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Monday, 27 May 2013

Week 6 Marathon Training commences with a rest day!

Today is bank holiday Monday and a rest day according to the plan! I am quite grateful for this on two counts.  The first is I'm tired after yesterdays efforts at the Manchester 10K and the second is after 2 sunny days it has rained incessantly today! So I have done very little today except iron and suffer more football on the TV!

With all the excitement yesterday of running the Bupa 10K I forgot to do my weekly round up of my marathon training stats! So here goes - 

I have indeed survived week 5 of my marathon training and my stats for the week look like this:

Running: 19:94 Miles
Time on feet: 2:59:38


Cross Training-
Swimming: 1.68 Miles
Walking: 2.04 Miles

Total Weekly miles: 23.67 Miles

and my total training for the marathon to date since 22nd April 2013 is:

Running : 108.95 Miles
Time on feet: 16:57:11


Cross Training-
Pilates: 3 hour
Circuit Training: 3 hour
Swimming:  5.97  Miles
Walking: 31.93 Miles
Cycling: 5.90 Miles

Total Miles: 152.75

Bring on week 6 - I am ready for you!

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