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Friday, 20 January 2012

Janathon Day 20 and The Invisibility Cloak!

What a day!!  I think someone is playing a trick on me and its really Friday 13th today, rather than last Friday!

I was only at work until 12 O clock today as my daughter had a hospital appointment at Manchester Children's Hospital, for a routine 6 month check-up after the Spinal Fusion Operation she had in July. I collected her from school and said "I'm just going to nip to Asda to get money out the cash point before we go!".  I got to Asda and parked opposite the disabled bays next to the cashpoint machine, hopped out the car and just as I turned my back I heard an almighty CRASH! BANG!, I turned back to see a rather large Range Rover embedded into my back end!!  The woman responsible didn't even get out the car but wound her window down and said "you weren't there when I looked in my mirror!"  Did I orb down from outer-space?  Anyhow, a very helpful Asda Trolley collector came to investigate the commotion, and asked her to drive forward, after realising this was beyond her capabilities he asked me to move my car instead.  I slowly edged forward listening to the creaking noises as the two cars parted company and got out expecting to see a horrendous dent and scrape to my car and was amazed to see no sign of any damage at all!!  My daughter sensibly took the registration number down etc. in case any problems should develop from it!!!  How can such a loud noise result in no damage? I decided against trying to get any money out the machine when another car reversed out of its place and nearly took the front end off my car, I retreated home to a well deserved coffee and lunch!

My husband drove to Manchester (thankfully) and I had a little power nap both on the way there and the way back!!  All this exercise is taking it out of me!!  The good news is my daughter's back is mending correctly and she can now start gentle swimming - the first exercise she has been allowed to do for 6 months!

We eventually got home at around 5.30pm after sitting in the usual Friday night traffic chaos on the motorway, and I went straight out for my run leaving Mr W responsible for dinner!  It was mild and wet (the weather NOT dinner!!) but far far better than the weather I endured yesterday!

However, rain brings out brollies - in conjunction with inconsiderate walkers, I was speared several times and I am surprised I am still the proud owner of 2 eyes!  Not only that but there seemed to be a bewildering array of idiotic car drivers who seemed determined not to STOP at any red lights or Zebra crossings and who also aimed for the biggest puddles out to drench me!!  You can't even blame me for running in dark clothing - I had a luminous green running gilet on, luminous green trainers as well as a flashing light on my back, surely I was visible!!  I think perhaps everyone was steamed up inside or the heavy rain was obscuring their vision, but I felt thankful to be alive when I finally made it home - soaking wet down to my knickers!!!

Its now the weekend, here's hoping for better weather!!

Running Miles today: 4.62
Time: 44 minutes 37 seconds
Average pace: 9.37
Average speed: 6.2 MPH

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Total Janathon Running miles:  85.72
Total Janathan Walking miles: 23.80
Total Janathan Cycling miles: 4.2
TOTAL JANATHON MILES: 112.80 + 1 Hour Steps Class + 1 Hour Pilates Class 

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