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Friday, 6 June 2014

Trail race number 2 coming up ...

Tomorrow I am running my second trail race and I am feeling ever so slightly nervous about it!

I am running The Grasmere Gallop 10K race and I have just been reading the race reviews on Runner's World which was a big mistake!

Although the reviews are very positive and everyone says what a fantastic race it is there are several mentions of wet feet due to running through the lake - I didn't sign up for that!

Also just to make matters worse the weather forecast makes it an even more daunting task - heavy rain with thunder and lightening predicted!  I suppose if this happens running through the lake won't bother me as I will already have heavy wet feet!

Check back in tomorrow to see how I get on!

I am setting myself a goal finish time of 1 hour 5 mins!

Weather dependent of course!

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