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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Marathon Training Week 8 - Gone off road!

After a rest day yesterday I made up for it today.

This morning the plan stipulated a 5 mile easy run.  As there was no pressure regarding the pace I decided to relax a little and do an off road run.

It was a hot sunny morning and I drove to the start of my planned route.

I really enjoyed the run which took in Scoutscar and Cunswick Fell where I could enjoy some spectacular scenery!

It was tricky navigating over tree roots, loose gravel, long grass and rocks but there was the added bonus of ... NO COWS!

I wore my Heart Rate Monitor for the first time in months!  I was interested to see whether my body thought the proposed easy run was actually easy!

As I was struggling up the hills it became evident that I hadn't actually selected an easy route at all!

Anyhow, to compensate for the hilliness of the run I only ran 4.30 miles rather than the full 5 miles at a slow 11.13 minute mile pace.

However, my body thought it was harder than it appears on paper as my average heart rate was 86% of maximum and the maximum heart rate I got to was 95% of maximum!  

I was very lucky (again) as no sooner had I got in when the heavens opened and there was a torrential down pour!

Later in the day it had stopped raining which I was particularly grateful for as I was going Open Water Swimming in Lake Windermere!  

By the time I was in the Lake the sun had come back out but the water was exceptionally chilly!

Anyhow, after not being in the lake for about 5 weeks I surprisingly felt fairly comfortable and swam 0.8 mile before deciding that my white fingers and toes signalled it was time to get out!

Despite the cold I really enjoyed being back out in the lake!

Another rest day tomorrow and Saturday before Blackpool Half Marathon on Sunday!

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