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Sunday, 6 May 2012

37.50/71 walking miles. 18.19/100 running miles. 126.30 go!

Last night we went out for a meal with friends to a restaurant in a nearby town.  We drove there but to enable us all to have a few drinks we left the car overnight and got a taxi home.  In fact we had a few too many, and I didn't feel my best when I woke up this morning.  My legs felt heavy after the long walk yesterday, my stomach was churning from too much rich food, and my head was throbbing from the vast assortment of alcoholic beverages consumed! However ... I still decided it would be a good idea to run the 7 miles to get the car! So off I went thinking I can always walk if it gets too bad! Talk about hard work!  It was made harder by the fact there was hills to negotiate too!  But did I walk?  NOOOO! I was running and in my head when I'm running walking is out the question so I soldiered on in the beautiful morning sunshine, although there was still a nip in the air!

Once I got to Milnthorpe I had the added complication of not actually knowing where the car was parked!  (When we got to the restaurant last night the car park was full, so us ladies went into the bar area whilst the men went to find a parking space!).  I had been given fairly woolly directions about where I would find the car, but was apprehensive about actually locating it!  (I wouldn't know if it had been stolen or I was looking in the wrong place!).  I found it without any problem and had even remembered the key!

However, on opening the car door I looked down at my legs to tie my shoe lace and was greeted with a not very pleasant site!  Last night (as I was wearing a dress) I had used fake bake tanning lotion and with me sweating profusely whilst running all the tan had slid off down my legs leaving a nice streaky pattern pooling nicely at the top of my nice white socks - which now looked like they had been tangoed! I inspected my arms and was greeted with the same sight but luckily I had a fluorescent orange T shirt on so it wasn't obvious!  Note to self - DO NOT RUN WITH FAKE BAKE ON!!

I managed to run the 7.48 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes and I can honestly say that once I'd had a shower and something to eat and drink I felt like a new woman!  Obviously as well as sweating the tan off I sweated the toxins out too!

So after suffering more football on the telly we went for a walk with the dog (the sun was still shining surprisingly!) clocking up more walking miles for the month too!

So how does Mayathon look now?

I ran 7.48 miles today and walked 3.51 miles, so the miles are creeping up!

Day 6 Mayathon ACHIEVED!

Well readers, my Marathon training commences tomorrow! 

 I trawled the internet looking at various training plans before finally settling on one from the "Thrive Advice" website. What did I like about this one? It attracted my attention because firstly it includes cycling in its regime (I love cycling and was worried with running so much I wouldn't fit it in, so this is perfect!)  and secondly it doesn't just have you aiming for your main goal "To run a Marathon" but the plan is made up of mini interim goals to keep you on track!  I thought this would be beneficial to me as I like to have things to aim for but October is such a long way off!    So as well as my marathon goal I have the goals "To run a sub 50 min 10K" , "Complete a 3 hour run", "Run a sub 1 hour 50 minutes Half Marathon" before the final "Run a sub 4 hour 30 minute Marathon". 

Kick off is tomorrow with a very short run to build on base fitness and a monthly goal of  "to work on running form and to become accustomed to the plan!".  I think I can manage that!

Follow me on my journey to my first marathon!

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