"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: January 2012

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Janathon Day 31 - I DID IT!

I have succeeded in the Janathon Challenge which I thought was impossible for me!!!  WHOO! HOOOOOO!

I went for my final run tonight straight from work, as I had booked a place at my usual Steps class at 6pm. My aim tonight was to finish Janathon on a high and get a personal record for a fast pace.  I was slightly disappointed that the pace I managed didn't start with a number 8, but I was still pleased because it was faster than my previous runs at an average 9.05 min/mile!  If I'd pushed a little harder maybe I could have done it ... but hey after a couple days rest with my feet up who knows what I might be able to achieve!  The weather was kind to me again - extremely cold but dry and not windy or icy!  My final run was enjoyable and uneventful, I rushed home jumped straight in the shower then was out the door again dragging my heavy legs behind me for my Steps class. When I got there I'm not sure which emotion I felt when there was sign up saying the class was cancelled due to illness - was I delighted, disappointed, relieved, disgruntled, grateful?! I know for sure my legs were ELATED! I went home, collapsed on the sofa and realised what a close escape I'd had, a steps class on day 31 of Janathon might have been a step too far!

Running Miles today: 6.10
Time: 55 minutes 25 seconds
Average pace: 9.05
Average speed: 6.6 MPH

Walking miles today : 0.47

Total Janathon Running miles:  158.36
Total Janathan Walking miles: 40.56
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2

TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 203.12 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Thank you to all those who have read my daily ramblings and for the encouragement and motivation from everyone! I am keen to see where I ended up on the Janathon scoreboard, but until everyone uploads today's runs I won't know! 

Its rest for a couple of days before I get back to it - any suggestions for my next challenge?

Monday, 30 January 2012

Janathon Day 30 - The penultimate run!

 I can't believe that ....
and I have survived so far!

Only one more run to do and then I've done it!!  

Tonight's run was an enjoyable experience, it was a cold, crisp, dry evening and to make things even better I managed to get out whilst it was still light!

It was a uneventful run, I didn't see any other runners out although I did notice a lot of cyclists! It made me think about getting back on my bike!  Cycling has always been my favoured exercise, but I think this running lark might be coming a close second ... I think perhaps my competitive side is coming out in me now that I can see a slight improvement in my times! 

 I was chuffed to see my average pace tonight was 9.19 min/mile (6.4 MPH), which is one of my fastest runs (I know for most of you lot this is slow!), however at the beginning of Janathon my average pace was 10.22 min/mile (5.8 MPH), and in May 2011 when I first started running my average pace was 12.01 min/mile (4.99 MPH)! I think THAT'S an achievement - even if I do say so myself!!!

I hope my times continue to improve, even though I won't be able to sustain running daily! I am doing the Liverpool Half Marathon on 18th March and I am desperate to beat my Great North Run time!! If I don't it won't be for the want of trying!

Last day of this challenge tomorrow and I must run  or walk a total of at least 4 miles to take my total exercise mileage over the 200 miles mark!  I've exceeded my original goal of reaching 150 running miles, so I need to achieve this one too - Bring it on!

Running Miles today: 7.00
Time: 1 hour 05 minutes 16 seconds
Average pace: 9.19
Average speed: 6.4 

Walking miles today : 0.52

Total Janathon Running miles:  152.26
Total Janathan Walking miles: 40.09
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2

TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 196.55 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Janathon Day 29 - Like a whippet!

 I was feeling tired this morning but was determined to go for a run first thing.  It was another cold frosty morning but not as icy and slippery as yesterday.  

I set off with heavy uncooperative legs and the voice in my head saying "you are too tired ... walk, walk, walk!"

I ignored my inner voice and kept on plodding.  I tried to get in the "zone" but didn't quite manage it today, but hey ho I still did it!

There was one highlight on this run that gave my confidence a boost!  I was running along the cycle path when I approached three slow female runners blocking my way.  I called out "excuse me" and the ladies parted, I then had the most awful realisation that they were actually three mothers from school, just as this dawned on me I heard one of them say "it's Mrs Wallace - she's like a whippet!"   I had a little giggle to myself - I would never describe my running style as like a whippet, more like a tortoise! but this gave me the boost I needed to get me home!


