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Friday, 29 November 2013

No aches or pains!

I'm not quite sure how but I survived the Fartlek training session on Tuesday night with no ill effects! I gingerly got out of bed on Wednesday morning expecting to be greeted with severe pain but was pleasantly surprised when I managed to skip stagger to the loo enthusiastically! I didn't get too cocky as I fully expected my body to have a delayed reaction and waited for the DOM'S (delayed-onset muscle soreness) to set in!

However, I seem to have got away with it this time!  Perhaps my body was prepared as we did a lot of "drills" before subjecting my legs to the horror of sprinting!

Wednesday night was Yoga night and the focus this week was the

hips!  I initially groaned at this as my hips aren't very flexible and had an an image of pain but after an hour of working gently on several different poses I felt like I had 2 new hips and felt great! I'm rapidly becoming a yoga convert and can't believe how much I am enjoying it! After opening our hips it was time for my favourite part of the class - the relaxation!  Lights dimmed, music low, the teacher's hypnotic voice working with my body and relaxing my mind ... arhhhhhhh BLISS! The only downside is actually having to return to the here and now to go home! If only I could be transported back to my bed in that state....!

Last night I decided to do a little bit of treadmill speed intervals before going to Pilate's for another stretching and core work session.

I managed 30 minutes consisting of a warm up and cool down with 10 intervals of 1 minute high intensity running followed by 1 minute walking in between.

A quick shower followed before heading off to Pilate's where the emphasis was very much on core work!  I should have a very strong core if the pain is anything to go by!

Tonight I went for another run with my running pal Gina!  When I arrived at her house she announced she had had a very stressful day and was looking for a gentle run!  If she ever announces she wants a hard run I am legging it home again!  The "gentle" run was hard work - I don't know why because it wasn't fast, we only did an average 9.30 min mile pace! Perhaps because it was a Friday night my body was screaming "What you doing Woman - its wine O'clock NOT run O'clock!"

Anyhow I managed to keep up (just!) and we did 4.86 miles which can be viewed here!

I would pull the age card and say Gina is a lot younger than me which is why she is faster but that doesn't work when I was beaten by a 60 year old on Tuesday night! I just need to accept I've become very unfit and this "competition" is good because it is pushing me harder than I would on my own!

I am delighted to announce it is now Wine O' clock!

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