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Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New Challenge, New Blog!

I started this blog at the beginning of my running journey 3 years ago.

In 2015 I have new challenges planned and I thought a new challenge warranted a new blog.

Therefore I am retiring from this blog and would like to thank all my readers and followers for the support and encouragement given during that time! 

If you would like to continue on my journey with me please head to:

I really need all the support I can get as this is going be a hard challenge to pull off!


I hope to see you again!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year! Out with the old in with the new!

I have just ran my last run of 2014. I managed 6.07 miles but I think the excesses of the last few weeks are starting to show as todays run felt hard and slow!

However, it’s that time of year to review my fitness resolutions of 2014 and set new ones for 2015. 

How did I get on?  

2014 has been a good year for me fitness wise as I have achieved most of the goals I set myself for the year!

2014 Highs:

• Conquering my fears and swimming in Open Water for the first time.
Getting a PB AND a sub 50 time at  The Windmill 10K finishing in 49:36

Getting a PB AND a sub 1:50 time at The Liverpool Rock n Roll Half Marathon finishing in    1:48:52.
• Running in my first overseas race! Barcelona Half Marathon.

2014 Lows: 

Not getting in on the Ballot for the London Marathon 2015.
Not achieving my goal for a sub 4 marathon or getting a marathon PB.

• Suffering a "panic attack" during the swim of a sprint triathlon resulting in a slow swim time.

These were my goals for 2014, and the outcome of my efforts!

Remain injury free

My main aim was to stay injury free and I am delighted to report that after last years injuries I have managed to listen to my body and remain fit and healthy!

Do another Triathlon

I completed my first sprint triathlon and despite having a panic attack during the swim I thoroughly enjoyed the experience finishing in 1:33:59.

Do an Open Water Swim

I took part in an Introduction to Open Water Swimming Training session in Lake Windermere on 24th May then completed the 1 mile Great North Swim on 14th June finishing in 40:44. I continued to Swim in Windermere throughout the Summer and completed a total of 10 Open Water Swims swimming a total of 7.46 miles.  I have never been as terrified in my life as when OW swimming so although the mileage may seem a little on the low side I am delighted that I managed to conquer my fears and swim!

Run a PB Marathon

This year I took part in 2 Marathons. The first was in April in Manchester and I finished in 4:22:05 and the second was in October in Dublin and I finished in 4:32:41. Unfortunately I didn't get a Marathon PB this year. My Manchester time was 35 seconds slower than my Chester Marathon time.  I was very disappointed with both these races as I put in the training hours and I don't feel I got the results to justify my hard work. 

Enter Off Road Trail Races

This year I have completed 2 trail races.  One 11K and a 10K. In the process of training for these races I have fallen in love with trail running and now enjoy it much more than staying on the roads. Altogether I have run 180.35 miles off road, including several evening runs where I needed a head torch!

Run 12 Races in 12 Months.

I have run at least one race every month during 2014, and have completed 19 races in total spread over the year as follows:.

January = 1 race (Half Marathon)
February = 2 races (Half Marathon and 10K)
March = 2 races (20 miler and 6 miler)
April = 1 race (Marathon)
May = 1 race (Half Marathon)
June = 3 races (11K Trail, 10K trail and 5K)
July = 1 race (Half Marathon)
August = 1 race (Half Marathon)
September = 2 races (2 Half Marathons)
October = 2 races (Marathon and Half Marathon)
November = 2 races (10K and 10 miles)
December = 1 race (10 miles)

This excludes the parkruns I have also done!

Get PB's in all distances!

I have managed to get a PB in all distances except the marathon.  

All in all a very successful year!

5K: 26:14 @ Fell Foot Park Run- November 2014

6 Miler: 49:13 @ Lancaster Sports relief - March 2014

10K: 49:36 @ Windmill 10K Lytham - November 2014

10 Miler 1:22:25 @ Brampton - November 2014

Half Marathon: 1:48:52 @ Liverpool Rock n Roll - May 2014

20 Miler 3:04:59 @ Trimpell - March 2014

Run a total of 1057 miles 4 Haddie!

