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Friday, 18 July 2014

Week 2 - Run 8/64 Marathon Training!

Today I finished school for the Summer holidays and tonight I did my last run before I go on holiday in the morning!

I was tired after a hectic last day in class, and then once all the kids had gone home we had some bubbly and cake to celebrate the start of the holidays!

Consequently my run this evening was extremely hard work!

The plan stated a 4 mile easy run!  I was extremely grateful I didn't have a target pace to hit as it felt like someone had put concrete in my trainers!

It was extremely hot and muggy which didn't help and I opted to go off road!

The run was uneventful despite having to run through a field of cows! 

I struggled for the entire run but managed to run 4.5 very slow miles! 

I can't say it was an enjoyable run!  My overall pace was an average 10:14 minute miles.

I am going on holiday to The Dominican Republic tomorrow and for the first time ever I have packed my trainers!

I have decided that the only way to keep on track with my marathon training is to run whilst on holiday!

The thought of running on holiday has never entered my head before, but this time I am full of good intentions!

I was amazed that when I broached the subject with my husband that he thought it was a good idea!  Perhaps he wants the peace and quiet whilst I am out running!

I might even embrace barefoot running and have a little jaunt along the beach!

Watch this space to see whether I actually follow my good intentions through!

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