 3 and a half weeks to recover!

I also have the Great North Run THIS Sunday - I'm not sure if just to leave running until then or give a short run a go to see how it feels!

I'm going to go to Pilates tonight and hope a good stretch will do me some good!
Not a happy bunny!

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I don't feel as if I have recovered from my long run on Friday yet, and although yesterday was meant to be a rest day on my plan today I am supposed to run 5 miles!  

Up to this point I have kept to my plan but I have never felt as fatigued as I do today so I am going to be sensible and have an extra rest day to give my body a bit more recovery time! The last thing I want to do with less than a month to go is get an injury!

Apparently there is a fine line between over-training and over-reaching! Which is it and how do you know? One way to check over-training is to regularly monitor your resting heart rate - which I do!  My resting heart rate is the same as normal so that's good - if its higher then you have a problem! 

Overreaching is a frequently employed method to build fitness and to help an athlete reach their training potential by pushing themselves to the limit!

Over-training is when you push yourself over the limit and your body struggles to cope.

I definitely pushed myself to the limit on Friday but hopefully by reducing my training and resting today I will avoid over-training and be fighting fit to pick up on the plan tomorrow and my body will be stronger for it!

Fingers crossed that this fatigue soon passes!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

PLAN B put into action!

As I said the other day my Plan A of running like the wind to keep up with the man in front didn't work so last night it was time to test Plan B!

Plan B: slow and steady wins the race!

I feel saintly! My first full week back at school after the Summer Holidays and I still managed to do a long run last night!

I was tired when I left school after a week of settling newbie 4 year old's into the way "we do things!" aka "adults in charge, NOT children!" but I had decided I was going to do my long run after work so I could relax over the weekend.

I got home from work at 3.45pm and went straight upstairs to get changed (before I had any second thoughts!) I had a quick snack of dates and a drink  and then forced down an energy gel.  As it was a fairly warm and sunny evening I decided I needed to carry more than one hand held water bottle with me to ensure I stayed adequately hydrated and had enough to wash down all the energy gels I was planning on consuming on route.  I decided to take with me my waist bladder bag!  I have only ever used this whilst either walking long distances or cycling long distances so running with this was a first!

Inov8 Race Pro 4 Waist Pack
Inov8 H2Orizontal Hydration Bladder (2 Litre)

The bladder holds 2 litres and I filled it full of water and positioned it comfortably around my waist! Even with the bladder in the waist pack there is still plenty room to store my other essentials such as gels, phone, tissues etc.

By 4 o clock I was ready ... and off I set. My training plan stipulated a 22 mile run. I didn't really have a route planned but thought I would run where the feeling took me then at 11 miles turn round and come home! 

At first it was a strange sensation running with the bladder sloshing around behind me and felt heavy!  I suppose its like running with a bottle of coke attached to your waist so it's going be heavy! Anyhow once I got used to the feeling it felt OK to run with AND on a positive note it got easier the further I ran as it got lighter!

I unintentionally picked a fairly hilly route which probably made the 22 miles feel more like 26 miles! I wanted to go slow and steady to ensure I finished feeling fairly confident and with carrying my bladder I didn't have an option! 

I kept to quiet country roads and seems to get into the zone and just kept on plodding.  At 11 miles I decided not to return home the same way but to try and do a circular route and kept on running.  At 13 miles because I was running at a much slower pace than I usually do I felt as fresh as a daisy! At 18 miles I started to fear the wall but it didn't come! At 21 miles I was delighted to be heading home!

After 3 hours 56 minutes of plodding I made it home.  I felt fine and I think I could squeeze another 4 miles out my legs on the day!  Here's hoping! To view my run click here. 

I was just short of the 22 miles but was pleased with the 21.72 miles I did do! I feel relieved that I have finished my last long run - until the day!

Once home I had my chocolate recovery drink,  I endured a short ice bath because my body seemed to have an adverse reaction to this today and I shivered violently which didn't happen previously and put on my sexy compression socks. 

Then time for a nice G & T! Arrrrrrrr Bliss -  my reward!

I woke up this morning amazed to be able to walk and with NO aches and pains!  

Was it the ice bath?
The Chocolate recovery drink?
The compression socks which I wore all night?

or .... all 3!

Feeling much more confident that I will finish the Marathon now but not sure in what time!


Thursday, 6 September 2012


I have been telling myself I can't for too long - 

I CAN and I WILL! 

Just 30 days until I can prove it!

Really looking forward to my long run tomorrow!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Listen to the experts ...

After "hitting the wall" during a 20 mile training run a couple of weeks ago I have been panicking about my actual ability to complete 26.20 miles!  On Sunday when I found a half marathon particularly taxing I started to feel like I was doing something horribly wrong! 

I decided the time had come to do some research and see what the "experts" advise!  There seems to be a lot of contradictory advise around but I have decided to try something new and see how I get on!

After reviewing my last few "long runs" I have noticed that I run the first 6 or 7 miles at a "fast" pace and then gradually slow down getting slower as each mile passes. After reading lots of articles one main mistake of the virgin marathoner seems to be running the first half too fast and then having to walk a lot during the second half! This is NOT going to be me - I will NOT walk!

So ...

I found a site that predicts your marathon time based on the pace you ran a lower mileage race, and adjusting it (somehow) accordingly. This site also recommend you set yourself three target finishing times for the day. 

1) A goal time that dreams are made of!  
2) A realistic goal time!  
3) the slowest time you could deal with!

So using the predicted times based on my 10K and Half marathon results I have come up with these goals!

1) A goal time that dreams are made of!  - 4 Hours (Pace 9.09)
2) A realistic goal time!   - 4:20 (Pace 9:55)
3) The slowest time I could deal with! - 4:45 (Pace 10:52)

All the articles say the virgin marathoner should aim to run the entire distance at a constant pace, rather than setting off fast!

Based on this I decided on my short run tonight to experiment with what the pace would feel like to get a finish time slightly better than my realistic goal time.

I decided to make a conscious effort to keep my average minute miles between 9:28 and 9:40.  I found this tricky!  For the first mile I was too fast and then I managed to slow down into roughly the right pace! 

On my next long run - 22 miles this weekend - I plan on putting this theory to the test.  If I set off at a slower pace and maintain it will this stop me hitting the wall?  

I hope so! 

Slow and steady wins the race!  

Keep tuned in to find out!

To view tonight's     S    -    L   -   O   -   W       run click here!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another Half done ...

On Sunday I participated in the Great Scottish Run, a Half Marathon in Glasgow!  You can read all about my efforts by clicking here!

Then on Monday I made it onto the front page of a Scottish newspaper!  Fame at last!