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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Janathon Day 13 - Speedy?

Another day full of snot and sneezing, and a long day at work too - I was holed up until after 6pm tonight! When I got home I was desperate for a bit of quick relief despite feeling under the weather and headed out the door just as it started to rain!  Typical!  Anyhow, the rain was kind to me and it just drizzled! Perhaps a good downpour would get rid of all the pollen and I would stop sneezing - unless of course it is JUST a cold!

My Marathon training had me down for interval training tonight!  Something I have never done!  On previous training plans I have followed for Half Marathons I have always just ignored the interval runs and done normal ones instead!  Anyhow, I am determined to try and follow this plan to the letter and set off on a warm up jog to the old canal path close by!  I thought this was an ideal straight, flat, fairly quiet area to try and get some fast short spurts in! 

SPEEDY - I am not!  
STAMINA - I don't have much!
EFFORT - I tried 100%!

I did 4 short, sharp blasts (between 2 lamp posts!) and tried to go the fastest my little legs would go! The legs seemed quite willing, but I have a lazy brain who kept saying "Slow down you fool, your tired!" I just need to tell my brain to butt out and I might do a bit better!  The fastest pace I managed during these intervals was 5.54 min/mile but I couldn't maintain it for any distance! I have something to work on now, and will endeavour to maintain this pace for longer distances on future interval runs!  

I decided I would run tonight with music in the hope that this would deter the idiots out there from speaking to me and if they did I could pretend not to hear them , but my headphones were really irritating and kept falling out, falling apart, bouncing around and jabbing me so I spent some time walking or stopped trying to sort them out!! VERY ANNOYING! Not sure which is worst - idiot public or annoying headphones! Note to self - buy some new headphones and SOON!

 Day 13 complete - feeling pretty chuffed with myself!

Running Miles today: 4.34
Time: 40 mins 09 seconds
Average moving pace: 8.58 min/mile
Fastest Pace: 5.54 min/mile

View tonight's run here.

Juneathon's total mileages
  • Run - 12 activities - 48.8 mi - 7.3 hrs
  • Swim - 2 activities - 0.5 mi - 1.0 hrs
  • Bike - 3 activities  - 22.5 mi - 1.7 hrs
  • Walk - 6 activities - 12.4 mi - 4.1 hrs
  • Rowing - 2 activities - 1.9 mi - 0.3 hrs
  • Total - 25 activities - 86.1 miles - 14.5 hrs

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