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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another week spent hunting for my Mojo...

I've not had a good week exercise wise!  

I think the cold dark evenings and busy days at work have dampened my enthusiasm for getting out there!

It was raining on Monday so I decided to go swimming instead of braving the elements.  I didn't do very much compared with my usual swim session as I really couldn't be bothered!  I managed 3 sets of 20 lengths and just in case your maths is no good that totals 60 lengths or 0.75 mile.

Thankfully I had already signed up for the Tri Club Running Session on Tuesday or I wouldn't of made it out the door as I wasn't feeling it at all!  

We ran a easy 2 miles then did 8 x 200 metres sprints with jogging 200 metres in between before finishing off with a cool down jog!  I really enjoyed this session despite the idiot teenager's who tried to spoil it for us by being abusive!  I was really pleased I was in a group with a couple of sturdy fellas!  Altogether we ran 5 miles.

Wednesday was another swim session with the Tri Club this time focusing on breathing and exhalation.  I did 1500 metres or 0.93 mile made up of drills and swimming front crawl!

Thursday got the better of me and I did absolutely nothing then regretted it later!

On Friday I was determined to do something as I was feeling l I had let myself down the day before! However, it was cold, dark and rainy so I opted to go to the Gym!  A big mistake!  I'm not a gym sort of girl and I hate to see all the smelly sweaty men prancing around thinking they are hero's!  Anyhow I managed to survive for an hour and 10 minutes and did 6 miles on the bike, 2 miles on the treadmill, a mile rowing, a mile arm pedalling as well as some weights.I came out feeling thoroughly fed up and wishing I had braved the elements instead!

The only exercise I managed on Saturday was walking around the Trafford Centre Christmas Shopping!  

That brings us to today!  I woke up determined that whatever the weather I was going go for a run!

When I got up it was dry but very foggy!  I had set my heart on going for a trail run and a little bit of fog wasn't going to stop me!  As I got in the car and drove to my chosen destination the fog got denser and I started to rethink my plan!  I wasn't going to risk running off the side of a hill in the fog!

However, miraculously the fog suddenly disappeared!  It was like driving into another world!  My planned route was safe after all!

I managed 6.38 very hilly, muddy, chilly miles but loved it!  It reminded me why I run!  I wish I could bottle this feeling for the next time I am doubting whether I will ever run again!

The fog I escaped!

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