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Monday, 20 August 2012

It came ...

Yeah, my Great Scottish Run (Glasgow) half marathon T shirt and number came today! I'm not very impressed with the postie who scrunched up the envelope to shove it through the letter box!  What was wrong with ringing the bell?  -I was in!  

I'm in Blue wave which is apparently the 2nd wave to start, out of 4! Not sure whether to feel excited or daunted! When I entered I couldn't decide whether to order a small or medium t shirt as you never know how the sizes are going to measure up!  Thankfully I decided to err on the side of caution and ordered a medium thinking its better to be too big than too tight.  Luckily I did as I think a small would have been like a straight jacket on me! 

I hope I do Finish with Pride!

I've got Fleetwood Half to survive on Sunday first!  Still no number for that one!  :-(

On another note!  2 weeks after arriving back from my holidays I am back down to my pre-holiday weight!  2 weeks to put on and 2 weeks to take off!  I wish my fitness would return too!

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