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Friday, 11 July 2014

Week 1 Run 3/64 in marathon plan!

This afternoon I went for a great run in the sun!
I had taken my running gear to work as the plan was to do a trail run which was closer to where I work than home. 
 So once I had finished work I quickly got changed and set off for the 5 minute journey to where I planned to start!
 It was 3:45pm and the sun was blazing down!  I think if I had gone home first I might have decided it was too hot to run, but I was changed and I was going run!
I sensibly wore my cap and took a water bottle.  The plan stated a 4 mile easy run so I wasn't going to worry about pace, I was just going enjoy the scenery and the sun!
It was hard going getting to the top in the heat and it was a fairly rocky climb too but once up there, there was quite a breeze which kept the temperatures more bearable! 

The terrain for the majority of the run was fairly rocky and uneven so I had to really concentrate and watch my footing but I really enjoyed not worrying about pace!

I was anxious about coming across cows and calf's as I am a bit of a wimp around these unpredictable beasts!  I was about a mile from the finish and I rounded a corner and there stood right in my way were 2 cows and a calf.  I came to an abrupt halt and they looked at me inquisitively. 

Decisions, Decisions!

It was too far for me to turn around and go back so there was nothing for it but to take a deep breath and go around giving them a wide berth!

I walked timidly around them and luckily for me they found the grass far more interesting than a skulking woman!  Once passed with my heart rate now peaked I took off and probably ran the fastest I had run today!  Thankfully I didn't encounter anymore and I was soon back to the car!
I ran 5.95 miles at a very slow 11.18 minute mile pace but loved it!
I am definitely beginning to prefer trail running!  It beats road running any day!
This evening I went to an "talk" by a couple of ladies from the Tri Club who have recently completed Ironman Austria!  They were sharing what they had learned during their journey, talked about the training and commitment involved and how they both went about it in different ways.
I found it fascinating and totally inspired me to want to do one in the future!
Watch this space - IRONMAN I am coming to get you ... one day!


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