"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: March 2012

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Unless Mr Google is having a laugh the Chinese writing to the left means "Bon Voyage".  I apologise now if this is in fact wrong and I'm being offensive! This is a message to my daughter who is on her way to China at this very moment!  

I am sat here feeling absolutely exhausted and have no energy to do anything!  The main reason that both my body and mind have gone on strike is I have been up since 4am this morning!  During the time I was in bed I was very restless and had a very disturbed sleep.  So why was I up at stupid O'clock?  Well, my daughter was going on a school trip to China and had to be at School for 4.45am and I was restless as I was paranoid about sleeping in and her missing the coach and then I'd have to drive her down to Manchester Airport!  Once I'd managed to get her there and waved her off the sensible thing to do would have been to go back to bed!  After all it was only 5am and I could get a couple hours in before having to get up again!  Did I?  Don't be silly!  In my highly charged state after the adrenaline rush I decided it would be a good idea to "work it off" with a "little" run! I set off in darkness, and enjoyed the feeling of solitude - there was nothing and nobody around - I had the world to myself!  My mind switched off and I zoned out!  However, after about 4 miles something up ahead caught my attention in the low light!  All I could see in the distance were 2 black legs lurking in the shadows, but they didn't appear to have an "upright body" attached to them!  Perhaps I still had an overload of adrenaline coursing through my body because my initial thought was "OMG it's the Black Panther"  

(There has been repeated sightings of a black panther (supposedly) in the area!). I slowed down, whilst my heart rate danced, then heaved a sigh of relief when the body belonging to the legs came into view out of the shadows! It was a man NOT a panther! PHEW!! Easy mistake to make lol.  Anyhow, I continued my run and the world began to wake up in front of me!  Birds began to sing, people surfaced, cars emerged and light dawned! I'm used to starting my runs in the light and ending them in the dark, today it felt very strange but good to start in the dark and finish in the light!  I felt good running and enjoyed every step today and ran just under 8 miles. You can view this run here!  After coming in from my run the dog was sitting looking at me expectantly so I took him for a quick go round the block before shower, breakfast, coffee, packed lunches and then walk to work for the day to commence... As if this wasn't enough to contend with we had a "skipping workshop" today too -  the sun was shining and the kids had a whale of a time too!  A walk home from work wrapped my day up nicely and I haven't moved very far from the sofa since! Early to bed tonight for me but I will be waiting for a message from my daughter to say they have arrived in China safely - at MIDNIGHT our time! Hey-ho another restless sleep! 

It has somehow got to the 29th March and today will be my last run of the month as I am off to New York on Saturday - WHOOOOO HOOOO!  I am busy tomorrow evening and there's no way feeling like I do am I getting up early again tomorrow to run!

So basically that's my lot this month and its now THAT time when I report my progress with THE CHALLENGE!

How's it going?  Well, I am a quarter of the way through the challenge and the year so am I on track?

For March I had set myself the target of 100 miles running and 71 miles walking.  Considering I did a half marathon earlier in the month I thought the running goal would be relatively easy to achieve but I FAILED, and only managed to complete 68% of it!  :-( 
However, I walked further than my walking goal and completed 20% more so overall I'm not too short!  This is how it now looks!

To be on Target= 503 miles 

Actual Mileage Achieved to date:

3 sports (Run, Walk & Cycle) =  563.30    =  1448.70 Miles Remaining

2 sports (Run & Walk)  =   496 miles     = 1516.00  Miles Remaining

Just Running =  315.30 miles  = 1696.70 Miles Remaining    

So after analysing my mileages I am only 7 miles short of being on target for running and walking but a huge 188 miles short of target for just running!  I always thought this was too ambitious!

Perhaps I  could review the goal to read:
2012 Miles in 2012 Running and Walking
2012 KM in 2012 Running

What will April bring ...?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Another sunny day, another bike ride and crunching gears ...

Another beautiful day and after being stuck inside all day long, I opted out of going to Steps class tonight and paying for the privilege of being stuck in AGAIN - instead I went out on my bike for FREE! 

I had a lovely ride, however, every time I shift gears the chain stutters and crunches and doesn't seem to grab hold smoothly. Sometimes when I'm in gear and pedalling uphill it just crunches unexpectedly , as if the chain is about to come off. What could the problem be? I'm thinking of booking it in for a service so that I know its safe as the brakes also seem to be a little squeaky too!!  Perhaps its just groaning and moaning about being out and about after 6 months wrapped up in my garage!

