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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Feeling tired!

Last night I went running with the Tri Club.

We headed off road and when we set off the weather was warm and humid but within 20 minutes the heavens opened and we got soaked!

It rained for the remaining run but this didn't put us off!  We still managed to do some speed intervals and drills!  At one point I had to do an unexpected sprint when 3 cows decided to take exception to us going through their field!

We ran 7 miles in total, with the speed intervals being very fast for me!  Needless to say I got left behind on every occasion but they did lap back to pick me up!

Tonight I went for a sports leg massage, just to be kind to my legs but by-gum it hurt more than usual!  I think 2 trail races and a fast run last night must have taken their toll, but my legs are now like new ready to kick well on Saturday!

Apparently the water quality in Windermere has been monitored and its safe to swim in!  Read the report here!

Looks like I don't get out of The Great North Swim THAT easily! Thankfully the weather is looking fairly good for Saturday at the moment!  Fingers crossed it doesn't change for the worst!

I am determined to swim well on Saturday as I REALLY REALLY want to do Dublin Half Ironman in 2015!

I will only consider entering if the swim goes well!

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