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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Its getting closer!

I'm not quite sure whether I am feeling excited or nervous - but now it's nearly here and with just 3 days to go I am desperate to get on with it!  I feel as ready as I can be! I have lived by my training plan for the past 18 weeks, following it religiously albeit with a 2 week break at week 11.  Although I had a 2 week break due to holiday commitments I didn't miss any of my training runs as I started the 18 week plan with 20 weeks to go to factor in this break!

During my marathon training I have participated in a 10K race and 3 half marathons to get accustomed to race day nerves and to practice running alongside others whilst maintaining my own pace!

I couldn't have trained any more without risking an injury or total burnout and hope that all my hard work pays off on Sunday!

This week has been hard tapering. The weather has been horrendous so I have felt relieved to be doing short easy runs in the wind and rain but I feel like I should be doing more!

What will be will be!  I really don't know what to expect!

View my tapering runs here!

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