Anyway, apart from thinking I was going to have to sort my chain out on several occasions I enjoyed the ride, even though I still didn't wear any sunglasses as I couldn't locate them anywhere!  Looks like I will have to invest in a new pair! Talking of which I have been researching on the internet tonight and quite fancy a pair with photochromic lenses rather than the interchangeable ones.  The sunglasses I can't find had interchangeable lenses but I never changed the lenses whatever the weather - just kept the same ones in!  Anyone got any good tips/reviews?

I did just over 20 miles tonight, in 1 hour 30 minutes, although I did seem to sit at traffic lights forever! View tonights run here!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Tour de potholes and suicidal flies!

Well, what a glorious day its been again - third day in a row!  It's a bit scary to think that this could be it - SUMMER!!! and by next week it will be over!  With that in mind I wasn't going to waste an opportunity to get out on my bike!!  I had in mind that since the clocks changed at the weekend I would have plenty time to do what I needed to do before it got dark!  I'd forgotten that once I get on my bike, I enjoy the feeling of freedom so much that I want to cycle forever! I was forced to return home tonight before I wanted to due to the failing light and stupidly I had no lights on my bike, but it felt good to be out whilst it lasted!  I managed 22 miles, and you can view the ride here!

One thing I did notice tonight was Cumbria County Council need to spend some of the money they are saving by cutting our wages on filling in potholes! It must be due to all the snow and ice we had this winter but the roads are in a terrible state - not good when you are on a road bike with no suspension!  Good job I had padded shorts on!

As I already mentioned it was a beautifully sunny evening, but this didn't stop me going out without my cycling sunglasses on!  How can I forget such an important bit of kit!  I spent most of the ride blind and squinting from the sun - I hoped the car drivers could see more than me - this thought did cross my mind as I went under a bridge into semi darkness and when I emerged out the other side all I could see was lots of beautiful colours dancing in front of me - very pretty but not very safe!! My next problem was suicidal flies - they seemed intent on playing target practise with my mouth!  They might be full of vitamins but they don't half catch in your throat on the way down!!! Some of the less brave ones decided to aim for my eyes instead, so not only could I not see for the sun but I kept getting big black blobs swimming in front of me!!!

Hopefully this weather will continue and I will get a few more rides in as well as runs and walks!!! Next time I go out I will be better prepared and I WILL go out earlier too!


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Let the K2B training commence...

Seven weeks to go until the Keswick to Barrow walk and I finally got round to going on a "long walk" as part of my training! I couldn't have picked a better day - the weather has been glorious, if not a tad too warm for walking! 

I don't like being too organised when it comes to walking, I enjoy going where the mood takes me and where ever possible trying out new routes. I think of these walks as an "exploratory sightseeing trip!" Today I knew I was going to head to Killington Lake, which is about 7 miles away but beyond that I had no idea!  Whilst I was doing long training walks last year I continuously got lost so today I sensibly took a map (not that I have much idea how to read one mind!).  By the time I got to Killington Lake I was starving! Although it was only quarter to 12, I decided to have an early lunch stop as the setting was idyllic and peaceful.  
Perfect lunch spot at Killington Lake!  I could have just sat here all day - pity I didn't have a book!
Whilst eating my lunch I took the opportunity to have a look at the map to see where I could go from here! At the end of the lake there was a right turn and a left turn, I have been left from here many times before so made the decision to go right.  I didn't sit down for long (although would have loved to) and was soon on my way again. I soon came across another left turn which I had never been down before so keenly went this way to investigate further.  I can't believe how much fun a grown woman can have taking photographs of her own shadow but believe me it kept me entertained for a fair distance!  I had a very "blonde moment" when I was trying to fit my entire shadow in the photo, so what did I do?  I stopped and waited for my shadow to walk on further so I could take a photo from a distance - durrrrrrr!  I laughed out loud at how utterly unbelievably and momentarily stupid I had been!  I was just glad there wasn't anyone with me to witness this moment!

Does my bum look big in this?! lol
(this is actually my bag NOT my bum!)

