"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: September 2013

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Kids running club!

Pre-injury when I was fit and enthusiastic about running I volunteered to help set up and run a kids running club after school.

Tonight was our first date! 

I was probably more nervous and apprehensive than the kids! 

I was stressing that my leg wouldn't hold up and I would embarrass myself in front of the kids! I didn't want to alert them to the prospect of getting injured during running and put them off before they started!

Anyhow we had 17 children turn up tonight aged between 8 and 10!

We did some warm up games initially and had a discussion on what experience of running each of them had.  

They were all exceptionally keen and motivated and we took them for a run around the school grounds, which if I was describing for a race I would say an undulating course which in plain English equates to hilly! 

We are very fortunate to have a school set in fantastic grounds which we took full advantage of tonight.  I let the other teacher lead the run and I stuck with the slower ones at the back giving encouragement when they needed to walk.  My leg was quite thankful to be given these walking opportunities! Once we had completed the designated circuit we played some more "running games" before doing cool down stretches. 

All the kids really enjoyed themselves and all said they wanted to come back again next week - so that was very positive feedback!

On a personal level I was pleased that I managed to run without pain and I actually really enjoyed running on grass! 

I am very much a road runner but I might try throwing in some "cross country" type routes to mix my training up a bit and see if that helps my injuries! Who knows the kids might havee transformed me!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another run done!

Tonight I managed another run without too much leg trouble!  I tried some interval runs with 3 minutes fast (well normal pre-injury pace!) and 3 minutes slower so as not to do too much too soon! I managed about 3.5 miles and I am slowly getting some strength back in my legs!  I am feeling more confident about running the Cumbrian Run (half marathon) a week on Sunday!  I know I won't be fast at least I feel I will finish it! 

I am definitely not doing York marathon now!  I really won't manage it on so little training! 

Now I need to decide whether to go for another marathon next year or forget the idea completely and stick with shorter runs! I suppose a lot rests on whether I get a ballot place in the London Marathon! Not long until D-day now!

Last night I went to the Tri club training session where we did quite a bit of speed work!  I quite enjoyed this although I really don't have much speed - slow and stop are my 2 speeds at the moment!! If I perservere I might get faster - one day!!!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

I managed a run!

After doing a 4 mile walk yesterday and a 3 mile walk today totally pain free I decided it was time to try a little run!

It was such a lovely sunny afternoon that I couldn't resist donning my running vest and shorts and getting back out there.  I was very apprehensive when I set off and was waiting for the searing pain to put a stop to my gallop ... but it didn't happen!

I kept at a slow pace and it was only in the last half mile or so that I started to be reminded that I had a dodgy achilles! I actually managed 3.44 miles which was a couple of miles further than I had planned to run but it felt so good to be running again I just wanted to keep going! You can view my run here.

Finally after 29 days of constant pain I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel!

Saturday, 21 September 2013


I haven't run for weeks but I have just lost a whole toenail and it HURTS!!!!!  What's that all about?!!

Yesterday I received my running number for the Great Cumbrian Run which is a Half Marathon!  I really like my number so I am hoping to be fit enough to run it albeit slowly! Fingers crossed! 

Last night I decided to go swimming rather than attempt any high impact exercise! 

I was delighted that there was only 5 people in the pool!  Obviously everyone else has better things to do on a Friday night than go swimming! Anyhow I managed the most lengths I have ever swam - 90 which is 2250 metres or 1.40 miles and it took me an hour!  At the moment I can't even run that distance so I am chuffed with this minor achievement!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I didn't manage a run!

I said yesterday that if my Achilles was still OK tonight I would attempt an outdoor run - I did and it didn't happen!

I walked just over a mile to my Pilate's class, with the aim to run the mile back home again afterwards.  The walk there was fine and I had no pain at all.  I did a "beginners" class tonight so as not to over-do it and didn't experience any discomfort, but when I attempted to run home I got such an intense shooting pain in my calf I very quickly opted out and walked back instead! The walk was uncomfortable but not painful! 

I'm not really sure where I go from here!

I might have to use this little kit ...

Not happy.com!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Slowly, slowly does it!

Last night I decided that since my Achilles was feeling a lot better I would risk a little run! 

I opted to go on the dreadmill, so if things weren't going well at least I wouldn't have to stagger home!

Not wanting to risk making things worse I started off walking before progressing onto a slow run!  I managed 20 minutes and went 1.30 miles.  I could have kept going but didn't dare!

Afterwards I iced and went to bed wondering how it would be in the morning.

This morning I stuck my foot out of bed with trepidation! 

After pushing out of bed and standing with my full weight on it I was amazed to discover I was not in agony! YESSSSSSS on the road to recovery!

Apart from my stretching exercises I have rested today.

If all is still good tomorrow I will brave hitting the streets and see if I can do a 30 minutes easy run!

