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Sunday, 5 February 2012

No Running its Snowing, so Blogging!

Where, oh where, can the snow plow be? Oh where, oh where can it be? With it's blade on the ground & it's salt flying 'round, Oh where, oh where can it be?

A mixture of being away this weekend and snow means I haven't managed to run since Friday! Fingers crossed it will have thawed by tomorrow so I can go out, or I will have to resort to the Gym!

Anyhow, having time on my hands I decided to finish reading the book I had to review, and even review it!

Here is my review of the book on the left ...

"As a fairly inexperienced but avid amateur runner and cyclist I have recently taken a keen interest in enhancing my performance, especially in relation to improving my speed.  I regularly read magazines and internet sites hoping to gleam that “missing” thing that will turn me into an Olympic athlete.  When I was contacted via my blog to review the “Breathe Strong, Perform Better” book I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss since I was getting a £12.99 RRP book FREE! 

This is where it appears I have been incredibly naive, and the whole point of enticing me to review this book was so that I would be so impressed by the theory I would then shell out on a Powerbreathe device currently retailing for the most basic model at around £30!  I mistakenly assumed on picking up and studying this book that I would be able to “Breathe Strong, Perform better” just by changing the way I breathe whilst exercising, not by investing in expensive equipment.  However, as my interest had been awakened by the techniques described I decided to continue with the book to the bitter end, although I had no intention of buying a Powerbreathe device.  From my understanding after reading this book inspiratory muscle training (IMT) is primarily for those with some form of medical breathing issues such as Asthma or Cystic Fibrosis, not for a relatively fit individual like me!

However, that aside back to the book review...

The premise of the book is that breathing muscles can be trained in the same way as any other muscle in the body, and this can be achieved by using a Inspiratory muscle training device such as the POWERbreathe, which, by no coincidence was created by the Author of this book!  The book claims training increases inspiratory muscle strength, power and endurance, as well as athletic performance, in as little as four weeks.
Laid out in two parts, this book first details in great depth the theory behind the device and IMT, then in the second section moves on to explain in a more practical sense how the device can most effectively be used across a range of sports, the breathing related challenges faced by some individuals and the justification for IMT.

My main criticism regarding part one was it was too scientifically intense and I felt at times I was studying A level Biology! The sections that were simplified and easy to follow I found interesting, but there were many more parts that completely lost me!  However, it did offer a good range of research to support its arguments.
In my opinion, the sole purpose of this book is as a training manual to go alongside the Purchase of a Powerbreathe device, and because I read it as an information book I found it somewhat repetitive in places. However, saying that the book is fairly well organised and gives you plenty of information and research together with exercises and tips on how to train effectively for all types of sports, so if you have already purchased a Powerbreathe I would definitely recommend this book, nevertheless, if you want to improve your performance without a device this book is pointless.  All in all this confirms my original feelings – there is no easy way to improve your fitness, it’s all down to hard work and determination.

I will not be investing in a POWERbreathe device as a result of reading this book, however if the company would like to send me one to trail and review free of charge I will be more than happy to oblige!"

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