I came to another road end, and another decision to make!  I decided to go the way that lead up a steep hill (stupid I know!) but whilst out cycling I had often wondered where this led but could never quite face tackling it! So here I was at the top of the steep hill that appeared to have brought me onto a "long and winding road!" After several miles I was beginning to think I was on the "road to nowhere!"  It seemed to take me forever to join another road and to get to a place I was familiar with! However, I would definitely go back on this road on my bike but  in reverse (to experience the down-hills and not the up-hills I did today!) - I never saw another person or vehicle the entire time - just horses, sheep and lambs! 

By mile 17 I was getting bored with walking and decided to add a little jog into the mix!  I enjoyed the change in tempo and it seemed to rejuvenate me a little. 

After walking for over 5 and a half hours and covering more than 21 miles I was pleased that the sun was still shining when I got home so I could sit and relax in the garden!  View my walk here.

I need to fit a few more long walks in before the day somehow!  Keep in touch and see how I get on!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

OMG I joined a running club ...

not just a NORMAL running club BUT a Triathlon Club!

Have I truly lost hold of my senses?!!!

Anyhow, when I contacted them I told them I had no intention of doing Triathlons because I'm a crap swimmer but might try a Duathlon! They said this was fine and I could go to the running and cycling sessions only. Last night was my first running  session with the club. After my previous experience of joining a running club I was slightly nervous - it was the most humiliating experience of my life, everyone was so much faster and better than me, and I never went back!  :-(

Determined to be strong I went, and hoped and prayed there would be other females running too.  Fortunately for me there was 2 other women, and 7 men.  They were very friendly and welcoming and explained the usual routine.  Unfortunately I had come for the first session on the worst possible night - it was hill reps!! I groaned inwardly when he said this but put on a brave face!  We did a warm up jog first before stopping to do lots of other warm up exercises, which were taken very light heartedly and were made fun but we still worked hard!  Then the time came to head to the hill!  Arrrgghh ... the speed of the "jog" to get to the hill was probably at my "fast pace" but although I couldn't keep up with the men in the group I was about the same speed as the other 2 women so I wasn't bothered.  We got to the hill in question and congregated at the bottom whilst the coach talked us through the plan of action! (good opportunity to have a quick breather!).  The idea of the hill reps was to run up as fast as you could and then recover by having a slow jog down before repeating again!  The others in the group seemed to miss the "slow jog down" part, and although I could hold my own going up the hill I was left behind running down!  However, lets be positive I hate coming down hills so forcing myself to do this in a group will surely build my hill confidence as well as improve my general speed. After several hill repeats, and receiving good advice from the coach on how to improve my style etc we headed back to base where we did cool down exercises and stretching.  Something I tend to neglect when I run on my own!  I enjoyed the experience and will go again next week - I wonder what we will work on then?  Surely not hills again!  Fingers crossed!  Once I come back from my New York holiday I am going to try one of the Cycling sessions which are held on a Saturday Morning!

It's really good as the session lasted 1 hour 15 minutes and there is no charge, I got a lot of advice from the coach and probably pushed myself harder than I would on my own!

Only 7 weeks until the Keswick to Barrow walk and apart from my running I have done no walking training at all!  Best pull my finger out, especially since for a week of the 7 weeks I will be in New York!  This weekend I am going to do my first "Long Walk" starting at around 20 miles!  The weather looks like its going to be fabulous so when I inevitably get lost it won't be too bad! :-)    I somehow need to fit about 6 more "long walks" in building up to a 30+ mile walk sometime before the big day ...!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Any cyclist out there?

Over the past 6 months my running and motivation have really improved and I put it partly down to being a member of a Facebook group called "Plodders United" which has encouraged me to keep going when I may have given up!! I have enjoyed making new friends who have the same interests and goals at heart and thought it would be a good idea to set up my own facebook group to encourage me with my future cycling challenges. 

This is a group for fun cyclists of all abilities, whether your totally new to cycling, returning from an injury or had time out from cycling or if you are wanting to enter your first sportive - you can post questions and share your goals, experiences and highs and lows here! Its amazing what you can push yourself to do with a bit of encouragement and gentle peer pressure!  I'm not saying I will be able to answer any of your questions as I am just a novice myself but I am hoping to get a range of members with varying levels of expertise and someone somewhere should be able to help you or point you in the right direction!!  If you are interesting in joining me on this new venture please visit the following facebook site and join Pedaler's World!  