I have exceeded this total by 201.56 miles and have run a total of 1258.56 miles this year!

Accumulate in all activities a total of 2014 miles

Unfortunately I am slightly short of this goal (by 90.48 miles) but have managed a total of 1923.52 miles which is made up of the following:

Road Running:     1059.42 miles
Trail Running:       180.35 miles
Treadmill Running: 18.79 miles
Indoor Cycling:        46.52 miles
Outdoor Cycling:    121.71 miles
Pool Swimming:       55.50 miles
OW Swimming:          7.46 miles
Walking:                 309.00 miles
Hiking:                    111.11 miles
Cross trainer:              4.53 miles
Indoor Rowing:            5.39 miles
Hand Pedal:                 3.75 miles

What worked in 2014: 
Having regular sports massages and using a foam roller when necessary to avoid injuries.  Stretching after running. Listening to my body!
Going to Yoga to stretch properly.
Attending the tri club road and trail run sessions and swimming sessions.

What didn't work in 2014: 

Keep Doing
Follow training plans and set goals. 
Keep attending The Tri Club swim and run sessions. 

Stretch well after exercise and go to Yoga! 
Have a sports massage regularly.

Start Doing:
Become involved with The Tri Club Cycling group. 

Train using Heart Rate Monitor.
Brick sessions.
Gym strength work.

Stop DoingRunning junk miles with no purpose! Make the session important not the mileage.
Being negative and thinking I can't!

Goals for 2015

  • Make 2015 my Triathlon year!  Do an Open Water Triathlon and an Olympic Distance Triathlon.
  • Enter OW swimming events and swim in different lakes.
  • Do a Trail Half Marathon.
  • Enter Cycle Sportives and generally cycle more!
  • Survive Born Survivor.
  • Set up a new blog and continue blogging.

Interim Goals to help me to achieve my main goals!

  • Cycle an average speed of 15MPH.
  • Run 1 mile @ 7.04 minute mile pace!
  • Run 5K in 24.32 which is 7.54 minute mile pace!
  • Swim 100m in 2 minutes which is 30 seconds per 25m pace!
  • Swim 400m (16 lengths) in 9 minutes. which is 34.15 seconds per 25m pace! 

No Matter What I Will Succeed in 2015


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogging Failure

I've struggled to blog recently, life has just been getting in the way but here's my race report from last Sundays race at Guys 10 - eventually!

Please click here to read!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

A quick Round up!

Since the last time I blogged I have done a parkrun, ran speed intervals to determine my maximum heart rate, swam 1700 metres on my own, enjoyed a tri club running session running with EGGS and finally last night I went to the tri club swimming session.

That takes us to today - Adventure Thursday!  Tri Club Trail run in the dark!  I love these runs!

Last night I got some very exciting news!

I have been picked to be a KMF blogger to blog about my training trails and tribulations as I work towards Keswick Triathlon!  I will post the link as soon as the blog is up and running! 

Exciting and stressful all at the same time!

Friday, 28 November 2014


Time just seems to pass me by without me having the time to blog!

So what have I been doing in the last 9 days?

I have found my mojo and have been keeping myself busy
and out of mischief!

On Monday last week I decided it was time to get some cycling miles in and got on my turbo trainer set up in the garage.  I decided to go for it big time and put my Spinervals DVD into my laptop.  I had wiped out the memories of have difficult this was but the title "Have Mercy" should have given me a clue! 

However I did manage the first 2 workouts equalling 30 minutes out of the 2 hours programme!  This was a total of 8 very difficult but thoroughly enjoyable miles which definitely saw my heart rate rise! 

My plan is to continue doing 2 workouts each session until I have completed the full programme and then when I am feeling stronger I will start it again and try to do more each session!  I don't want to push too hard and get injured at this point in the year!

On Tuesday it was the Tri Club Road Running session and the focus was on technique and breathing.  We experimented with lots of different body positions and breathing techniques to highlight to us which actually makes running easier!  I really struggled to do belly breathing which apparently is the way forward!  Looks like I'm going to have many a session lying on the floor practising the art before trying to add running into the mix!  We did 3.77 miles including a few sprint intervals.

