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Saturday, 5 May 2012

33.99/71 walking miles. 10.71/100 running miles. 126.30 go!

After quite a few drinks last night I got up with the aim of going on a 20 mile walk, being my last long walk before the tapering commences for the K2B next Saturday!

The sun was back out again so I seized the opportunity, organised my bag with snacks and drinks and thought about what I would wear!  I decided that I would wear the clothes (socks, bra, knickers etc!) that I planned to wear for the real thing just to make sure that everything was comfortable, worked together and didn't chaff! 

It was very chilly albeit sunny when I set off at just after 9.30am, however by 10.30am the chill went and the sun shone brighter leaving me rather warm!  Perhaps I had too many layers on - this is a problem I will have to contend with next week as setting off at 5.30am it IS going to be chilly but then later on it could warm up!  Oh problems, problems!!  

I set off with the aim of doing 20 miles in under 4 and a half hours, since my goal for the full 40 miles is under 9 hours! This equates to a fairly fast walking pace of just under 5MPH.  However, I soon realised that this just wasn't happening - once my legs got to a certain pace they wanted to run!  SO ... I started running whenever there was a downhill section initially, and noticed my Garmin was registering around 6MPH on these sections so I thought up a new strategy instead of just running downhill's!  I decided that I would walk until the Garmin registered an average pace of 5MPH and then run again for half a mile or so to increase my average pace, then walk until the pace dropped to 5MPH again and then run ...!  I kept this going for the entire 20 miles and it appeared to work - it kept me entertained and gave me something to think about!  At around 16 miles I was walking happily along when I came across a swarm of horrible big fly type insects (Hover Flies?!) which I had no alternative but to walk through!  

At this point with arms flaring I decided it would be a good idea to get the hell out of there and run! I managed to shake off the majority of them but a few insistent buggers decided to follow me!  Eventually I managed to outrun them - horrible things they were - I was expecting to be covered in bites or something similar but I appear to have escaped unscathed! 

I managed 20.40 miles in 4 hours 11 minutes, now its whether I can continue the same pace for an additional 20 miles as well as building toilet stops and food/refreshments in too to enable me to achieve my sub 9 goal! Hey Ho I have done all I can and will just have to do my best next Saturday and see what happens on the day but I will definitely be using my new run/walk strategy! Apart from being slightly too hot I had no other problems with my attire so at least I have my wardrobe sorted now too!

After having a shower and some food I took the dog out for a little 1.27 mile walk to aid my recovery!!

So all in all a good day for Mayathon - 21.67 walking miles in the bag!

Day 5 Mayathon Achieved!

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