As the men folk in my house had an afternoon of football planned I decided that rather than sit and suffer I would escape out with the dog for a nice walk!  It was a lovely cold crisp afternoon but where I had chosen to walk was incredibly muddy - it was like walking in glue at times, making it very hard work. We had a good 9 mile walk, the only downside being the dogs paw prints which are now all over the kitchen floor - perhaps I need to get him some wellies to save on the cleaning!!!


 Running Miles today: 5.08
Time: 47 minutes 53 seconds

Average pace: 9.25
 Average speed: 6.4 

Walking miles today : 9.04

Total Janathon Running miles:  145.26
Total Janathan Walking miles: 39.57

Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2

TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 189.03 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Janathon Day 28 - CHIT RUN!

Well that was a CHIT run - cold, hilly, icy, tiring!

I woke up feeling slightly nauseous this morning after a having a meal out with friends last night washed down by a few too many bottles of vino!

The sky was blue, the ground was frosty  and I decided it would be a good idea to run off my hangover and sweat it out!

I layered up, and set off.  It was colder than I expected and a lot colder than it has been recently and initially my breathing didn't feel very controlled, but my body must have adapted because my chest soon loosened up!

I hadn't planned my route but decided to head out on the roads that I can't venture out to in the dark!  However, once I got out of town it proved to be slightly hazardous as there was lots of frozen puddles and icy patches! My pace was slow today because the hills were too hilly, the downs were too slippery and I didn't want to end janathon on crutches! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

The only good thing about this run was getting home!

Funnily enough I had just been reading an article about increasing race pace and one recommendation was to run more hills during training as this works the same muscles that are needed for sprinting - I had no intention of running a hilly route today but did so by default! Roads never seem hilly in the car! So as I definitely felt the burn today (also recommended by this article!) next time I run I will perhaps be super fast!!  My left buttock is currently not very impressed with me!

Everyone else must have been staying warm today as I didn't see any fellow runners!

I was exhausted and hungry when I staggered home, and any silly thoughts about doing a full marathon this year were quickly erased!

I was chuffed to have run over 9 miles, albeit rather slowly! My longest janathon run to date!  Whooooo hoooo!

As we near the end of Janathon I would like to encourage any readers to humour me and make a comment on my blog, just to confirm that I'm not talking to myself in cyberland as well as in real life!! PLEASE!

Running Miles today: 9.43
Time: 1 hour 37 minutes 18 seconds
Average pace: 10.19
Average speed: 5.8 MPH

Total Janathon Running miles:  140.18
Total Janathan Walking miles: 30.53
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 174.91 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Janathon Day 28 - nearing the end!

I often see runners out when I'm sitting at traffic lights and wonder what I look like running!  Do I look like I might need an ambulance any time soon (some runners I see do!) or look like my arms and legs don't belong to me...!  I would love to look like the girl in the top picture but know for definite that I don't!

Anyhow, back to Janathon!  How am I doing?  Well, tonight I did well and managed to dodge the intermittent heavy rain and sleet whilst out running that we have experienced all day!  However, some AR** who was washing his car with a high pressure washer decided it would be a good game to aim slightly too high shooting the water right in my direction ...grrr so it seems even on the days I avoid the rain I can't avoid getting wet!

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful run (no kidnapping scare) although I felt slow and tired after a busy stressful week, but hey ho I still did it!  

Kidnapping scare I hear you cry - well I wasn't in the mood last night to blog about my running experience in detail so didn't share my trauma with you, but I will tonight instead!  When I was out running alone last night I went along the street where the female got attacked last week and I was just thinking to myself "silly idea, why did I come this way" obviously putting nervous thoughts into my head as I approached a white van parked on the street and just as I got up level with it a man leapt out of the side door right infront of me!  To say I papped myself would be an understatement, but I think the white van man did too!  He was obviously just innocently loading up his van after a busy day not expecting to experience a runner on the loose!   I felt a nervous wreck for the rest of my run and just wanted to get home!

So, here we are, nearing the end of this mega challenge - only 4 days to go!  

Running Miles today: 6.53
Time: 1 hour 1 minute 46 seconds
Average pace: 9.28
Average speed: 6.3MPH

Total Janathon Running miles:  130.75
Total Janathan Walking miles: 30.53
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 165.48 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Janathon Day 26. In a word - BAD!