On Wednesday it was the Tri Club Swimming session where the focus was on body position and kick and this was a eureka moment for me!  I finally understood where my body was supposed to be!  I'm not saying I will be able to maintain it but at least I now know what I am aiming for!  Altogether we covered a total distance of 1100 metres or 0.68 mile.

Thursday was Adventure Thursday with the Tri Club which equals a trail run in the dark! Our adventure took us up and around Arnside Knott and I loved this adventure!  It was a lovely clear evening and it was great running with 12 like minded people! We ran a slow but enjoyable 5.55 miles. 

I can't wait for next week's adventure!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another week spent hunting for my Mojo...

I've not had a good week exercise wise!  

I think the cold dark evenings and busy days at work have dampened my enthusiasm for getting out there!

It was raining on Monday so I decided to go swimming instead of braving the elements.  I didn't do very much compared with my usual swim session as I really couldn't be bothered!  I managed 3 sets of 20 lengths and just in case your maths is no good that totals 60 lengths or 0.75 mile.

Thankfully I had already signed up for the Tri Club Running Session on Tuesday or I wouldn't of made it out the door as I wasn't feeling it at all!  

We ran a easy 2 miles then did 8 x 200 metres sprints with jogging 200 metres in between before finishing off with a cool down jog!  I really enjoyed this session despite the idiot teenager's who tried to spoil it for us by being abusive!  I was really pleased I was in a group with a couple of sturdy fellas!  Altogether we ran 5 miles.

Wednesday was another swim session with the Tri Club this time focusing on breathing and exhalation.  I did 1500 metres or 0.93 mile made up of drills and swimming front crawl!

Thursday got the better of me and I did absolutely nothing then regretted it later!

On Friday I was determined to do something as I was feeling l I had let myself down the day before! However, it was cold, dark and rainy so I opted to go to the Gym!  A big mistake!  I'm not a gym sort of girl and I hate to see all the smelly sweaty men prancing around thinking they are hero's!  Anyhow I managed to survive for an hour and 10 minutes and did 6 miles on the bike, 2 miles on the treadmill, a mile rowing, a mile arm pedalling as well as some weights.I came out feeling thoroughly fed up and wishing I had braved the elements instead!

The only exercise I managed on Saturday was walking around the Trafford Centre Christmas Shopping!  

That brings us to today!  I woke up determined that whatever the weather I was going go for a run!

When I got up it was dry but very foggy!  I had set my heart on going for a trail run and a little bit of fog wasn't going to stop me!  As I got in the car and drove to my chosen destination the fog got denser and I started to rethink my plan!  I wasn't going to risk running off the side of a hill in the fog!

However, miraculously the fog suddenly disappeared!  It was like driving into another world!  My planned route was safe after all!

I managed 6.38 very hilly, muddy, chilly miles but loved it!  It reminded me why I run!  I wish I could bottle this feeling for the next time I am doubting whether I will ever run again!

The fog I escaped!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Another Race ... another PB!

Yesterday I ran in the Brampton to Carlisle 10 Mile Road Race!  

You can read how I got on here!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Delayed Race Report!

I finally got my race report done from last week's 10K at Lytham!

You can read it here!

Tomorrow I am running the Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile road race!

Here's hoping I get another PB in the bag!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Adventure Thursday!

Tonight I went for my first DARK TRAIL run.

I felt a little apprehensive about it as I'm not confident with my footing off road in the daytime without adding the extra hindrance of darkness but the tri club were going so I thought I would give it a go - safety in numbers and all that!

We met at around 6.50pm just as the torrential rain started, but luckily by the time everyone had arrived and we set off at 7pm the rain had stopped but the trails were nice and wet, muddy and slippery, just to add to the adventure!

My prosafe head torch!
With having a fairly bright head torch and being surrounded by numerous other head torches the dark wasn't an issue at all!

My path was lit quite well!

The only heart stopping moment was when I jumped over a stile and my head torch caught sight of loads of luminous eyes looking at me - we had entered a field of cows!  Panic rose up my body but no one else in the group seemed fazed by it at all and nestled safely in the middle of the pack I bravely ran through them!  Never in a month of Sundays would I have done that alone!