We are waiting for YOU!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I did it!!!

Today I ran the Liverpool Half Marathon, to read more click on the tab above "Challenge 6"

Happy Reading!  :-)

Friday, 16 March 2012

A sub 2 please!

 I can't believe its only two more get-ups until The Liverpool Half Marathon!  EEEKKKK!  

Today at work I was discussing my running with some non-runners (who all think I'm barking by the way!) and I mentioned that at Liverpool I really wanted to get a sub 2!  One of the girls asked "What's in one of those?"  She thought a sub 2 was a sandwich from Subway!  I will think of that to spur me on if the going gets tough on Sunday - I still chuckle when I think about it hee hee hee!!
So how has my tapering been going?  Its very difficult not to do something that you have conditioned your body and mind to do regularly but I really didn't want to over-train and decided my best chance of achieving my PB was by going out there with fresh eager legs!  So what have I been doing since we last met? Well, I've had a busy week work wise which was quite good timing to keep me on track with tapering!  After my long run on Saturday, the only run I have done since is a 5.31 mile run on Wednesday. I tried not to push the pace to avoid any possibility of injury and the run can be viewed here. Other than that one run I have walked to work and back daily as well as walking the dog to keep me active. 

I have been reading lots of articles about running a PB and one such article said that 90% of achieving a PB was believing at the start line that you will achieve it, so I'm believing!  I WILL DO IT!!  I have been reviewing my future challenges (see tabs at the top of page) and was surprised to see that my original goal when I first entered this Half marathon was 2 hours 10 minutes! When did I move the goal posts to a sub 2?  I really can't tell you, but it shows that by following a training plan my confidence and ability have obviously improved considerably! I have been monitoring the weather forecast all week and have been thrilled to see it was going to be a mild dry day - until today that is - now suddenly it has changed to RAIN!!!  It must have realised I was going to Liverpool and wanted me to feel at home running in the rain!  Well hey-ho lets be positive, the rain will keep me cool!

I think my body has decided to wind me up today and make me nervous - I seem to have niggling aches and pains all over as well as extreme fatigue!!  Well hey-ho lets be positive again, perhaps my body is suffering withdrawal symptoms and will be super keen to go when I let it?!  

I have been trying to avoid a very nasty tummy bug that has been circulating school this week, climaxing today with a little girl actually throwing up all over the joint, mix that with my daughter having a heavy cold and I will be extremely grateful to make it to Sunday healthy!

So time to bid you farewell until Sunday!!  Bring it on!!!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Severe case of CBA and only 6 days to go!

Despite being only several sleeps away from my 2nd Half Marathon and my dream of joining the sub-2 club, this week I got a severe attack of CBA-itis, however I disguised it well under the pretence of "Tapering!"  I woke up this morning after a particularly boozy weekend and thought  "Girl you are going have to get yourself out there or you are going to flunk it!".  So after not running for 3 days I got up and went!

It was a beautiful sunny morning, and I actually decided to swap my fleecy winter tights and long-sleeved top for 3/4 tights and a T. shirt! A decision I certainly didn't regret, after being slightly chilly for the first mile, I soon warmed up and I was wishing I had some clothes to disperse! After not really being very keen to go I actually enjoyed the run and was really chuffed when I got home to discover that my average pace had improved magnificently to 8.43 minute mile! Perhaps there really is something in this tapering lark! Today's run can be viewed here!  Here's hoping I can do the same next Sunday and maintain it for 13 miles!

After having a shower, lunch and a rest we (Mr W and I) decided to dust our bikes down and go for a ride as it was still a lovely day!  It was my first ride of 2012, actually my first ride in 5 months and I felt strangely apprehensive about having my feet clipped in - I felt like a cleat virgin all over again! One positive was I was with my husband who isn't very active, so the pace of the ride was kept very slow giving me the opportunity to familiarise myself yet again with my cleats, gears and brakes! I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed cycling ...

view today's cycle here!

Funny how when CBA-itis hit, I turned into a couch potato psycho desperately trying to find some motivation and ended up booking events galore!  So what's my plan for 2012?

