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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Happy Birthday I Run 4!

Today is the official first birthday of the group "I run 4".  

I have been matched through this group with my gorgeous running Buddy Haddie since 20th December 2013, just 6 weeks ago but I feel as if she has always been part of my life and I see her as part of my family! 

This is such a wonderful organisation and has brought together many happy and successful matches providing both runners and buddies with inspiration, motivation and above all else a good friend!  I would urge anyone who is a runner or anyone with additional needs to join this group and be part of a very happy family! Find out more http://www.whoirun4.com/match-me/

Coincidentally today Haddie received the package I sent her a couple of weeks ago containing the medal from our "first race" together!  

Although I sent it via airmail to Haddy in Hawaii I think by the length of time it took to make its way safely there it was actually sent pigeon post! Better late than never, and this smile makes it all worth while! 

Tonight the plan was for an "easy run" and I ran 4.60 miles at an average 9:13 minute mile pace which I dedicate to Haddie and IR4 on it's birthday!

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