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Thursday, 23 August 2012

OMG ... I had it all the time!

Feeling slightly stressed this morning as my daughter is off to school to get her GCSE results!  YIKES!  After  my son's 'A' level results last week I'm not sure how much more I can take!

Anyhow, to pass the time I decided to try and find my confirmation for the Fleetwood Half marathon (which is on Sunday) as I still hadn't received my number (or so I thought!).  I emailed the organisers and they said if I brought my email confirmation I could collect the number on the day! After searching through my old emails and pay pal account for some proof I had entered I was beginning to think I had dreamt it and hadn't entered at all!  There was NOTHING to say I was in!  In desperation I decided to wade through the pile of papers and old post that somehow accumulates on the kitchen shelf, thinking perhaps I might have printed the email off and put it here for "safe keeping!"  At the bottom of this pile was a large brown envelope and inside it was my race number and race day information pack!  Whoops!  When did that arrive?  I have no recollection of it whatsoever, although the post mark has 18th June 2012 on it!! Definitely a senior moment!   I hope the organisers don't have a big mark next to my name with "no number" on it, or should I swallow my pride and let them know I'm an idiot and I do actually have it?!  Number 61 - mmmmm I hope there's more than 61 runners!!

Now what to do whilst waiting for the phone call ...


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