"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: November 2013

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Busy day tomorrow!

I am very excited at being a spectator at Ulverston 10K Christmas Pudding run tomorrow! 

I will be cheering on my 17 year old daughter and her friend in their first ever race! 


They only started running 6 weeks ago!  They made the decision, downloaded a training plan and have stuck to it!  I am very proud of them! 

They won't let me run the race with them and I wouldn't want to spoil their glory!  

I know how demotivating it is when you run a fab time in a race but someone you know does better!  Makes your time seem inconsequential! 

It should be about a PB and being proud of that but its hard to convince my inner self that this is the case! 

Anyhow along with cheering my daughter on I have to somehow fit a 8 mile run in to comply with my marathon training plan! Would be so much easier to run the 10K plus a cool down!

Thankfully today has been a rest day to recharge my batteries! As well as a little bit of Christmas shopping I have updated my race scrapbooks which can be viewed here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the new ones!)

Friday, 29 November 2013

No aches or pains!

I'm not quite sure how but I survived the Fartlek training session on Tuesday night with no ill effects! I gingerly got out of bed on Wednesday morning expecting to be greeted with severe pain but was pleasantly surprised when I managed to skip stagger to the loo enthusiastically! I didn't get too cocky as I fully expected my body to have a delayed reaction and waited for the DOM'S (delayed-onset muscle soreness) to set in!

However, I seem to have got away with it this time!  Perhaps my body was prepared as we did a lot of "drills" before subjecting my legs to the horror of sprinting!

Wednesday night was Yoga night and the focus this week was the

hips!  I initially groaned at this as my hips aren't very flexible and had an an image of pain but after an hour of working gently on several different poses I felt like I had 2 new hips and felt great! I'm rapidly becoming a yoga convert and can't believe how much I am enjoying it! After opening our hips it was time for my favourite part of the class - the relaxation!  Lights dimmed, music low, the teacher's hypnotic voice working with my body and relaxing my mind ... arhhhhhhh BLISS! The only downside is actually having to return to the here and now to go home! If only I could be transported back to my bed in that state....!

Last night I decided to do a little bit of treadmill speed intervals before going to Pilate's for another stretching and core work session.

I managed 30 minutes consisting of a warm up and cool down with 10 intervals of 1 minute high intensity running followed by 1 minute walking in between.

A quick shower followed before heading off to Pilate's where the emphasis was very much on core work!  I should have a very strong core if the pain is anything to go by!

Tonight I went for another run with my running pal Gina!  When I arrived at her house she announced she had had a very stressful day and was looking for a gentle run!  If she ever announces she wants a hard run I am legging it home again!  The "gentle" run was hard work - I don't know why because it wasn't fast, we only did an average 9.30 min mile pace! Perhaps because it was a Friday night my body was screaming "What you doing Woman - its wine O'clock NOT run O'clock!"

Anyhow I managed to keep up (just!) and we did 4.86 miles which can be viewed here!

I would pull the age card and say Gina is a lot younger than me which is why she is faster but that doesn't work when I was beaten by a 60 year old on Tuesday night! I just need to accept I've become very unfit and this "competition" is good because it is pushing me harder than I would on my own!

I am delighted to announce it is now Wine O' clock!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Week 2 ... started with a swim!

and here I go again!


Last night I went to the Tri Club Swim training session and I'm going bore you with geeky stats! 

This week the focus was on speed and getting an up-to-date individual Critical Swim Speed (CSS)! 

Whenever I am asked to swim fast I panic! My breathing goes all to pot and I feel like I am flaring my arms around uncontrollably - not a good omen for tri racing! However, the more I put myself under pressure to swim fast surely my body will succumb and react sensibly eventually! Although I felt out of control and uncomfortable I managed the different speed distances without stopping!

In the 6 months since I started at the tri club I have improved my swimming substantially.  I thought I was a lost cause -  not quite dolphin girl yet but getting there slowly!!

I have gone from swimming 200 metres in 12 minutes and 2 seconds a year ago, to doing the same distance in 4 minutes 31 seconds last night! There's hope for me completing a triathlon yet!!

My CSS has gone from 2:23 a month a go to 2:19 last night. Apparently these timings give me a target 100m time to achieve whilst swimming 1500m (Olympic Tri Swim Distance). I'm reliably informed that it will allow me to establish a constant pace without pushing too hard and improve my pacing. Excellent if it works ... watch this space!

