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Friday, 16 March 2012

A sub 2 please!

 I can't believe its only two more get-ups until The Liverpool Half Marathon!  EEEKKKK!  

Today at work I was discussing my running with some non-runners (who all think I'm barking by the way!) and I mentioned that at Liverpool I really wanted to get a sub 2!  One of the girls asked "What's in one of those?"  She thought a sub 2 was a sandwich from Subway!  I will think of that to spur me on if the going gets tough on Sunday - I still chuckle when I think about it hee hee hee!!
So how has my tapering been going?  Its very difficult not to do something that you have conditioned your body and mind to do regularly but I really didn't want to over-train and decided my best chance of achieving my PB was by going out there with fresh eager legs!  So what have I been doing since we last met? Well, I've had a busy week work wise which was quite good timing to keep me on track with tapering!  After my long run on Saturday, the only run I have done since is a 5.31 mile run on Wednesday. I tried not to push the pace to avoid any possibility of injury and the run can be viewed here. Other than that one run I have walked to work and back daily as well as walking the dog to keep me active. 

I have been reading lots of articles about running a PB and one such article said that 90% of achieving a PB was believing at the start line that you will achieve it, so I'm believing!  I WILL DO IT!!  I have been reviewing my future challenges (see tabs at the top of page) and was surprised to see that my original goal when I first entered this Half marathon was 2 hours 10 minutes! When did I move the goal posts to a sub 2?  I really can't tell you, but it shows that by following a training plan my confidence and ability have obviously improved considerably! I have been monitoring the weather forecast all week and have been thrilled to see it was going to be a mild dry day - until today that is - now suddenly it has changed to RAIN!!!  It must have realised I was going to Liverpool and wanted me to feel at home running in the rain!  Well hey-ho lets be positive, the rain will keep me cool!

I think my body has decided to wind me up today and make me nervous - I seem to have niggling aches and pains all over as well as extreme fatigue!!  Well hey-ho lets be positive again, perhaps my body is suffering withdrawal symptoms and will be super keen to go when I let it?!  

I have been trying to avoid a very nasty tummy bug that has been circulating school this week, climaxing today with a little girl actually throwing up all over the joint, mix that with my daughter having a heavy cold and I will be extremely grateful to make it to Sunday healthy!

So time to bid you farewell until Sunday!!  Bring it on!!!

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