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Sunday, 19 August 2012

I must be mad ...

On Friday according to my marathon training plan I was supposed to do a long run of about 20 miles but unfortunately it was raining so I cried off!  Instead I went to the gym and went on the bike. I have been reading about cycling cadence recently and how having a fast cadence will make you faster and use less energy, so I thought I would practise "spinning" at a faster rate.  I tend to favour a low gear and slow pedalling. Anyhow I set the bike on a low effort level of 2 and tried to keep the cadence at above 98 RPM! It felt strange - my legs were going like the clappers! Immediately after this I went on the treadmill and did some speed intervals, then on the rowing machine before finishing with a swim and sauna!

Yesterday I was desperate to get my long run done, and was delighted to see that it was dry when I got up in the morning! I had my weetabix, got changed into my running gear!  I was dismayed to discover that my Garmin hadn't been charging and was out of power!  OH no, how was I going to manage 20 miles without the encouragement of my friend?!  I used the next best thing - runkeeper on my i-phone.  Not quite the same as I can't look at it as and when I want but need to wait for it to tell me how I am doing after each mile!

Anyway, off I went with Runkeeper set and some gels and energy tablets in my running belt and armed with a water bottle.  All was going well until at 3 miles in it started to rain, at 5 miles it became torrential and at 6 miles the wind joined in!  By 10 miles I was contemplating quitting and ringing home for a lift back!  However, by this time I was absolutely drenched (you only get wet once!) and things couldn't get any worse so I ploughed on!  Or so I thought ... things did in fact go from bad to worse ...  the roads started to flood and in places I was ankle deep in water!  My feet must have weighed twice their usual weight!  I was starting to get tired, demoralized and generally fed up when the rain decided to stop!  I had run about 14 miles and kept telling myself I only had 10K to go! Once the rain stopped I became aware just how wet I was!  My feet were squelching and I looked like an entrant in a wet T shirt competition - not a good look! By 17 miles my legs were starting to become tired, sore and cramping and I got slower and slower.  By mile 18 the will had left my body and it was all I could do to walk the remaining 2 miles home! I now know what hitting the wall is all about!  By the time I got home I was so tired and sore all I wanted to do was cry! It was only once I got home I realised I hadn't actually had any of my energy gels - hence the state I was in - my body was obviously so depleted of everything it gave up!  I eagerly downed a chocolate recovery drink and then staggered up stairs for a shower. OUCH!  as the water sprayed my body I felt like I was being bombarded with shards of glass - it was very painful!  I got out the shower and inspected my skin!  It looked like I had enjoyed a morning in Mr Grey's red room of pain!  I had welts on my body in all the places my clothes met my skin - around my neckline, around my upper arms, under my bra straps, under my knickers, at the waist and at my knees!  I was a mess and very sore! I have NEVER experienced any chaffing before and then to suffer to this extreme was unbelievable! Next time I will give running in the rain a miss AND religiously consume energy gels whilst running long runs! We live and learn! You can view this painful experience here! 

Today is a recovery day - my muscles are OK and I have no aches or pains just stinging and tenderness from the sores that are looking even more red and angry today!

A week today is my next half marathon race at Fleetwood ...

Bring it on!

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