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Monday, 26 March 2012

Tour de potholes and suicidal flies!

Well, what a glorious day its been again - third day in a row!  It's a bit scary to think that this could be it - SUMMER!!! and by next week it will be over!  With that in mind I wasn't going to waste an opportunity to get out on my bike!!  I had in mind that since the clocks changed at the weekend I would have plenty time to do what I needed to do before it got dark!  I'd forgotten that once I get on my bike, I enjoy the feeling of freedom so much that I want to cycle forever! I was forced to return home tonight before I wanted to due to the failing light and stupidly I had no lights on my bike, but it felt good to be out whilst it lasted!  I managed 22 miles, and you can view the ride here!

One thing I did notice tonight was Cumbria County Council need to spend some of the money they are saving by cutting our wages on filling in potholes! It must be due to all the snow and ice we had this winter but the roads are in a terrible state - not good when you are on a road bike with no suspension!  Good job I had padded shorts on!

As I already mentioned it was a beautifully sunny evening, but this didn't stop me going out without my cycling sunglasses on!  How can I forget such an important bit of kit!  I spent most of the ride blind and squinting from the sun - I hoped the car drivers could see more than me - this thought did cross my mind as I went under a bridge into semi darkness and when I emerged out the other side all I could see was lots of beautiful colours dancing in front of me - very pretty but not very safe!! My next problem was suicidal flies - they seemed intent on playing target practise with my mouth!  They might be full of vitamins but they don't half catch in your throat on the way down!!! Some of the less brave ones decided to aim for my eyes instead, so not only could I not see for the sun but I kept getting big black blobs swimming in front of me!!!

Hopefully this weather will continue and I will get a few more rides in as well as runs and walks!!! Next time I go out I will be better prepared and I WILL go out earlier too!


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