However, a little further along our journey we came across another field of cows and these ones were a little more frisky!  Scared doesn't even describe how I felt as they started to gallop (do cows gallop?!) alongside us!  Thankfully we made it to the gate safely - its amazing how we all turned into Mo Farrah when required.  The field was very churned up with the mix of rain and cows and I was fearful I would get my trainer stuck in the mud!  If it had there is no way I would have stopped to retrieve it - I would have had to run home shoeless!

Anyhow, despite this I loved this adventure and running on the trails in the dark!  I am sure it will make me a more confident trail runner in the long run!

We ran 6.5 very muddy but enjoyable miles! 

I can't wait for my next off-road night time adventure!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Its good to laugh!

After a very busy day at work I went to laughter yoga for the very first time!

I was a little apprehensive as I had absolutely no idea what I was letting myself in for - except a laugh!

Anyhow, there was 8 of us in total and we were all nervous beginners!

At beginner of the session our tutor explained the history and benefits of laughter yoga and explained that a lot of the practise was about eye contact!  At first I felt very self-conscious and uncomfortable forcing myself to laugh but I was amazed how quickly the forced laughter became real!  Before long it became difficult NOT to laugh!  It was both hilarious and stupid rolled into one!  I would definitely recommend it as a way of team building and de-stressing.  After the relaxation part at the end we all felt revived and relaxed!  I would definitely recommend!

Straight after this I felt so energised that I went swimming!  The pool was amazingly quiet and I had a swimming lane all to myself!  I managed to swim 2050 metres (1.27 miles) and felt like I could have kept going!  Perhaps there is something in this laughter lark after all!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Squad Robinson

One of the lads at my Tri Club is working towards his coaching qualification and needed 6 willing volunteers to do some swim, bike and run coaching with! 

Luckily (I think) I was selected and tonight was the first swim session.

However, he wasn't coaching us this evening but observing to see what our technique was like and what we needed to work on over the coming weeks to improve our speed and technique.

We did a 400 metre warm up followed by various drills which I hate and struggle with but I know I must persevere!  Unfortunately I am the slowest swimmer he has selected to coach so it's going be hard work for me each week but hopefully that means I will improve the most!  I hope he realises what he has taken on!

Towards the end of the session we did a 400 metres timed swim followed by a 200 metre timed swim in order to get our CSS time so we can see if we improve with the extra coaching!

My 400m (16 lengths) time was 8.31.1.
My 200m (8 lengths) time was 4.11.6.

The coach is going do the Maths and tell us next week what this equates to in terms of a CSS time!

Altogether I did 1450 metres or 0.90 miles!

Looking forward to getting feedback on how to improve!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Drills 'N' Hills!

Tonight it was raining ... tonight it was cold ... tonight it was dark ... but I had agreed to go to the Tri Club running session and there was no getting out of it...Arghhhhh!

However, once I got over the thought of it and got out there wrapped up in my jacket and gloves (for the first time this year) I really enjoyed myself!

We started off with a warm up jog before doing some technique drills and then went on to some hill repeats.  It's a while since I have made myself do hill repeats and despite it feeling like my lungs were going to explode I really enjoyed the challenge!

Then on the first descent I was taken totally by surprise by a photographer who popped out of nowhere!  Apparently he was taking some photographs for some promotional material for the Tri Club.  He kept making us go back up the hill to get more shots! Eventually after 4.6 miles he was happy with his lot!

This is one of the photo's taken which I am quite happy with as I look like a proper runner with both feet off the ground!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Holidays are over!

Today I was back at work after the half term holidays and back to routine!

With no training plan to follow I need to sort out some sort of routine.  My goal for the Winter is to try and dedicate equal time to swimming, cycling and running so that come the Summer I hope to be fairly fit in all disciplines ready to smash the Triathlons planned!

This evening I went to the Tri Club Swim Training session and the focus was on speed intervals!  Whether it's swimming or running I'm really no good at speed, but I must persevere and one day I might just surprise myself and everyone else around!

