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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Today I made the very difficult decision to withdraw from The Great North Run.

I sent my chip and number back in exchange for a guaranteed place in 2014!  I will have to pay again but at least I don't have to enter the ballot.

I feel very disappointed but know that if I did run I would end up even more injured and would be out of action for longer!  So for once in my life I am being Mrs Sensible!

I am either turning into a hypochondriac or I have got something seriously wrong with me!  Today, to add to my thigh and ankle pain I developed hip pain too! I am hoping its due to the fact I am limping therefore I am putting extra weight and pressure on my hip!

Note to self -  keep away from Google and self-diagnosis!

So ... that is now a grand total of 5 events that I have not been able to participate in during 2013 due to injury! My next event is a sprint triathlon in 3 weeks - don't suppose I will be fit for that either!

At the  moment I am more worried about my mental health than my physical health!  Noone really understands how low I am feeling at the moment!

Keep smiling!

I WILL come back stronger!!

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  1. Hi Lesley, I am gutted for you!!! I follow your blog and so know what you've been going through.

    Chin up :)

    Best wishes,
    Helen Borking