"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: July 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Last run for 15 days!

Last night I managed to survive my third night out on the trot ... and for the third night I over indulged! 

My body is a temple and this temple craves alcohol!  All the bad living seems to have caught up on me and I woke feeling decidedly dodgey!  I decided I had two options a) hair of the dog or b) run it off!

Hair of the dog!  Have you heard this saying  before?  What does this mean?  Such a strange saying! Where did it come from? Well, from my research, it seems that it comes from the philosophy that like cures like.  The best cure for something that makes you sick is to have some more of it.  So if you have a hangover from drinking too much, you should drink more of what you drank and hey-presto you will be better! I decided to give this a miss as I was actually drinking some very seriously disgusting shots - sober I wouldn't even sniff the stuff without throwing it down my neck!  So it was plan B!

We had taken the car into town last night and left it in the car park so I thought it would be a good idea to merge getting my running fix, curing my hang-over and collecting the car into one task!

It was early afternoon before I could even consider pulling on my trainers and hitting the streets!  I usually put my phone in the integrated pocket at the back of my running pants and have no problems at all. Today I had my phone and car key in this pocket - not a good idea!  The extra weight and bounce kept pulling down my pants and I was exposing my back crack to the world - not a good look I can tell you! After hitching my pants up several times I'd had enough! I stopped and removed the car key and continued with the run clutching it in my sweaty little mitt!  I did wonder whether the key fob would actually work once I got to the car with it being soaked in sweat! It was a windy but warm afternoon and I tried to run at a good pace to sweat all the bad toxins out my body! If I had run directly to the car it would have been about a mile and a half, but being a glutton for punishment I went the non-direct route and arrived at the car after running 4.27 miles which can be seen here. I was quite chuffed with my speed considering I had a hangover and trouser problems!

So that's it from me for 15 days!  I'm off on an all-inclusive (aka too much alcohol and food!) family holiday to Turkey so no running for me!  I would be lynched if I dared suggest I could run on holiday so I will just have to slob about! I might sneak some aqua running in in the pool or in the waves in the sea! 

I am sure I will return as fat unfit Lesley with lots of training to catch up on! It doesn't bare thinking about! 

Adios for now!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

6 weeks to fill as I please ...

At 2 o'clock on Thursday I finished school for the Summer Holidays!!  WHOOOOO! HOOOOO!  6 weeks of ... sun, run, bike and relaxing! 

This week has been a fairly quiet week on the exercise front! On Tuesday the weather was horrendous so I went to the gym and did some speed intervals on the treadmill BUT... the air con wasn't working and it was boiling hot! However I persevered and managed 4.14 miles - the problem with doing speed intervals on the treadmill is you only end up with an average speed not a speed for the fast bits/slow bits which isn't very satisfying! 

After the treadmill I went on the bike and did 3.73 miles as a recovery session then went on some of the weights machines to improve my muscles! 

Wednesday and Thursday were rest days - well that's a lie actually Thursday ended up as a booze fueled party day! We finished work at 2pm and headed into town for a couple to celebrate the end of term and ended up in the pub until after 10pm! HHmmmmmmm not good! 

Friday dawned and I tentatively lifted my head off the pillow ... all seemed well, so I risked getting up! I had coffee and breakfast and all seemed good so I decided to go for it and do my long marathon training run! The rain had stopped, so off I set with my gels and energy tablets packed. This was my first run without my Garmin since getting it at Christmas - unfortunately it had to be sent back to the shop as it had an intermittent fault and it kept switching off - grrr, so I was back to my old method of tracking - with runkeeper on my i-phone!

The first couple of miles I was wondering what I was doing and my body was shouting very loudly at me "Hey you can't abuse me like you did yesterday and still expect me to conform!", but after a few miles it gave up objecting and I got into my stride. I felt relatively relaxed and enjoyed the run until the last 2 miles when my legs had really, really, really had had enough ... but I was determined to finish the prescribed mileage, although there was a short cut home available! I made it! 20.06 miles with an average pace of 9.23 min/miles! I was happy with that - this would give me a marathon time of 4 hours 3 minutes! Way, way, way beyond my expectations for my first go but I will keep my feet firmly on the ground until nearer the time and see how my training goes!

