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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Janathon Day 14 - Path Closed!!

I have definitely come to the conclusion  that my cold/hay-fever is most definitely hay-fever! I had been feeling so much better today, hadn't been drowning in snot quite as much until ... I went running tonight!  BAD MOVE!

I decided in my wisdom that I needed to go to my usual Pilates class as I needed a good stretch, and to satisfy my running deal with Juneathon I would walk to the class so I would arrive cool, calm and collected and then run home when it wouldn't matter that I was hot and sweaty! So I had a nice walk to my class, endured an hour's hard work stretching and left feeling both tired and energised!  I had a route in my head to get home via an extended but scenic path along the river, however after running for 2 miles just before the river path meets the road there was a 8 foot hight fence with a footpath closed sign up!  What's all that about? How about warning me 2 miles earlier that I was wasting my time?!! I turned around and found an alternative route by which time the wind had built up nicely (the weather NOT me although I must admit after Pilates it is usually me too!) and the sky was looking ominously dark! I decided I best get a move on if I didn't want to get drenched.  The headphones saga continued this evening!  After yesterdays debacle I found another set of "running" headphones lying around the house and decided to give them a go!!  Not a good experience - they were ever so slightly too short and every now and again I would get a sharp tug on my neck as they tightened! I made it home before the rain came and ran 4.76 miles as well as my pilates class and the 1.53 mile walk to get there! Not bad!  

However, since getting home I have done nothing but sneeze and blow my nose!! I'm taking the pills but they don't seem to be working!

Day 14 completed - nearly half way there! 

Running Miles today: 4.76
Time: 44 mins 40 seconds
Average moving pace: 9.23 min/mile
Fastest Pace: 7.27 min/mile

View tonight's run here and todays walk here

  • Juneathon totals so far!
    • Run - 13 - 53.5 mi - 8.1 hrs
    • Swim - 2 - 0.5 mi - 1.0 hrs
    • Bike - 3 - 22.5 mi - 1.7 hrs
    • Walk - 7 - 13.9 mi - 4.5 hrs
    • Cross - 3 - 1.9 mi - 0.3 hrs
    • Total - 28 - 92.3 mi - 15.6 hrs
Anyhow, its goodnight from Sneezy - I hope I'm feeling better again tomorrow!!

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  1. I am knocking back antihistamines like smarties at the moment!