We started off the session with drills - another thing I am particularly bad at but if I can nail the drills my swimming WILL improve!

It was a tiring session and I was disappointed to see that I had done less than a mile in total - it felt far further!  I had swum 1475 metres or 0.92 mile!

Long way to go!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Back on it!

OK I've wallowed around eating and drinking far too much for far too long so today I gave myself a shake actually went for a run!

It was such a beautiful Autumnal morning that it would have been criminal not to take advantage!

This is my playground!
I decided that I would go off road and have a gentle jog up Scout Scar. I didn't worry about pace or mileage and I really enjoyed it! 

It was a lovely sunny morning although once I got up on the top it was a little breezy and chilly but on a positive note I only saw one cow!  I kept expecting them to be hiding somewhere but thankfully if they were they were hiding well!

I ran 3.9 miles and loved it!

When you see the photo's what's not to love about running here!

Now that I am back on the programme I have even set up my turbo trainer in the garage!  No excuses now!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Post Marathon Blues!

I should be feeling relief that all the hard training miles are over but in reality I am sat here twiddling my thumbs thinking ... What now?

4 days post marathon I am still professing to be recovering but in reality my legs feel great - it's just my head isn't in the game!

Will I ever want to run again?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

The end of my marathon career!

On Monday I ran in my third and final marathon!  EVER!

I had a fantastic few days in Dublin and love the city and it's people!

You can read my race report here!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dublin - We are coming to get you!

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Kendal and heading off to Manchester airport to catch our flight to Dublin!

Then on Monday morning I shall be starting on the 26.2 mile journey to the marathon finish line!

I am feeling a mix of nerves and excitement, and trying to think positive thoughts!

Marathon Number 3 - Lets make it a good one!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

OMG What have I done?

I truly think I have finally lost the plot!

I already have a few races booked for 2015 including a trail half marathon, a road half marathon, a 60 mile cycle sportive, a Sprint Pool Triathlon, a Sprint Open Water Triathlon, an Olympic distance triathlon, 2 Open Water 1 mile swims and to make matters worse tonight I booked to do ...


The question is will I survive 2015?

The way I'm going I will have an ironman booked by the end of the year!

Park Run Excitement!

With just a week to go to Dublin Marathon my motivation and enthusiasm for running has been running low in recent weeks hence the lack of blogging!

However, yesterday I got some enthusiasm back after I did my first ever park run at Fell Foot Park, Newby Bridge which was also it's first park run!

When I woke up it was a wet and dreary morning and I very nearly decided not to bother!  My thoughts were along the lines of "What's the point in getting wet for 3 miles".

However, I gave myself a good talking to and got in the car before I could change my mind. 

Newby Bridge is about a 25 minute drive from where I live.  I arrived early at around 8.25am but I am pleased I did as already the car park was very nearly full.  If I had left it much later I would have struggled to park.

Luckily by the time I got there the rain had stopped and I had a wander down to the start line feeling stupidly nervous for what was supposed to be a fun 5K run.

I was surprised how many "serious" runners were about and also surprised how many avid park run fans were there - those who travel around doing different park runs each week!  Locals were definitely in the minority but what a fantastic turn-out for the first park run here!

I managed to locate some friends from the tri club and we stood and passed the time of day until 9am.

Just as the start of the race was announced the heavens opened!  It was too late to put my waterproof on, so off I set in my T shirt!

There was a bit of a bottleneck initially as over 200 runners tried to negotiate narrow tracks and paths but the field soon opened out making it easier!

The route was well marked out and was mainly on grass with a couple of hills thrown in for good measure!  With being wet the grass was slippery and by the second lap slightly muddy!

The route was very scenic going along the shores of the lake and around a field.

I thoroughly enjoyed the friendliness and camaraderie that surrounded the event and felt quite emotional cheering in other runners once I had finished. I witnessed varying emotions coming from a range of runners from very young children, to the elderly and larger runners! What a fantastic inclusive event which encourages everyone to get out of bed on a Saturday morning and enjoy running!

