"} Get a life, Get active! By Fit Lesley: 12.32/71 walking miles. 4.34/100 running miles. 154.34 go!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

12.32/71 walking miles. 4.34/100 running miles. 154.34 go!

Well today is my Birthday and I am pleased to report I felt quite human for the first time in a week!  I didn't walk to work today as I has birthday cakes to take in (Strange tradition at our work is that when its your birthday you provide the cake!!) but when I got home I felt fairly energetic and the sun was shining so I decided to go for a early run as we were off out for a family birthday meal later and  it would work up a good appetite!  

As I said the sun was shining but I am so used to cold weather I didn't even think about a drink - BIG mistake, and I'm not talking wine here just boring old water!!  I set off and after a very short distance I was gagging for a drink!  Anyhow, I persevered and not long after a car pulled up alongside me and an old dear had her head out the window so I stopped thinking she wanted directions, but then she turned away from me and I said "Oh sorry thought you were wanting to ask me something!" to which the old dear replied " I am, just wait your turn and don't be impatient!"  If I wasn't such a polite good little girl I might have told her where to go and continued on my way but instead I did as I was told and waited!   When she had finished her conversation with her husband/lover/brother she granted me her attention and I nearly laughed when she asked for directions to Grange, locally known as God's waiting room!!!  They definitely needed to be there but I'm not so sure they should have been driving!   I gave short sharp directions and continued on my way!  The rest of the run was uneventful and I did 4.34 miles, just enough to get me back home in time for a shower and be ready for the off again!!

Day 3 Mayathon  ACHIEVED!

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