Well next weekend is Liverpool Half Marathon, followed by the Keswick to Barrow 40 mile walk in May as well as the 10K Starwalk (which I am walking, as I am entering with non-running friends!).  I also have Morecambe 10k run in June, and Fleetwood Half Marathon in August, followed by The Great Scottish Run Half Marathon in September, climaxing with the Chester Marathon in October! Plenty there to keep me out of mischief me thinks!!!

Do I challenge myself to a duathlon next year?!  

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My big bro following in my footsteps...

My big brother announced to me today that he was taking part  in the

Bath Half Marathon, shocked as he is not Mr Fit or Mr Motivater I
 said "YOU, doing a half marathon?".  He smirked and said 
"Yes, the Bath Half ...Pint Marathon!" - participants drink
13 half pints of beer in 13 different pubs!  What a cop out!  

I am 150% sure that my big brother will succeed in this challenge! I wonder if he will get a PB?! lol  Perhaps I will put it on my 2013 Challenges "To Do" list! 

Its on the night before the REAL Bath half Marathon - I hope no one is tempted to do both! It should be on the night of the Half Marathon then people could go for a double award!  

I didn't run last night, but went to my usual Steps class instead!  I wasn't really in the mood for going as I am full of cold, but I manned up and went - equipped with tissues! When I was researching to find out whether I should run or rest with a cold whilst following a half marathon training plan I read something that put a wry grin on the face of my couch potato family, who are allergic to any form of physical activity more vigorous than standing in a queue for a pizza- an internet site claimed that "Excessive amounts of exercise can actually depress the immune system and lead to ill health", it went on to say "For the majority of people who enjoy exercise in moderation, the immune system benefits from an increased resilience to invading bacterial and viral illnesses, However, for the serious fitness enthusiast or runner preparing for an endurance race who spend many hours every week in training, the immune system is compromised"

Does this mean I am over-doing it?. Or is it the fact I work with 30 snotty faced 4 year old darlings that's to blame for my Rudolf impersonation?  

I really don't want to compromise my chances at Liverpool in 11 days time by not being fully fit but as I firmly believe my cold is due to the kids and not over-training I still went for a run tonight. So ... how did I get on...?  Well it was a damp cold evening, but it was still fairly light when I set off!  Due to tapering now for the Liverpool Half Marathon AND feeling a bit crap I decided to keep it fairly short tonight!  I don't know what was going on tonight but I seemed to see 101 dalmatians  runners!  I think all the summer runners must have got their backsides into gear and started running again!  Very strange considering it was such a cold damp night!  The mild weather we have experienced in the last few days must have coaxed them all out!!!  I kept a fairly constant pace (even on the up hills which pleased me!) and managed  4.60 miles in 42 minutes

On another note - 

I'm such a chicken when it comes to entering races or doing something new - whether running or cycling!  Whenever I think about trying a different distance or course I have all these silly irrational fears of getting lost and coming last! People always try to calm my fears by saying "You won't be last" , but someone has to be, which is why I enter BIG events - less chance of coming last and plenty people to follow so I don't get lost!

After completing one half Marathon, and having already entered another half marathon and a full marathon later in the year I have now decided I want to do a 10K event.(My husband who acts as my chauffeur for these events is shaking his head and is hoping I find one to enter close to home!).  I very very nearly entered the "We love Manchester 10K" event in June as I have never done a 10K race before and quite fancied it!  BUT then I noticed
shock, horror -  
they don't give out medals!!!!  Am I being very shallow and childish to want to get a medal at the end?!!!  I don't think I will get the same satisfaction without a bit of bling to hang around my neck!!!  Even when I did the Race for Life and Midnight Starwalk I got a blingy medal! Someone needs to tell the organisers of  the "We love Manchester 10K" that we would love them more in return for a medal!  So what do I do? Be satisfied with the T shirt and enter? Be satisfied with the t shirt, enter and then buy my own medal?, or think sod it and enter a 10K which will satisfy my bling fetish?!

I'm not running tomorrow night as its stretching and core strengthening at Pilates.  Back out on the streets on Friday!

Monday, 5 March 2012

12 days to go ...

Well I survived another Monday, and it wasn't too bad!  The sun was shining so I was a happy bunny!

Only 12 days until Liverpool Half Marathon, and I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling - excited? , nervous? , daunted? Am I ready for the challenge? Anyhow, its going happen whatever I'm feeling and as long as I finish and get a nice shiny medal I will have a smile on my face I'm sure!

