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Monday, 18 June 2012

Juneathon Day 18 - Lost.com

I'm not safe being let out alone!

It was a  beautiful day and I decided it was going to be a cycling one! I didn't have a route in mind (mistake number 1) but set off with the aim of cycling about 15 miles.

I decided I needed to get some hills in as very soon I am doing the 3 counties cycling challenge which is fairly hilly and I need practice!

All was well and good until I decided to take a left turn at around 12 miles (mistake number 2) and then things took a down turn!  Don't get me wrong it was a fabulous road for cycling on, very quiet with magnificent views - I just didn't have a clue where the hell I was!  Even Google Map on my i phone couldn't locate me! I kept on going thinking that sooner or later I would come across somewhere familiar or at least a road sign!  I did come across a farmer lurking by the side of the road  and he said something to me, however I wasn't convinced he was speaking English so I smiled sweetly and kept on pedaling!  However, not long after I came face to face with a herd of sheep being shepherded along the road by a dog!  It dawned on me at this point what the farmer had been trying to communicate to me, but not understanding farmer speak I failed miserably and had ignored him! (mistake number 3!).  I stopped and cringed by the side of the very narrow country road as all the sheep streamed past me!! Scary experience but on a positive note better than a herd of cows!  I soon joined another road which was actually between the northbound and southbound carriages of the M6 - very bizarre- I felt I was racing the cars on the motorway!  I still didn't have a clue where I was until ... I saw a sign to a hotel which I was familiar with so I turned off enthusiastically and followed the road for about 2 miles (mistake number 4) until I was greeted with a sign saying
NOT ME but same shirt!
"Private Entrance to hotel - guests only" My good humour had gone by this point and I wasn't going to be deterred so taking a deep breath I pedaled extra fast over the cattle grid (making a right clatter) whilst trying to blend in to the background of this posh hotel wearing a bright Union Jack cycling top! Unfortunately for me there was a couple of staff members lurking around the front door as I cycled past, they just looked at me in bewilderment as I kept on cycling straight out of the front gates of the hotel clattering over another cattle grid!  PHEW! I'd made it!  I felt like a trespasser but it had saved me several miles off my journey and at least now I knew where I was!  After cycling another few miles I heard some dogs barking - panicking I looked behind me expecting to see a pack of Alsatians chasing me (set on me from the hotel - well, in my imagination!) until I realised it was my phone and the ringtone assigned to my husband! I answered the call and couldn't resist the offer of a lift home!  By this point I had cycled 24.3 hilly miles and was starving as it was 8pm and I hadn't eaten since lunchtime!

So today's contribution to Juneathon = 24.3 cycling miles!

You can view my magical mystery tour cycle here!

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