I finished in 27:43.  As this is my first officially time 5K event I have nothing to compare this with but considering the weather and the undulations on the course I am happy with this and because it is my first it is also a PB.

I was even happier when I got an email from Park run confirming my time:

"You finished in 105th place and were the 32nd female out of a field of 247 parkrunners and you came 5th in your age category VW45-49"

This has really spurred me on to do more Park Runs in the future!

Just the small matter of getting a marathon out the way first!


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Where did the last 2 weeks go?

Although I haven't had the energy or inclination to blog in the last 2 weeks I have still been running!

During my absence I have had some good runs and some disastrous runs!  I just have to keep reminding myself that I have more good runs than bad so they don't loom large in my head and become the tormentor! Dublin marathon is only 3 weeks away so its important to remain positive! 

I have also been rejected yet again by the London Marathon which I have mixed emotions about!  Part of me is happy as I really want to concentrate on triathlons during 2015, but part of me is disappointed as I really want to run the National Marathon!  

After receiving this knockback what did I go and do ...

No I didn't make the same mistake of booking a different marathon as I did last year ... 

instead I did something even dafter and booked Windermere Trian Olympic Distance Triathlon consisting of a 1500 metre (0.93 mile) Open Water swim, a 43K (26.7 miles) bike route and a 10K (6.2 miles) run! 

I must be mad!  

I also booked The Great North Swim - the one mile route as a training swim for the triathlon. I am also looking to book some sprint triathlons and cycle sportives as training events!

Tomorrow I have my last race before the marathon!  I am running The Cumbrian Run (Half Marathon) starting at Carlisle Castle!  It could be a chilly one looking at the forecast!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday, 15 September 2014

Week 11 Marathon Training Starts...

with a busy day at work followed by some running speed intervals finishing off with some swim speed intervals, and I wonder why I feel tired!

Straight after work tonight I went for my run!  The plan stated a 4 mile easy run followed by 6 x 30 seconds at 8.00 to 8.20 minute mile pace with 2 minutes slow recovery in between.

My legs felt heavy initially but after the first mile or so they loosened up and I felt OK.  It was nice to run at an easy pace and I completed the 4 miles at a 9.34 minute mile pace. Then came the speed intervals and today the 30 seconds seemed to go by in a flash and I was delighted that I managed to maintain the pace (or faster) for all 6 intervals completing them in a 7.19, 7.04, 7.04. 8.17, 8.05, 8.14 minute mile pace!

I was delighted with this especially since it was on tired legs!  I ran a total of 5.50 miles at an average 9.45 minute mile pace!

My Heart rate monitor showed my average heart rate as 84% of max.  I still haven't worked out training by heart rate yet but I'm getting used to the numbers at the moment!

After my run and a shower I had a quick bite to eat before heading out again to the Tri Club swimming training session where the focus was on speed intervals!

Considering I had already done a run I managed to keep up with the others in my lane and swam a total of 2000 metres or 1.24 miles!

I am pleased with both my performances this evening!


Yesterday, I booked to go to Madrid for a weekend break in March with a couple of friends to run the Madrid Half Marathon!

I am very excited about it!  

I loved Barcelona Half Marathon so hoping Madrid is as enjoyable!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

End of week 10 Marathon Training!

My Week 10 stats look like this:

Running: 42.11 miles in 4 runs 
(6.87 in 1 trail run and 35.23 miles in 3 road runs).
Walking:  7.65 miles

Total Weekly Training Miles: 49.75 Miles

My total training for the marathon to date since 7th July 2014 is:

Running : 321.44 miles (47.11m trail and 274.33m road).
Swimming: 10.21 miles (2.74 m open water and 7.47m pool).
Walking: 123.27 miles

Cycling: 15.41 miles (15.41m Indoor)
Rowing: 2.49 miles (2.49m Indoor)
Cross Trainer: 1.52 miles
Hand Pedal: 2.75 miles

Total Training Miles: 477.09 Miles

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Week 10 long run ... Done!

Today the marathon plan said I was to do a 20 mile LSR!

After going out last night with friends which resulted in overeating and downing copious amounts of Sangria I wasn't feeling the love for running when I got up this morning - particularly not the love for a 20 miler!

