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Monday, 19 August 2013

Hello and welcome to week 15 of my marathon training plan with a little tri training thrown in!

With only 10 weeks to go until The Yorkshire Marathon and  6 weeks until the Kendal Sprint Triathlon I'm starting to feel ever so slightly out of my depth!  What was I thinking?

I have put the marathon as my "A" race making it my priority so that's the training plan I am concentrating on with a little cycling and swimming thrown in as cross training!  If I enjoy the tri  I will hopefully concentrate on training for one properly next year!  Fingers crossed I don't get into the London Marathon!!

So after a walk this morning I decided to have another go on the tri bike route again this afternoon.  It was windy but I said yesterday I would go on my bike to get used to cycling in all weathers and I did! There was a couple of "OMG I don't like this moments" but on the whole I was OK and enjoyed the ride. Yesterday whilst on the tri training day Tasha was trying to persuade me go down on my handle bars whilst going downhill (apparently its faster and safer) but I didn't have the courage then ... and I didn't today either!  I really must start to man-up!!

 Its difficult to say whether I did it faster than yesterday as I started from home today making it a couple of miles longer! You can view the route here!

This evening I went to the local tri club training session in the hope that one day I might become a fast and efficient swimmer!

After I had done the required 8 lengths (200 metres) warm up, the coach for my group (the bottom group) said it was time I moved up a group!  Last time he suggested this I managed to stay put where I was comfortable - in the bottom group!  I would rather be top of the bottom, than bottom of the top but he wasn't haven't any of it!!

I had to swim faster to keep up, but I don't think I did too badly!  I think we swam about 1500 metres made up of drills and front crawl! I do wish they would tell me what the reason for certain drills are and what they are improving!!!  We did front crawl breathing every 3, 5 and 7 strokes!  I manged 3 and 5 but on 7 I very nearly drowned!

Back to running tomorrow!

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