Today I walked to work and back in the nice bright sunshine, albeit frosty! After work I tackled the ironing and made dinner and then I was free to go for a run.  It was very uneventful but enjoyable.  However, whatever I do I always seem to run at the same pace!  I was trying to run faster tonight over a shorter distance but ended up running the same pace as I did the 13 miles run at the weekend!  Too late to stress about speed now, I'm just going to turn up and hope for the best!

Tonight's run was 7.01 miles in 1 hour 5 minutes and 29 seconds!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A good training session and party!

I didn't run on Friday as I was busy after work and then went out to a leaving party for someone leaving work!  However, I tried not to drink too much as I wanted to go for a long run on Saturday morning before heading off to a hotel to another party to celebrate my Mam and Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary!
As sod's law would have it - Friday was a beautifully sunny warm Spring day, perfect for a nice run and on Saturday I woke to torrential rain and wind - not perfect weather for a nice run at all!  Anyhow, not to be deterred and with my family shaking their heads in amazement that I was actually heading out in such weather I hit the streets with a 13 mile route planned in my head! I was decked out in my waterproof running jacket and once I got going the rain felt nice and refreshing!  As I said to my family "I've got to train in all weather cos you never know what's going to happen on the day!" After about 4 miles the rain had stopped and the wind died down, then at about 6 miles the sun came out!  By 8 miles I was sweating cobs and had to remove my jacket and tied it around my waist! I was conscious of the time ticking by, and had underestimated the severity of a hill on the planned route - I thought I had planned a fairly flat run - WRONG!  But hey its all good training for the day! I ran 13.03 miles in 2 hours 1 minute and 9 seconds! I was chuffed with this time, considering the sneaky hill that sneaked in - I just need to shave a couple minutes off to get my sub 2 in Liverpool 2 weeks today!

I got home and jumped straight in the shower, and gasped in pain as the water ran down my back.  I got out the shower to inspect why it was stinging like hell and in the mirror I could see a red angry saw/whip type mark across the base of my back - ow, ow, ow! I looked like a victim of domestic abuse!  I had made a school boy  girl error, the zip of my jacket must have been grating across my back when I tied it around my waist!  Note to self - in future either a) don't wear a jacket in the rain or b) sweat to death and keep it on!

So after partying yesterday and drinking for 12 hours from 2pm until 2am I have taken today off as a rest day!

Back to it tomorrow!

P.S My back is really sore - it's right where my jeans sit! 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Warning: Injured Runners May Bite!

Before I start I would just like to say to you all:
(no I'm NOT Welsh!)

1st day of a new month, a new goal to achieve (170 miles running and walking combined), and a PB to get in a half marathon.  Unfortunately it hasn't got off to a good start! 

I woke up this morning and jumped crawled out of bed to find I had a pain in my left inner thigh, at the very top (Groin strain?  is it possible for woman to suffer this condition?).  I walked to work and back without too much discomfort but not wanting to push my luck (and make matters worse!) I decided against running this evening (how sensible am I?!) and instead went to Pilates hoping to stretch the area gently.  This means I won't be able to clock my first running miles in March until Saturday as I am busy after school tomorrow , then going out in the evening.  Hopefully after 2 days rest and recuperation I will be fit to go on my long run on Saturday.  I'm hoping to do another 13 miler if inner thigh is willing! 

So how did I get on doing doing Pilates?  Well, I had absolutely no problems whilst I was doing it - the hardest bit was getting there and back driving the car!  Putting the clutch in to change gear was painful! Sitting with an ice pack between my thighs right now as we speak (now there's an image to conjure up!)  hoping this will shock it into behaving itself!

I have always had a hang-up about my boobs, and have spent most of my adult life wishing they were bigger, but for better or worse they are obviously part of my body and it would take drastic action (and a lot of pennies!) to change them!  However, tonight whilst sitting in the car at traffic lights I was thankful for the boobs I was blessed with!  A female jogger (probably in her mid 20's!) headed towards me, and all I can say is she really should of had a better, more supportive sports bra on - I am sure by the time she got home she will be sporting 2 black eyes as well as bruises on her knees! I got my first true insight into the male mind whilst sitting there - I can begin to understand why boobs make men fixate, double-take and lose all train of thought - basically I sat gawking! I'm sure she must have caused several pile-ups as it was impossible to look anywhere else!