Fingers crossed that this is me back to running AGAIN!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

I survived the Great North Run!

I don't know how ... but I survived this weekend and The Great North Run!

No I didn't run it but I have survived watching it on TV and even worse managed to grin and bear it whilst hearing all about my running friends fun, frolics and fantastic achievements! 

Yesterday I had to go over to Newcastle to take my son back for his second year at Northumbria Uni, and at the same time suffer seeing all the signs up for the Great North Run! Talk about adding insult to injury! 

I was very depressed yesterday and it hasn't been the easiest of days for me today either but I think the torrential rain managed to console me slightly together with the severe hangover I was sporting!  

Its the only goal I have managed to achieve this year which was getting so drunk last night that I wouldn't wake up this morning desperate to run! 


I actually really enjoyed watching it on TV for the first time!  I stayed in bed snuggled up in my duvet until 12 O' Clock and got so excited watching the elite runners racing! Mo made a fabulous last minute sprint and very nearly managed to pull it back! To run that fast must be truly amazing!

I eventually managed to crawl out of bed, get dressed and stomach some lunch before collapsing on the sofa for the afternoon to watch the Brownlee brothers competing in the World Triathlon Grand Final!  Wow more excitement after watching the GNR was just too much but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was good to see that even top athletes get injured and have a crap season!  I can sympathise Alastair!

So onwards and upwards!  It happened without me and I didn't have the threatened breakdown!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Yikes! It's that day!

The way things have been going for me recently I think I should maybe just have a duvet day today and not risk it!!

Yesterday I went to the opticians and not only are my legs failing me, my eyesight is too!  Perhaps I just need to admit old age has arrived!

It is 3 weeks tomorrow since I did this most recent injury!  

That is 3 weeks of being a couch potato and to be honest I am starting to feel and look rather like a very round one at the moment! 

I need to stop eating and start doing!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Today I made the very difficult decision to withdraw from The Great North Run.

I sent my chip and number back in exchange for a guaranteed place in 2014!  I will have to pay again but at least I don't have to enter the ballot.

I feel very disappointed but know that if I did run I would end up even more injured and would be out of action for longer!  So for once in my life I am being Mrs Sensible!

I am either turning into a hypochondriac or I have got something seriously wrong with me!  Today, to add to my thigh and ankle pain I developed hip pain too! I am hoping its due to the fact I am limping therefore I am putting extra weight and pressure on my hip!

Note to self -  keep away from Google and self-diagnosis!

So ... that is now a grand total of 5 events that I have not been able to participate in during 2013 due to injury! My next event is a sprint triathlon in 3 weeks - don't suppose I will be fit for that either!

At the  moment I am more worried about my mental health than my physical health!  Noone really understands how low I am feeling at the moment!

Keep smiling!

I WILL come back stronger!!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Another week gone and feeling sad!

Today was the day I was supposed to be running The English Half Marathon but due to my injury I deferred until 2014.  I allowed myself to sink into a pit of depression, wallowing in self-pity whilst imagining how those running the race were actually feeling. I had high hopes of getting a PB at this race so have felt very low and useless all day today. Of course running friends offer me their condolences and encouragement, along with the "be patient and you will heal and come back stronger" line - not very helpful when you feel anything but patient. 

To make matters worse I tried to have a little go on my treadmill.  Being sensible I started off at a slow walk and gradually increased to a run once I had warmed up ... but ... I didn't manage more than 20 running steps before the pain took over and I decided to stop before doing myself more damage!

I really can't see myself being fit for the Great North Run next Sunday. I can't face the prospect of starting but not finishing - that would really finish me off!

I'm doing my exercises and icing as well as reminding myself there is worse things going on in the world but it's very difficult to remain positive.

What I don't understand is I seemed to have gone from a ‘could do anything’ sort of runner who never got ‘niggles’ or injuries, to a ‘whats the next injury going to be?’ type of runner! 

I am desperately trying to get out of the vicious circle of events that have sucked me in this year!

Over training brings on an injury so I rest ... then I panic because time is ticking by before my next race so I up the training once more ...  resulting in over training bringing on another injury and more misery!

Perhaps I need just to cancel all my 2013 races and get strong before starting from scratch in the new year!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

On the mend ... again!

On Thursday I went to visit my Sports Physio (again) and after lots of painful manipulation he sent me on my way with more foot exercises!  Apparently this time it is Achilles Tendinitis brought on when I tore my thigh muscle!  I have been told not to run until I am completely pain free or I will have a long term problem with it! I won't be risking anything! The exercises prescribed involve rolling my foot hard over a golf ball (which at the moment is rather ouchy!) for 5 minutes followed by rolling my foot over a bottle of frozen water for another 5 minutes every other day! These are to be done along with my previous exercises!

I hope one day soon I will be mended!

