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Sunday, 11 November 2012

No nakedness ...YET!

Well, its a week tomorrow since I took the pledge to run naked in November ... and it still hasn't happened!  I just can't quite face up to running without my Garmin - I have a pace and mileage obsession! To make matters worse I have been reading a Triathlete magazine and they recommend training to your heart rate rather than watching pace!  Yesterday I went on a 10 mile run wearing my Heart Rate monitor and wanted to keep above 70% effort which for me is keeping my heart rate above 160 BPM.  This was actually more difficult to maintain than I initially thought! No sooner had I got my heart rate up and it would lower again! When I left the house it was a clear bright sunny morning so I was dressed in three-quarter length running tights and a T shirt.  I decided to wear gloves to make sure my hands didn't suffer like they did on my last run! I felt slightly self-conscious and silly wearing a T shirt with gloves but hey ho all non runners think runners are barking anyway so I was just confirming this for them! Anyhow, by the time I got to the bottom of the street the sun went and the sky darkened, by the time I reached the one mile point it was raining and had become really cold and windy. I battled with myself - to take a short cut home or to keep going on the 10 mile route! I kept going, and the rain got heavier!

By the time I got to mile 6 the rain had turned to hailstones, and even though I was wearing gloves my hands were beginning to sting. I was worrying about how I looked running in my (by now) very wet and clingy T shirt! I made it home just as the rain stopped and the sun returned!  Sod's bloody law!  I was shivering uncontrollably and my hands were in agony whilst they warmed up! I'm sure it's not healthy getting into this sort of state!  You can view this run here!

On Friday I decided to get some swimming practice in after  receiving my membership card for the local Tri club!  Time to get serious!  Its been 2 weeks since my last swimming session and I had forgotten everything!  My breathing was all to pot and my arms everywhere.  I came home feeling a complete failure and absolutely exhausted!  

I need to keep practicing on a regular basis with no slacking off until I've perfected my technique!  I have a long way to go! 

Today, I have been on a rest day - well to be honest suffering from a hangover so no running for me!

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