I really missed my friend Mr Garmin! Mr Runkeeper kept me informed of my mileage and pace etc but I couldn't just look at my mileage when I fancied - I had to wait until he was ready to tell me! I hope Wiggle get a wriggle on and get a new Garmin to me QUICKLY! At least I can still upload the Runkeeper run to the Garmin site so all isn't bad! You can view my run here!

Today is a pampering day ready for my jollies to Turkey on Monday - haircut, waxing and feet - getting prepared to dare to bare! 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Zip wire, Segways and Hills!

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling remarkably fresh after my long run on Saturday, which was lucky really as we were having a day out to Dumfries to go on the UK's Longest Zipwire and to go on a Segway tour! The zipwire was disappointing really - it was very long, but after the intial launch which had speed it was remarkably slow! I wouldn't recommend it!  However, the Segways were great fun ... but dangerous! I will blog about these two experiences in more detail on my Bucketlist Blog as these are now both ticked off the list!

According to the bible (Marathon Training plan!) tonight's run was 5 mile hill training - and that's exactly what I did! Luckily by the time I was ready to run the rain had stopped BUT it had turned very muggy and close! I ran to my chosen hill as a warm up and then braced myself for the repeats to come!  I managed 7 climbs followed by cool down descents - perhaps I should find a hill with less people around - I had a feeling tonight the men in white coats were waiting for me! 

In a perverse sort of way I actually enjoyed the challenge of the hill and relished trying to retain a decent pace even after already running up it several times and nearly dying of exhaustion! Hills are our friends and all that! You can view my efforts here! and I did a total of 5.28 miles which I'm pleased with!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Blogging Failure!

Another week has gone by! Where have I been?!   

Last Sunday I cycled "The 3 Counties Cycle Challenge" which I blogged about in my challenge tabs above or click here to view! 

Monday was a rest day, Tuesday I ran 5.54 miles, then on Wednesday I went to the gym primarily to do speed intervals on the treadmill!  I find it easier to run faster for longer on the treadmill than I do in the great outdoors! On the treadmill you have to keep on running fast or ... fall off! So at the gym I did the treadmill, cycling, rowing and arm weights before hitting the steam room to relax and then went for a short swim.  On Thursday I went to my usual Pilates class - which I walked to and then ran the 2.38 miles home!  My legs were heavy and uncooperative! Then on Friday I had another rest day before doing my Long run this morning! 

My Marathon training plan says for the next 4 weeks I must increase time on my feet and improve speed! Today's run was to be 16 miles! My furthest distance so far!  I was slightly apprehensive about it as I had been out on a works night out and had drunk one too many wines!  But hey-ho I was going to give it a go! I left armed with Lucozade energy tablets, high five energy gels and water as well as my iPod and headphones! It was a cool fresh dry morning and I felt fine until about mile 10 when I just felt absolutely exhausted not helped by the fact it had started to rain! By this point I had eaten a couple of energy tablets so I resorted to an energy gel (last resort as they aren't my favourite thing!), luckily this seemed to do the trick and I perked up enough to get me home!

I had run 16.19 miles at a 9.18 min/mile pace! That was a faster pace than my last long run of 14 miles! Today's run can be viewed here. Once home I braved a cold shower - only on my legs I'm afraid (not brave enough for an ice bath just yet!) and then I warmed up under a hot shower!

My next long run is 20 miles! EEEKKKKK! 

4 more miles than I ran today! Will I survive?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Time to catch up!

I'm feeling a little lost today as I am having a "rest day" and have itchy feet already!  I haven't blogged for a few days so I will fill you in on my activities this week!

What have I been doing?

On Tuesday I went out on my bike with a friend who I used to cycle with a lot but he had an accident in the winter (Fell off his bike!) and has been recovering every since.  I noticed a big difference in his "cockiness" - usually he is cycling behind me yelling as I go down a hill "Get your hands off the f**king brakes" but he didn't murmur a thing!  The weather was dry when we set off but it soon started to lightly drizzle but not enough to stop us! The roads in Cumbria are in a terrible state and we spent most of the ride avoiding disappearing down potholes!  I thoroughly enjoyed being out on my bike, swallowing up the miles in a fairly easy fashion (compared with pounding the streets running!) and it made it even better when I heard the words "your going to have to slow down I'm knackered!" - it used to be me uttering those words when we were out! Our route was just under 25 miles and I actually got up to 29.5 MPH at one point!  EEEKKKK I find that scary! View the ride here!