Tonight I went to the Tri Club Run Training Session in the vain hope that they can do what they've done to my swim times to my run times!

Anyhow, there was only 6 of us mad enough to consider doing
this session after last nights swim!

We met at 7pm and tonight's run focus was on speed! These tri peeps seem a bit obsessed with speed to me!

We started off with a steady 1 mile warm-up before stopping to do some drills and then we got serious!

The Fartlek training began ... and so did my worries!

They were off like rats out of a trap, I tried to keep up but they soon got away from me! We were doing 2 lamp posts fast then 2 as recovery! The speed of the recovery was my usual sprint!!! They did twice the distance I did as they circled back to meet me before going on again! At one point I didn't think I would make it back alive, or at least without throwing up!! But I battled on and survived!

We did (or should I say I did!) about 3 miles before finishing the session with some stretches!

Hey Ho, I won't be put off!

This week I was at the back of the pack but one day (maybe not soon!) I will keep up with them!

I hated it at the time but now I am showered and recovered I think I actually quite enjoyed it in a strange sort of way!

It's exactly what I need to improve! I need to stop plodding, and to do that I need to be pushed!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week One complete!

Need to get on top of this blogging lark.  I used to be so good but now I just don't seem to have the time!

On Wednesday I went to Yoga again. I got into - correction -
"tried" to get into all the positions and really enjoyed the stretch, and was amazed at just how much more you can stretch once you hold the position! 

I especially enjoyed the relaxation session at the end - I'm sure I fell asleep as I can't recall anything she said!  I hope I wasn't snoring or dribbling, how embarrassing would that be!

On Thursday I decided to go on the treadmill and did 3 miles of speed intervals! Speed and I don't really connect but if I keep trying maybe one day my legs will get the idea!  Although I was knackered I felt a huge sense of achievement that I actually kept to the intervals planned.  I'm going to try and fit a speed session in each week! Watch this space!

I had a well deserved rest day on Friday ... well apart from strutting my stuff at the school disco that is!

Yesterday I conquered 2 Wainwrights! 

Just 2 baby ones to try out my new walking boots, I didn't want to go too far if I was going to be crippled! I walked 5.38 miles and not a blister in sight!  

One happy bunny and 2 happy feet! 

We can now tick Ling Fell and Sale Fell from our long "to do" list! 

Views of Bassenthwaite Lake

At the top of Sale fell

At the top of  Ling Fell

This morning I went running with a running buddy who I haven't run with in a long long time!  

Someone up there was plotting against us! 

She was injured, then I was injured, then she was injured and then I was injured ... finally we are both fit and healthy again simultaneously! 

We agreed to meet at 10am this morning, and managed a 10K run. 

I found it quite difficult but I don't think a huge Chinese meal washed down with wine last night really helped the situation! That combined with trying to hold a conversation without hyperventilating made it more challenging than usual!  

Anyhow, I somehow managed to keep up, kept breathing and really enjoyed running with someone again! You can view our run here.

This afternoon I took my new boots out for another outing and did a 2.79 mile walk.  It was a cold but clear crisp day, which gave some fabulous views! 

So far so good!  Only 13 running miles this week but plenty of cross training.  I am determined not to run myself ragged running! I will listen to my body and do what it dictates!

Roll on week 2!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Deja vu - Week 1

Well its week 1 of my 20 week marathon training plan - I've been here before, here's hoping I'm more successful on this attempt!

Last night I survived an endurance swimming training session with the Tri Club!  Probably not the best session to attend the night after a 10 mile race but I did it and I'm still alive to tell the tale!

Tonight I went for a little 3.5 mile run and EE BY GUM it was cold!  I wore my long pants and my long sleeved top but I think I will have to be a wimp and find the fleece lined ones hidden somewhere in the depths of my drawers!

Apart from it being a chilly evening, it was clear and dry! I'm still getting used to this running in the dark lark again, I'm not overly confident at the moment as I fear tripping or disappearing down a hole and getting injured!  

My prime goal is to stay uninjured!

Anyhow I managed 3.5 slow miles as a recovery run, in 35 minutes.  The run can be viewed here!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Where has the week gone?

I have neglected my blogging duties this week so here's a quick round up of what I've been up to!

