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Friday, 27 May 2011

Contessa Speedster 25 Womens 2011 - My virgin ride on my NEW Road Bike

My new bike came in to the shop early so I went to collect it this afternoon, together with my new  SPD Scott shoes.

When I got home I enthusiastically got changed and went out for the first time ...
I shot off and was impressed with how quickly and  easily I went on the flat! However, I struggled finding the right gear going up hill so decided on concentrating on staying alive by leaving the gears alone!!  Another problem was corners ... I need to lean apparently ... hhhmmm we'll see about that!  Then came a downhill section!  I was so scared and felt SO unsafe with the brakes I actually stopped and pushed it downhill - that's a first for me! lol   I managed to clip my feet into the pedals relatively easily,  I eventually settled into the saddle and started to enjoy the ride until I approached a  cycle barrier, and I tried to put my foot down to manoeuvre around it forgetting I was clipped in! Luckily, the pedals were on an "easy" setting so I was able to yank my foot free before I fell!!  A swift look behind me confirmed I'd managed this without any spectators - could have been very embarrassing!! 

I'm determined to become a confident rider on a road bike - I will venture out again tomorrow and hope that now I'm not a virgin road cyclist things will be a whole lot easier!!!  Such a lot to remember ...!

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