Anyhow, determination won and my husband offered to keep me company by traveling alongside me on his bike carrying all the necessary drinks etc.

I am bored with running the same routes locally so we decided to go to Preston and do the Guild Wheel circuit.  This also meant it would be safer for my husband on his bike too!

So we set off at around 10.15am for the 40 mile journey to Preston to "do" the Guild Wheel.

It was a glorious morning when we got there and started running/cycling at around 11am.

David alternated between cycling alongside me chatting and going off ahead and waiting for me to catch up.  

It was very hot, probably too hot to be running but thankfully we had plenty of fluids with us to keep me going!  One benefit of taking a chaperone with me!

It was a great route, and despite passing many cyclists I was surprised that we didn't come across very many runners!  To me it is an ideal running route! Picturesque and traffic free!

I felt great until mile 18 when I think I hit the wall! Despite fuelling up with gels and energy drinks I was sadly lacking in energy and did contemplate making my husband run so I could have the bike!

However, I didn't want to fail so pushed on and made it back to the car weary, hot but pleased to have persevered!  I think having company helped when the going got tough!

The plan had said to keep to a 9.20 to 9.40 pace and my average minute mile pace for the 20.81 miles was 9.41, so not too far off the mark!

I also wore my Heart Rate Monitor which confirmed I had worked hard with a average HR of 87% of max.

I am pleased that I have another long run behind me!

Funny Running Posts [21-40]:Favorite Stretch

Friday, 12 September 2014

Week 10 Marathon Training

The start of week 10 began on tired legs after running in The Great North Run on Sunday.

However, I was determined to stick to the plan and the plan for Monday said speed intervals!

This consisted of 1 mile slow, before moving on to intervals of 0.62 mile keeping at a 8.05 to 8.15 minute mile pace followed by 1.5 minutes slow repeated 5 times finishing before finishing off with 1 mile slow.

It was another warm and muggy evening and I was feeling rather lacking in energy after a busy day at work but I gave myself a good talking to and managed to persuade myself to go!

I managed my one mile slow and did the first interval @ a 8.09 minute mile pace, followed by a too slow 8.24 minute mile pace.  I managed to speed up for my third interval which was @ a 8.11 pace but then slowed down for the 4th and 5th interval only managing a 8.27 and a 8.23 minute mile pace! 

The total run was 5.81 miles at an average 9.17 minute mile pace.  

Even though I didn't hit the correct pace goal I pushed as hard as I could and felt like I had worked exceptionally hard so all in all I am pleased with how it went - considering!

On Tuesday I had another interval run to do which I really, really struggled with!  My legs were objecting big time by now and they weren't going to be forced into running fast again!

The plan had been to run 3 x 2 mile speed intervals with 3 minutes slow run recovery in between.   Basically, after maintaining the first 2 mile split at a 8.46 minute mile pace it all ended up slow thereon afterwards!  The 2nd 2 mile split was at a 9.35 minute mile pace and the 3rd was at 9.25 minute mile pace! 

The total run was 8.62 miles at an average 9.26 minute mile pace!

I found this extremely hard work and  didn't enjoy it at all!

I was delighted to finally get a rest day on Wednesday - although I did get to have a good stretch at yoga!  This is the first yoga I have been to for a couple of months and it felt great to be back!

On Thursday night the plan was for a 7 mile easy run so I opted to go off road for a change!  With it being an easy run and with being off road I didn't look at my pace at all and it felt GOOD!

I just ran how my body and the terrain dictated and thoroughly enjoyed not having the pressure of hitting a certain pace!  

I even braved running through cows - all in all I had to go through 4 fields with cows in them!  Thankfully there was only on occasion where I had to go through the middle of the herd the other times I managed to scoot around them giving a very wide berth! I can't believe how brave I was!

The run ended up being 6.87 very enjoyable miles at a slow 10.36 minute mile pace!

My ankles and Achilles felt slightly uncomfortable when I got home but I think (I hope) that that is just the change in running terrain!  

Fingers crossed its not the start of anything sinister!