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Monday, 22 April 2013

When will I be fit?

I only managed to watch half the London Marathon on television yesterday as I had the TV remote wrestled from me in favour of the Grand Prix!  I was not impressed!  Motor Racing is on most weekends (or so it seems) whilst The London Marathon is just once a year!  I tried fighting my corner saying I never ask to watch anything but I was outvoted!

So after having a hissy fit I stropped off upstairs and headed out for a run to work off my aggression despite the weather being atrocious!  It was blowing a gale and chucking it down but I was going out come what may!  

I was beginning to regret my decision about a mile down the road when I realised (after getting griping stomach pains) that I hadn't left enough time for my lunch to be digested!  However I gritted my teeth and kept going!  I can honestly say I hated every step in the cold, wet and wind but I was too mad to go back home! I was chuffed with myself that I managed to run 4.47 miles given the circumstances even if it was slowly!  You can view my run here

This evening I decided that as I am having a swimming analysis consultation on Saturday I had best get some swimming done before then! So tonight armed with my new goggles I went to the pool and managed to swim 50 lengths (1250 metres).  Although the pool was very busy I enjoyed it.  I will be interested to find out what is said about my stroke and style on Saturday! Yikes! 

My new goggles didn't leave me looking like a scary scream mask like my other ones, so that is a positive! The only negative that remains is I am still sneezing after swimming - must be the chlorine irritating my nasal passages! 

However, I feel much better about myself and I am definitely on the way back up!

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