Last night I decided to go to a Circuit Training class but just did the stations which worked my core or upper body and I avoided like the plague the high impact ones! I got a very good upper body workout but if I continue may end up looking like Arnie!!

I have written to The Yorkshire Marathon asking if it is possible to defer my place until 2014, as even if my foot is mended by then I won't have got the high miles in and could end up pushing too soon resulting in more injuries! Something I want to avoid at all costs! Unfortunately to date I have not heard from them!

If I manage to defer this place and my foot is OK I would like to try a little off road running and perhaps try the Lowther 10K Trail Run.  Apparently it is a superb, scenic one lap course, on grass, farm tracks and tarmac and road shoes are adequate (it says!). So I have a plan B if plan A is cancelled. 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Keep on Icing!

I got up this morning and was upset when I realised a miracle hadn't happened overnight!

My ankle is very sore and I'm limping more than I was last night! I am still icing it regularly, taking Ibroprofen and just praying! 

Really, really don't know what to do anymore!

I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard when you can't do something that you enjoy and it is also a major stress buster in your life.

I was distraught last night after my diastrous run and my husband just wasn't getting it!  

I made him splutter and rethink when I said 

"OK, if its no big deal that I can't do my hobby why don't you give up your hobby of drinking beer and watching football on TV until I can!"

Funnily enough he didn't agree to this deal! 

But then again we would both be hell to live with if he did! 

Instead I will just make him suffer - loads!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to school and first run!

After nearly 7 weeks off today is the day the fun ended and reality began!  I was back at work! Fortunately, we have 2 inset days to wean us back in before the kids start back on Thursday. Today was a full day of first aid training - so if anyone needs me I'm here - fully qualified (again!) and ready to save a life!

After a day confined to 4 walls I decided I might just risk a little run tonight.  The plan was if it didn't go well I could practise a run/walk strategy ready for the Great North Run should I need it!

So just before 6pm I nervously donned my trainers, set my Garmin going and then quickly hid it in my pocket!  I didn't want the pressure of pace or distance, I just wanted to get back out there and run to see how it felt.

Since I wasn't sure how I would manage I didn't really have a route planned, I thought I would just run a short distance to see how it faired! Unfortunately from the off it didn't feel good but I thought perhaps it had just stiffened and would ease into it ... errrrr WRONG! Instead it got more and more painful, whilst I got slower and slower and eventually after just a mile I ended up walking.

I was just getting my phone out my pocket, whilst fighting back tears of frustration when Andy from work saw me as he passed in his car and stopped to see if I was OK.  This was enough to break the flood gates! Poor guy probably regretted stopping as he now had a snivelling female on his shoulder. Anyhow, he was full of sympathy as he is also running The Great North Run and could understand my disappointment.

I have made another physio appointment for Thursday but I doubt I will be fit to run the GNR a week on Sunday!
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# Disappointed.

Monday, 2 September 2013


Its the start of week 17 of what is supposed to be my marathon training period, but hey-ho I am still injured so still no running for me at the moment!

And to add insult to injury I am back to school tomorrow! Yikes!  Where did the last 6 weeks disappear to?  I don't feel like I have had the Summer off!

With only 7 weeks to go until the Yorkshire Marathon my longest run this year is 13.1 miles! Where on earth am I going find the extra 13.1 miles on the day?!  This time last year in my marathon training I was up to 20 miles! 

There is nothing I can do about it until my leg is healed - and even then I will have to take it nice and slow or I will be back to square one!

So on my last day of freedom I decided to go swimming! It was a nice suprise to arrive at the local pool at 11 O clock to be told there was a £1 swim special on.  Part of me wanted to jump up and punch the air and shout "yes!" whilst another part of me imagined the pool swimming with swimmers!! 

things are.............  looking up!However, I needn't of fretted!  Once I got in the pool there was only 5 others in so I got a lane all to myself!  I swam 60 lengths front crawl without any pain or discomfort in my leg so things are looking up! 

I wonder ... can I run a marathon off the back of swimming?

Anyhow, with feeling fairly stressed about setting foot back in the classroom tomorrow after more than 6 weeks away I decided it might be a good idea to go to Yoga to stretch and relax!

So at 6pm I hotfooted it to my local class, and boy did I stretch! I came out feeling like I had grown several inches!  It made me realise just have inflexible I have become even though I have been doing Pilates! I think I will need to add more Yoga to the schedule!

Tonight I got my confirmation e-mail through from the the English Half Marathon in Warrington confirming my 2013 place has been deferred until 2014.  This has upset me even though I know its the right thing to do - just feel disappointed and that I have let myself down!  

2014 could be a busy year - I now have 3 Half Marathons already!

Only 12 days until the Great North Run - whether I run, walk, crawl or cry - I WILL be doing it and I WILL be finishing!