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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

False Start with Mountain Biking!

In the Summer of 2009 I was pondering with the idea of starting cycling, but my bike was old and unsuitable.  I got the nudge I needed when a "cycle to work" leaflet landed in my pigeon hole at work, and before I knew it I had purchased a lovely Marin Palisades Trail Women's specific bike. This inspired my husband to buy a new bike so we could go mountain biking together at weekends. We enjoyed a few short 'easy' rides, before my then 15 year old son decided to take us on a "really good route" to Claife Heights. http://www.southlakeland.gov.uk/pdf/adventure-cycling-p2pclaifeheights.pdf
Unfortunately, my son's bike got a puncture, and being novices and unprepared we didn't have a repair kit with us.  We gave him directions to the car and arranged to meet him there.  With hindsight this was a very bad idea as he didn't listen and ultimately got lost. He decided in his teenage wisdom to walk back to Windermere and get the train home from there, forgetting the important fact that he had no money with him.  He managed to blag a free journey on the Hawkshead to Windermere ferry.  By this point about 2 hours had passed and we were frantic with worry looking for him.  Luckily some kind lady in Bowness took pity on him and helped him out, and with her help we eventually managed to relocate our lost son!

After this exhausting traumatic experience I decided I really didn't like Mountain Biking and parked my bike securely in the garage, where it stayed until April 2010.

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