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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Janathon Day 31 - I DID IT!

I have succeeded in the Janathon Challenge which I thought was impossible for me!!!  WHOO! HOOOOOO!

I went for my final run tonight straight from work, as I had booked a place at my usual Steps class at 6pm. My aim tonight was to finish Janathon on a high and get a personal record for a fast pace.  I was slightly disappointed that the pace I managed didn't start with a number 8, but I was still pleased because it was faster than my previous runs at an average 9.05 min/mile!  If I'd pushed a little harder maybe I could have done it ... but hey after a couple days rest with my feet up who knows what I might be able to achieve!  The weather was kind to me again - extremely cold but dry and not windy or icy!  My final run was enjoyable and uneventful, I rushed home jumped straight in the shower then was out the door again dragging my heavy legs behind me for my Steps class. When I got there I'm not sure which emotion I felt when there was sign up saying the class was cancelled due to illness - was I delighted, disappointed, relieved, disgruntled, grateful?! I know for sure my legs were ELATED! I went home, collapsed on the sofa and realised what a close escape I'd had, a steps class on day 31 of Janathon might have been a step too far!

Running Miles today: 6.10
Time: 55 minutes 25 seconds
Average pace: 9.05
Average speed: 6.6 MPH

Walking miles today : 0.47

Total Janathon Running miles:  158.36
Total Janathan Walking miles: 40.56
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2

TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 203.12 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

Thank you to all those who have read my daily ramblings and for the encouragement and motivation from everyone! I am keen to see where I ended up on the Janathon scoreboard, but until everyone uploads today's runs I won't know! 

Its rest for a couple of days before I get back to it - any suggestions for my next challenge?

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