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Monday, 30 January 2012

Janathon Day 30 - The penultimate run!

 I can't believe that ....
and I have survived so far!

Only one more run to do and then I've done it!!  

Tonight's run was an enjoyable experience, it was a cold, crisp, dry evening and to make things even better I managed to get out whilst it was still light!

It was a uneventful run, I didn't see any other runners out although I did notice a lot of cyclists! It made me think about getting back on my bike!  Cycling has always been my favoured exercise, but I think this running lark might be coming a close second ... I think perhaps my competitive side is coming out in me now that I can see a slight improvement in my times! 

 I was chuffed to see my average pace tonight was 9.19 min/mile (6.4 MPH), which is one of my fastest runs (I know for most of you lot this is slow!), however at the beginning of Janathon my average pace was 10.22 min/mile (5.8 MPH), and in May 2011 when I first started running my average pace was 12.01 min/mile (4.99 MPH)! I think THAT'S an achievement - even if I do say so myself!!!

I hope my times continue to improve, even though I won't be able to sustain running daily! I am doing the Liverpool Half Marathon on 18th March and I am desperate to beat my Great North Run time!! If I don't it won't be for the want of trying!

Last day of this challenge tomorrow and I must run  or walk a total of at least 4 miles to take my total exercise mileage over the 200 miles mark!  I've exceeded my original goal of reaching 150 running miles, so I need to achieve this one too - Bring it on!

Running Miles today: 7.00
Time: 1 hour 05 minutes 16 seconds
Average pace: 9.19
Average speed: 6.4 

Walking miles today : 0.52

Total Janathon Running miles:  152.26
Total Janathan Walking miles: 40.09
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2

TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 196.55 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

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