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Sunday, 22 December 2013

My first run 4 Haddie!

Last night I had a great night out at a Christmas party where I ate, drank and danced far too much and then slept in this morning until 10am which is unheard of for me as I am one of the world's worst sleepers! 

After getting over the shock of it being mid morning and then snoozing a little longer I eventually got up and got dressed in my running gear to run my first run for Haddie!

I felt a quiver of excitement as I contemplated what sort of run to do.  

The 8 Basic Types Of Runs are:

Recovery Run - slow pace run the day after a hard run!
Base Run - Comfortable paced run.
Long Run - to build endurance!
Progression Run - start slow and build up speed gradually!
Fartlek - intervals consisting of various speeds and distances!
Hill Repeats - running up and down hills like a mad woman!
Tempo Run - a hard pace you can maintain.
Intervals - short bursts of speed.

I decided on a tempo run, where I would try and maintain a 9 minute mile pace which I find extremely difficult at the moment! 

Ever since my Ligament and Achilles issues I have struggled to run at a 9 minute mile pace but I wanted something that would test me and make me dig deep for Haddie!

Just as I was about to leave the house the heavens opened and a heavy deluge of rain came down!  I groaned but decided to go anyhow! I reminded myself of the many months when I couldn't run how I would have been delighted to run in any conditions and also thought of all the people in the world who would love to run but can't!

With Haddie's smile at the front of my mind I set off, it was cold, wet and windy but I wasn't going to be put off!

I was delighted to run my first mile at a 8:57 minute mile pace and despite being "puddled" by numerous passing cars I wasn't going to be deterred! Why do some car drivers think it is hilarious to go through puddles as fast and as close as possible to pedestrians? 

I managed to maintain my pace and mile 2 was 8:57, mile 3 was 8:55, and then I started to slow ... mile 4 I came in at just over the 9 min mile target at 9:01, then 9:04 and finally 9:09. However despite the last 3 miles being slightly slower than the target my overall average pace for the entire run was incredibly a 8:59 minute mile pace! You can view it here!


I couldn't have done it without Haddies smile spurring me on!

Onwards and upwards!  Here's to more Haddie runs!

This afternoon I got wrapped up well and braved the Great British weather once again to walk the dog!  Sabre doesn't like the wind or the rain so we only went 2 miles - if he had had a choice he wouldn't have done this! 

Sabre is dressed and ready to be Santa's little helper!

So I have survived week 5 of my marathon training plan and have run a total of 27.3 miles this week!

Bring on week 6!

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