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Sunday, 23 September 2012

I can do that!

This morning I went for a slow easy 4 mile run with my friend Vicky - after yesterdays bout of sickness I wasn't up for anything too energetic and then we finished off in Costa - my sort of run!  

There was a triathlon going on at the Leisure Centre where I met Vicky to start our run so I was able to watch this for a little while before our run and then I went back afterwards to watch a bit more!  I was pleasantly surprised at how varied the ability of the competitors were. I think I have been watching too much of the Olympics and had images of everyone being up to the Brownlee brothers standard! I did feel cold on their behalf when I saw them running out of the pool dripping wet, straight out into the chilly morning air - bbbrrrrrr!  The one thing that had put me off a duathlon was the transitions but watching  "real" people doing it it looked much less scary! Some of them didn't even look like they were in a hurry! I can do that! 

Does  my run ...coffee ... walk count as a tri?
I am going to put it in writing right here for the world to see on my blog!  

2013 is going to be the year of the Duathlon for me!

There I've said it! I will train during the winter (as long as Santa brings me a trainer!) and then do a Spring event!

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