On Monday I went to the Tri Club swimming, Tuesday was my first time at Armageddon Circuits, Wednesday I went to Yoga, Thursday was a short run and Friday and Saturday were rest days!

That brings us to today! Today I have run the Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile Race which you can read about here!

Its 20 weeks today until The Greater Manchester Marathon - YIKES!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nearly Monday already!

I haven't done much running this week - i think it's called listening to my body!  A new phenomenon to me! After running the Half Marathon last weekend my legs were aching and they weren't feeling 100% so I decided just to relax a little.

On Thursday I had a good stretch at Pilate's, and then on Friday I swam 2000 metres.  It was very cold in the pool this week - even whilst swimming I felt cold which is unusual! 

Yesterday morning at around 9am I was rushing around trying to tidy up the pigsty the rest of my family call home and I somehow whacked my hand against the door as I was charging around.  

The absolute sheer pain was unbelievable!  I sat down clutching my hand in case it fell off and immediately started to feel sick and dizzy.  With the world spinning nicely (and no I hadn't been drinking!) I slumped onto the floor! The room I was in has a wood floor and before I knew it I was lying in a pool ... of sweat NOT pee!  I felt dreadful and before long the hot sweats turned to severe shivers!  Perhaps having an icepack on my hand contributed to this!  

After about 30 minutes of lying motionless I braved sitting up to inspect my hand and noticed my hand and fingers had already started to bruise and swell.  I removed my rings ... just in case, I wouldn't want to have to get them cut off! 

Eventually I started to feel a bit more normal but it took until about 4 O Clock for the "strange feeling" to completely wear off! 

I have no idea what all that was about, you would think I had broken my hand at the very least but I got up this morning and apart from a little tenderness and bruising its OK!

Last night we had friends over and we very much overindulged with the wine and the Chinese so this morning when I woke up to a bright sunny morning I decided to go out for a run and work it off.

I headed out the door and loved the crisp winter feel until I was about 100 metres from home and had my first near miss!  The pavements were lethal!   It rained yesterday and then went very cold overnight so the rain had frozen on the paths and it was hiding in patches to catch innocent folk like me out!  

I'm sure I was being laughed at by passing motorists as I felt like Bambi learning to walk!  There was one point coming down a hill I was certain I was going come a cropper and end up on my bum!  I decided to cut my run short and ended up only running 2.75 very slow miles!  I felt dissatisfied and disappointed when I got home so decided to go on the treadmill and did a further 2.14 miles!

This afternoon we went on a beautiful, crisp, sunny but still very cold and icy walk! We went 4.77 miles and had some fabulous views!  We are very lucky to live here!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Remember, Remember to go for a run on the 5th of November! 

After my poor performance on Sunday and with my thoughts focused on my next race in 2 weeks time I decided I had best hit the streets this evening amid all the fireworks going off around me!

I planned on taking things slowly as I didn't want to over do things after Sundays run and I was feeling tired after a busy day at work and perhaps from giving blood last night.

I planned on just a 3 miler but once I got out in the cold fresh air I seemed to come alive!  Although I was very slow I managed 5.62 miles and enjoyed it! You can view the run here!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Running Slowly!

After running Lancaster Half Marathon yesterday I had a dreadful night sleep last night.  I woke up constantly and each time my body felt like it had been run over by a bus!  I ached all over!  I can understand my legs and bum being unhappy but my arms, neck, back and shoulders too?

I have never felt such pain - not even after running a Marathon!

However, the weakness must have left my body because this morning I woke up all the pain had gone!  Very strange but I'm not complaining!  I didn't fancy my first day back at work with such pain!

This evening I went to donate a pint of my finest!  The nurse informed me "your running slowly tonight" - that seems to be the story of my life at the moment!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

I did it - albeit slowly!

Today I ran in Lancaster Half Marathon - slowly! 

You can read how I got on here!

Feeling very tired tonight! 

Will no doubt take me a week to recover!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Half Marathon Tomorrow!

Saturday night without wine must mean something!  

Oh Yes ... I'm running Lancaster Half Marathon in the morning! I've been told it's flat and fast!  It might be flat but I won't be fast!

Hydrated and carbed up ... Lancaster I'm coming to get you!

Hoping for better weather than today! We have had torretial rain, gales, sleet and its freezing cold!  Bring it on!