Very nearly packed it all in today, my day went from bad to worse and Janathon seemed pointless. I couldn't go to my usual Thursday night Pilates class because I had to go to my daughters parents evening, which went very well! 

However, rather than wallowing in self pity I gave myself a good talking to - I haven't endured 25 days to throw in the towel so near the end of the challenge - so I went. 

That's all I've got to say today. I ran 5.57 miles not very enthusiastically, subsequently in a crap time. 

Running Miles today: 5.57
Time: 55 minutes 07 seconds
Average pace: 9.54
Average speed: 6.1MPH

I also have an additional 1.37 walking miles to add to my total from yesterdays late evening dog walk, completed after I had blogged!

Total Janathon Running miles:  124.22
Total Janathan Walking miles: 30.53
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 158.95 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Janathon Day 25 - Retraction Requested!

Good Evening all, here we are again for the 25th day in a row!  

Yesterday I reported on my husbands knee injury (torn meniscusand operation.  Well, in all the time I have been blogging he has never shown any interest in my blogging thoughts at all ... until today!  Whilst convalescing  (on the couch may I add!) boredom got the better of him (no footie on TV and no beer allowed!) so he decided to take a gander at my blog and shouted "Objection!"  He would like me to retract the statement "sitting on the couch watching football swigging beer", saying it insinuates he is a complete couch potato (errrr, yeah!) and he would like me to point out that this statement only applies Monday to Friday because he does actually go for a walk on a Saturday and Sunday THEN comes in and sits on the couch watching football and swigging beer!  Sorry DEAR - how could I get it soooooo wrong!!  With that little anomaly cleared up I will get on with today's ramblings!           

For once, it wasn't raining today and there was only a slight breeze so life was good! I felt a lot better running tonight than I did last night (couldn't have felt worse!).  Nothing much to report tonight - except there was a lot of traffic around and I seemed to take ages to cross roads, but then when I look on my Garmin statistics it states I was still for only 13 seconds!!  Not sure this is being totally honest with me!  I passed (going in opposite direction to me!) a "lone" female runner who appeared to be blocking the way for several kids on scooters who were weaving around looking like they were wanting to pass her, however later on in my run I passed her again still being chased by the same scooters and kids - they were either her kids or she was being pursued!  Anyhow, returned home with no mishaps to report - hopefully the remaining days will be equally uneventful!

Running Miles today: 6.77
Time: 1 hour 3 minutes 36 seconds
Average pace: 9.30
Average speed: 6.3MPH

I also have an additional 1.13 walking miles to add to my total from yesterdays late evening dog walk, completed after I had blogged!

Total Janathon Running miles:  118.65
Total Janathan Walking miles: 29.16
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 152.01 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Janathon Day 24 - Knee problems!

Well my day was a little unusual as my husband has been in hospital getting his knee "done!".  Most of you will probably assume this is a runner's injury, but NO!  this is purely a sitting on the couch watching football swigging beer injury!  He obviously moved once and his body objected!  But hey ho its all sorted now and after a fortnight off work he will be as good as new, and raring to get fit! (his words not mine!!).I'm not holding my breath on that one though!
So as I had to collect the patient from hospital I was unable to go to my usual steps class, so I missed the double whammy session I survived last week! 
 I went for my run as soon as I got in from work before driving the 23 miles to the hospital (Its all about priorities!!).

Anyway what's with all this rain? ...  and tonight on my run I had fog to contend with too!!! After the first mile, I hit the wall and I thought I was going die - I even considered turning round and going home, but I talked myself into keeping going!  Once I got a couple of miles in I got second wind and felt great!  Strange!!  Is my body just testing my mind!  Which is stronger? The mind or the body?!!  Anyway   I coerced my body into keeping going and managed just over 5 miles, not bad when you consider I very nearly gave up!

Once home, I jumped in the shower, organised the kid's dinner and set off down the wet foggy motorway to collect the wounded soldier and tried to make the appropriate sympathetic noises when I saw him (doesn't come naturally!!!) but then we had to wait for the doctor to discharge him!  By this time I was starving - it was alright for him he'd been fed! Eventually, at 8pm the doctor came and said he could go!  Pack horse me carried all the bags whilst hop-along followed on crutches!  Starvation got the better of me (by this time it was 9pm) and I had to stop at the chippy on the way home to get very delicious and very satisfying fish and chips!!  
I deserved it!  

