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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Back on it!

OK I've wallowed around eating and drinking far too much for far too long so today I gave myself a shake actually went for a run!

It was such a beautiful Autumnal morning that it would have been criminal not to take advantage!

This is my playground!
I decided that I would go off road and have a gentle jog up Scout Scar. I didn't worry about pace or mileage and I really enjoyed it! 

It was a lovely sunny morning although once I got up on the top it was a little breezy and chilly but on a positive note I only saw one cow!  I kept expecting them to be hiding somewhere but thankfully if they were they were hiding well!

I ran 3.9 miles and loved it!

When you see the photo's what's not to love about running here!

Now that I am back on the programme I have even set up my turbo trainer in the garage!  No excuses now!

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