On Wednesday I attempted interval training whilst running - again!  Oh boy it doesn't get any easier!  Once I have pushed myself during the "fast bits" I'm good for nothing and I need longer to recover than the little man on the MP3 will allow me - before I know it he's back yelling down my ear! One day I will complete the 20 minutes programme successfully and I will know I have improved! Until then ... I best keep on running!  My best pace was 6.30 min/mile - no wonder I was nearly unconscious when I got home! You can view this attempt here. In total I ran 4.51 miles, so not too bad I suppose!

Thursday!  Well Thursday was a bloody awful run! I was doing my LSR today instead of at the weekend (as per marathon plan) as I have a cycle planned for Sunday. I set off straight after finishing work at around 4pm and was wanting to run 10 miles.  It had been a really hot and muggy day and for the first couple of miles I was boiling and sweating cobs ... but then ... it started thundering ... and the rain started ... followed by lightening!  What did I do? Turn round and go home?  Oh no don't be silly that's far too sensible I kept on running!  I have never seen rain drops as huge as the ones which were pelting me!  By the time I realised I perhaps shouldn't be out in this weather it was too late to turn back and I had no alternative but to keep going!  Things went from bad to worse and instead of running I felt like I was river walking!  The roads were flooding and flowing with water and at one point I was in water over my ankles - I was not impressed! By the time I got home my trainers were 6 times heavier than they usually are and I was exhausted! I didn't even hit the 10 mile mark - just short at 9.80 miles but perceived mileage was 29.80 miles! I didn't even have time to recover probably - after a quick shower and food stop I was back at work for a parents evening!  On days like this I think I really must be MAD! You can view this awfully slow and tedious run here! Its a long time since I have run at such a slow pace! Very, very disappointing!

Friday and today are rest days as TOMORROW I am cycling "The Three Counties Cycle Challenge" and want semi-fresh legs!  I am praying the rain stays away tomorrow as I really don't fancy being that wet AGAIN!  Pop by tomorrow to see how I get on!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Lets talk about ... food!

After completing Juneathon I enjoyed my day of rest (well no running!) yesterday and have decided that if I am to be successful with this Marathon training lark I will have to look after myself and eat the right foods!  After my 14 miler on Saturday I felt whiffy for the rest of the day, even after drinking a recovery shake as soon as I got home! Also after my moderate runs I have been feeling a bit nauseous with no appetite so I decided to do some research!  I have deducted from my trawling the sites that I am either a) dehydrated or b) lacking in carbs!

Starting today I am going to keep a food/ health diary so I can analyse where I'm going wrong! According to one "Marathon" website for my age/weight/build I should be consuming 2200 calories whilst training for a marathon and apparently I am using (for my age/weight/build) approx 100 calories per mile I run! Time to do the maths...!

As per usual it has rained incessantly today but not to be put off I went running with my running buddy Gina! Although it was very wet it was also very warm! I wish this weather would sort itself out!  We managed 6.19 miles at a good pace (for me!) of 8.50 minute miles! This run can be viewed here!
So far today I have used and gained these calories!

OOOHHHH I can go and stuff my face with my remaining 1043 calories!!

July Goal is 175 miles 
less 6.19 running miles = 168.81
less 0.54 walking miles = 168.27

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Half time score!

We are half-way through 2012 and that means half way through the challenge 2012 miles in 2012! How am I doing?  

I have had the Juneathon challenge to keep me motivated during June and to help push my figures up!  However ... not far enough! Still on track for managing to run and walk it! Need to keep the motivation high!

June Running Total: 123.00 miles
June Walking Total: 33.20 miles
June Cycling Total: 82.60 miles

To be on Target =  1006 miles for the year so far!

Actual Mileage Achieved to date:

3 sports (Run, Walk & Cycle) =  1198.60 miles    =  813.4 Miles Remaining
2 sports (Run & Walk)  = 962.70    = 1049.30 Miles Remaining
Just Running =  567.20 miles  = 1444.80  Miles Remaining    

          July Running and Walking Goal - 175 miles!

I will need lots of encouragement to keep going with this challenge!  

I have been taking stock of my forthcoming goals, the first running event rapidly approaching is Fleetwood Half Marathon in August. I have set myself a goal to achieve a PB at this distance -in other words to beat 1:57! So I am going to post the time 1:55 as my Half Marathon Goal and hope to gain motivation from eye balling this everyday I log on to my blog! :-)