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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Last run of the year!

Another rainy day in the Lake District but I wasn't going to miss the last run of the year!

So at 11 O Clock when I realised it wasn't going to stop raining I donned my wet weather gear and set out the door.  The training plan stated 4 miles at a slow pace then 2 miles intervals of 20 seconds fast and 2 minutes slow.  I planned my run really well as I wanted to do the intervals on the cycle track where I wouldn't have to worry about cars and I arrived at the cycle track at around 3.8 miles!!  Couldn't of done it any better!  It's probably a good job it was raining heavily so no one could see this mad woman running backwards and forwards along the same piece of track!!! In a strange sort of way I really enjoyed the sprints - in the same sort of sadistic way I enjoy hill intervals!!

For once I managed to keep with the intervals and was pleased to see on uploading my run that my fast intervals were at 6:20, 6:46, 7:47, 7:40 minute miles!  Quite impressed with the speed of the first 2 then I obviously lost it!!  Overall average pace for the full 6 miles was 9:13 minute miles!

I'm quite pleased that I had a positive run for the last run of the year - hopefully 2014 will be a better fitness year than 2013!

Time now to set my goals for the year ahead!!!

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