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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Run for home!

Where running is concerned, and especially with marathon trainer I haven't been in a good place mentally! Too many negative thoughts crop up as soon as I set off running, so I arranged to do my Long Run this morning with a friend who has a marathon a few weeks before mine!  She is a faster runner than me but I decided that I needed a bit of company to get me over the mental barrier I appear to have build since my holidays!

I felt rather nervous about having to "keep up" especially since I am not currently at my fittest but was also looking forward to the camaraderie! 

We had arranged to meet at 10am for a 18 mile run (or for as far as my legs would go!). I had my running gear on, my energy gels and drinks packed ... when at 9.30am I got a text to say she was ill and wouldn't be running!

YIKES! This set me into a turmoil ... now what?!  I had been giving myself positive encouragement since getting up so I was still enthused about going! 

I decided to get my husband to drive me 10 miles away and leave me to run home!  This would ensure I did a minimum of 10 miles and I could extend it once I got close if I still had some energy and the inclination.

It was raining but I wasn't going to let this stop me, so off we went!  Getting kicked out the car to find my way home was a bit Hansel and Gretel ish but it felt good to be running somewhere new and gave me a little motivation!

For the first half I felt energised and enjoyed running despite the rain ... but then the hills appeared and my legs started to get tired but ... I was determined to keep running!  I usually take high 5 gels on long runs but today I had some new energy Shot Bloks to try!  I was quite impressed with how they tasted and weren't gloopy like gels tend to be!  It was almost like eating a giant wine gum! I'm not sure how they compare energy wise to gels but now I know they taste OK I will have to do my homework!

Once I was back in town I decided to extend my run by about 3 miles but I was very, very slow by this point! I kept telling myself it was miles in the legs that mattered not the speed!

I eventually staggered home after 13 miles and you can view this run here!  It wasn't quite the ambitious 18 mile run I had in mind but it was better than sitting on the couch!  One positive outcome from this run was I wore my new Asics trainers and didn't experience the sore toes or the horrendous blisters I got from the Hoka's!

Onwards and upwards from here ... more miles ... faster pace ... happy face! I KNOW I can do it!  This tough time is now over!!!

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