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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Another week gone and feeling sad!

Today was the day I was supposed to be running The English Half Marathon but due to my injury I deferred until 2014.  I allowed myself to sink into a pit of depression, wallowing in self-pity whilst imagining how those running the race were actually feeling. I had high hopes of getting a PB at this race so have felt very low and useless all day today. Of course running friends offer me their condolences and encouragement, along with the "be patient and you will heal and come back stronger" line - not very helpful when you feel anything but patient. 

To make matters worse I tried to have a little go on my treadmill.  Being sensible I started off at a slow walk and gradually increased to a run once I had warmed up ... but ... I didn't manage more than 20 running steps before the pain took over and I decided to stop before doing myself more damage!

I really can't see myself being fit for the Great North Run next Sunday. I can't face the prospect of starting but not finishing - that would really finish me off!

I'm doing my exercises and icing as well as reminding myself there is worse things going on in the world but it's very difficult to remain positive.

What I don't understand is I seemed to have gone from a ‘could do anything’ sort of runner who never got ‘niggles’ or injuries, to a ‘whats the next injury going to be?’ type of runner! 

I am desperately trying to get out of the vicious circle of events that have sucked me in this year!

Over training brings on an injury so I rest ... then I panic because time is ticking by before my next race so I up the training once more ...  resulting in over training bringing on another injury and more misery!

Perhaps I need just to cancel all my 2013 races and get strong before starting from scratch in the new year!

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