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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Internal navigation system failure!

Another sunny day and it is still the Easter Holidays!  

I truly hope this little bit of sunshine isn't going to be our Summer!!!

After studying my racing calendar last night I was a little surprised to see that my first 10K TRAIL race is now just 6 and a half weeks away!  How did that come around so quickly?!

Considering that I have only ever done ONE off-road run I decided that I had best pull my finger out and do some trail training as I am not a natural mountain goat!

Inspired by the sunshine I set off in the car to a place I am familiar with as we often walk the dog in this area!

Feeling confident that I knew the way off I set, nervous initially about running off-road on uneven ground in case I injured myself!

Although I wore my Garmin I knew it was pointless worrying about pace as I was not going to be able to run my normal road pace off road so I just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery and listening to the welcoming bleating of the lambs!

After a while my nerves went and I had no problems navigating around rocks and tree stumps, I just left my ego behind and slowed when necessary! The only thing I felt uncomfortable with was coming down rocky hills!  I was frightened of just letting go in case I landed flat on my face!  I dare say with practice my confidence will grow!

After about 3 miles I arrived somewhere but it wasn't the place I was heading!  I was confused!  I must have missed a turn-off somewhere!

Rather than risk getting lost further I opted to retrace my steps and go the same way back!  Not quite the circuit I had planned but enjoyable all the same!

The route was a good mix of terrain including track, muddy parts, rocky patches, open fields and hills so lots to keep me entertained!

I managed 5.85 miles and loved this new trail running experience even if I did get lost!  

What made me even happier was I didn't encounter any cows!  I hate cows!


Tonight I also went to Yoga, where we did a lot of twisting poses! I came out feeling very chilled and felt 6 foot taller!

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