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Monday, 15 September 2014

Week 11 Marathon Training Starts...

with a busy day at work followed by some running speed intervals finishing off with some swim speed intervals, and I wonder why I feel tired!

Straight after work tonight I went for my run!  The plan stated a 4 mile easy run followed by 6 x 30 seconds at 8.00 to 8.20 minute mile pace with 2 minutes slow recovery in between.

My legs felt heavy initially but after the first mile or so they loosened up and I felt OK.  It was nice to run at an easy pace and I completed the 4 miles at a 9.34 minute mile pace. Then came the speed intervals and today the 30 seconds seemed to go by in a flash and I was delighted that I managed to maintain the pace (or faster) for all 6 intervals completing them in a 7.19, 7.04, 7.04. 8.17, 8.05, 8.14 minute mile pace!

I was delighted with this especially since it was on tired legs!  I ran a total of 5.50 miles at an average 9.45 minute mile pace!

My Heart rate monitor showed my average heart rate as 84% of max.  I still haven't worked out training by heart rate yet but I'm getting used to the numbers at the moment!

After my run and a shower I had a quick bite to eat before heading out again to the Tri Club swimming training session where the focus was on speed intervals!

Considering I had already done a run I managed to keep up with the others in my lane and swam a total of 2000 metres or 1.24 miles!

I am pleased with both my performances this evening!


Yesterday, I booked to go to Madrid for a weekend break in March with a couple of friends to run the Madrid Half Marathon!

I am very excited about it!  

I loved Barcelona Half Marathon so hoping Madrid is as enjoyable!


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