Running Miles today: 5.15
Time: 48 minutes 36 seconds
Average pace: 9.26
Average speed: 6.4MPH

Total Janathon Running miles:  111.88

Total Janathan Walking miles: 28.03
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 144.11 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Janathon Day 23 - 8 days to go!

Another run done - only 8 to go!!  Apparently research shows that it takes 21 days to develop a habit. That’s 21 days of going to the gym every day or exercising in some way every day, or RUNNING every day 21 days doing ... 21 days of anything! So as its day 23 of this Janathon Challenge I take it I have formed a habit - but when does a habit become an obsession?!  

If I run everyday will I look like this?!!!

I must say although my legs have got tired and sometimes feel a little stiff and achy it has actually got easier to go out running as the month has gone on - perhaps my body is now just resigned to the punishment!  Anyway, for once it was a nice clear evening, no rain and only a little wind.  I hadn't planned how far I would go - after a 8 mile run yesterday and a walk I thought I would play it by ear!  Once I started running I felt motivated and so must everyone else - I seemed to see every Tom, Dick and Harry out running tonight - they all must be fair weather runners, and to be honest before this challenge so was I!!!     

So ... how did I do?  I was quite chuffed I managed 6.43 miles and didn't have any side effects!!!

WHOOOOO HOOOO! GOOD NEWS!! Today was I got a confirmed team place on the Keswick to Barrow 40 mile walk/run!!  I'd assumed I hadn't got in as its been a week since the Registration opened and last year I got confirmation within hours!!  Before anyone dares ask or even suggests it - I am WALKING it! I might risk a gentle jog every now and then, but walking is definitely my primary transport mode!
Running Miles today: 6.43

Time: 1 hour 02 minutes 18 seconds
Average pace: 9.41
Average speed: 6.2MPH

View my run on:

Total Janathon Running miles:  106.73
Total Janathan Walking miles: 28.03
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 138.96 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Janathon Day 22 - 100 miles and 9 days to go!

What have I been up to today?

Same ole same ole… Run Run Run ... Wet Wet Wet

I'm wondering whether when all this is over and I get my life back, will I want it back ... or will I be so obsessed with running everyday I will continue?

I struggled to motivate myself this morning, and on hearing the wind and the rain outside I really really didn't want to go, but I forced myself to move my backside and braced myself to face the elements.  After the first mile the rain thankfully stopped and the sun actually decided to shine down on me although the wind remained!  

What I want to know is how is it possible for the wind to ALWAYS be blowing against me - even when I changed direction so did the wind. Apart from it being called sod's law what is the scientific explanation?
I said yesterday that weather permitting I would aim for 8 miles today, well weather wasn't really permitting but I had it in my psyche to do 8 miles so 8 miles I was going to do!  

It was hard, hard work but I wasn't going to go home defeated!
Winston Churchill said it best "When going through hell keep going" - so I did! 
I was slowing towards the end but got a boost to my confidence when I overtook a cyclist on the cycle path - OK it was a 99 year old granny on a shopper bike - but I STILL overtook a cyclist!

I was relieved to see my house in sight, took a swift look at my Garmin and was dismayed to see it proudly stating 7.45 miles - come hell or high water I was going to do 8 miles and break the 100 mile Janathon barrier. I went sailing staggering past my house with gritted teeth and went around the block. This time when my house came into view I felt like I'd won a trophy when my Garmin was showing the number 8!  Whoo hoo!  That meant I had scored a Century, I was chuffed with myself and it was worth the pain!

I showered, recovered and had some lunch before setting off again in the lovely windy sunshine to walk the dog!  Unfortunately him up there obviously decided I should finish the day off how I started it - WET! About a mile before the end the black clouds descended and the rain hail pelted down forced into my face by the wind! OW! OW! OW! It hurt! I was pleased to clamber into the car, wet and windswept!

At the start of Janathon I set myself a goal of 100 miles, since I have hit that with 9 days to go I best re-evaluate my target.  

My aim is now 150 RUNNING MILES and 200 Miles in TOTAL

Running Miles today: 8.30
Time: 1 hour 18 minutes 47 seconds
Average pace: 9.29
Average speed: 6.3MPH

View my run on:  

Walking Miles today: 4.23 miles

Total Janathon Running miles:  100.30
Total Janathan Walking miles: 28.03
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 132.53 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Janathon Day 21- WHAT am I doing?

