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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Week 2 - Run 7/64 in Marathon Training

Today has been another hot day!  Not quite the dangerous heatwave predicted but hot all the same especially when running!

Because it was such a hot day I decided that I needed to take more water then I usually take in my handheld water bottle.

I have struggled with "hydration belts" in the past as they always jiggle around and annoy me!  My last one jiggled so much I lost the water bottle out of it on its first outing!

Anyhow, because the weather has been getting hotter I bought myself a new one! After lots of research and reading reviews I opted for a Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt! 

Tonight I put it through a test drive, along with a little gel flask that I have also just bought!

On long runs I generally use high5 gels but hate the fact that I end up with sticky fingers as well as a sticky empty packet to dispose of hence why I invested in a mini gel flask that holds 5 gels!

I didn't want to risk using the gel flask for the first time on a long run when I was relying on the gel in case I didn't like using it!

So although I wouldn't usually bother with a gel for a 10 mile run tonight I decided to experiment!

Before setting off on my run I put one gel in the flask and attached it to my new hydration belt and I was ready to hit the streets.

My marathon plan stated a 10 mile run at a "steady" 9:20 to 9:40 minute mile pace.

I struggled in the heat but was delighted with my new belt! 

If I hadn't needed the drink I would have forgotten I was wearing it! 

No jiggling whatsoever!

I drunk my gel from the flask when I was at 5 miles and was amazed at how easily it flowed out the cap! 

I made a slight schoolboy error when I returned the flask to it's holder! 

It fits "upsidedown" in the holder and I had forgotten to push the cap closed and the dregs of gel dribbled out down my leg!  Not a good look!

Something to remember next time!

The heat seemed to sap my energy and I struggled to keep the pace consistent! 

I set off too fast and was initially doing 8:58, 9:11, 9:04, 9:14, 9:08 minute miles before slowing and ended up doing 10:05, 9:42, 9:33, 9:59, 10.08 minute miles! 

However, I did 9.92 miles and my average pace was in the right range as per the plan! I did an average 9:30 minute mile pace!

A good run considering the heat and I love my new drinks belt and gel flask!

As well as the 2 water bottles on the belt I also took my usual handheld one too! 

I am glad I did as it was so hot that I drank it all!

Another run to fit in tomorrow before I fly off on my holidays to The Dominican Republic on Saturday!

Excited Muchus!

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