Well, I jogged and logged first thing this morning and now I'm blogging after meeting friends for lunch and a little liquid refreshment so may not make much sense, but hey ho I will give it a go!

I got up this morning and for the first time started to agree with my friends and family - I must be mad!  It was chucking it down and blowing a gale and there's little old me heading out the door!  However I was stopped in my tracks before I even got started - the contents of the paper recycling bin and the "normal" bin were strewn all over the front and back garden like very large confetti, so there I was in gale force winds and  heavy rain picking up soggy paper and rubbish and retrieving the actual bins themselves from the middle of the road - not a good start!

Wind swept and very soggy I set off for my run not feeling very energetic or impressed with life.  Although I did a fairly flat run I think it should count as a hilly one since I was running with the resistance of the wind pushing me back! God it was hard work, and funnily enough I never saw another runner or walker out and about, perhaps they had all been spirited away to Oz!

Not to be beaten by a little bit of rain and wind (hahaha) I kept going, not worrying about my pace too much just concentrating on surviving, and survive I did!!

Day 22 - I'm ready for what you want to throw at me!

Running Miles today: 6.28
Time: 1 hour 08 seconds
Average pace: 9.35
e speed: 6.3MPH

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Total Janathon Running miles:  92.00
Total Janathan Walking miles: 23.80
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 120 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

If I could do 8 miles tomorrow I've scored a century running - but of course that all depends on the weather!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Janathon Day 20 and The Invisibility Cloak!

What a day!!  I think someone is playing a trick on me and its really Friday 13th today, rather than last Friday!

I was only at work until 12 O clock today as my daughter had a hospital appointment at Manchester Children's Hospital, for a routine 6 month check-up after the Spinal Fusion Operation she had in July. I collected her from school and said "I'm just going to nip to Asda to get money out the cash point before we go!".  I got to Asda and parked opposite the disabled bays next to the cashpoint machine, hopped out the car and just as I turned my back I heard an almighty CRASH! BANG!, I turned back to see a rather large Range Rover embedded into my back end!!  The woman responsible didn't even get out the car but wound her window down and said "you weren't there when I looked in my mirror!"  Did I orb down from outer-space?  Anyhow, a very helpful Asda Trolley collector came to investigate the commotion, and asked her to drive forward, after realising this was beyond her capabilities he asked me to move my car instead.  I slowly edged forward listening to the creaking noises as the two cars parted company and got out expecting to see a horrendous dent and scrape to my car and was amazed to see no sign of any damage at all!!  My daughter sensibly took the registration number down etc. in case any problems should develop from it!!!  How can such a loud noise result in no damage? I decided against trying to get any money out the machine when another car reversed out of its place and nearly took the front end off my car, I retreated home to a well deserved coffee and lunch!

My husband drove to Manchester (thankfully) and I had a little power nap both on the way there and the way back!!  All this exercise is taking it out of me!!  The good news is my daughter's back is mending correctly and she can now start gentle swimming - the first exercise she has been allowed to do for 6 months!

We eventually got home at around 5.30pm after sitting in the usual Friday night traffic chaos on the motorway, and I went straight out for my run leaving Mr W responsible for dinner!  It was mild and wet (the weather NOT dinner!!) but far far better than the weather I endured yesterday!

However, rain brings out brollies - in conjunction with inconsiderate walkers, I was speared several times and I am surprised I am still the proud owner of 2 eyes!  Not only that but there seemed to be a bewildering array of idiotic car drivers who seemed determined not to STOP at any red lights or Zebra crossings and who also aimed for the biggest puddles out to drench me!!  You can't even blame me for running in dark clothing - I had a luminous green running gilet on, luminous green trainers as well as a flashing light on my back, surely I was visible!!  I think perhaps everyone was steamed up inside or the heavy rain was obscuring their vision, but I felt thankful to be alive when I finally made it home - soaking wet down to my knickers!!!

Its now the weekend, here's hoping for better weather!!

Running Miles today: 4.62
Time: 44 minutes 37 seconds
Average pace: 9.37
Average speed: 6.2 MPH

View my run on:  

Total Janathon Running miles:  85.72
Total Janathan Walking miles: 23.80
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 112.80 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class